Oct. 26th, 2016 03:58 pm
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I am all sticky from the hydration cream I'm using to get my hands back into shape. The eczema has stopped being itchy, but my hands are a mess from the scratching I did before the pain woke me up a couple of nights ago and thankfully my hands are no longer swollen (so attractive!).

However - I have to post because Youngest Cee went for an Editorial Assistant job interview on Monday and he heard today that he has got the job! He will be starting this permanent role on Monday and he is so relieved (as are we!).

What a long haul it has been....!!

ETA: they want him to start on the 7th November so that's nice he gets a bit more time to get himself organised.
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Your commute to and from work/school etc That's an easy one as I don't have a commute any more! YAY!!!!!!!

I have had various commutes over the years though.  Since I've been living in this house I've had three jobs. One was working at home as a Registered Childminder looking after my children and other people's children so my commute was very short.  Then I worked at my local Further Education College and that was a short drive of 15 minutes.  I would love to have walked it, but unfortunately I always had bags and bags of lesson resources and marking to transport so it wasn't really an option.

The last job I had I was working in Islington in London and to get there I used to leave at 7am and get a train to Luton from Orpington station which I walked to (15 minutes).  The train journey took 40 minutes and I got off at Farringdon in Islington and walked 15 minutes to my place of work so a total journey of 90 minutes.  On the way home I went a quicker way by taking the tube from Angel station (always used to make me think of Monopoly!) to London Bridge and then catching a train home to Orpington.  Mr Cee used to pick me up quite often from the station, so a total of an hour.  I didn't travel that way on the way in as the Northern tube line was always so crowded that I had to stand (and it was hot), so it was more pleasant to sit on a train for longer.  In the Spring and Summer I used also travel around to various colleges in London, and as far as Portsmouth to verify work at the half yearly and annual moderation.  That made my day very long.

I don't miss the commute at all, and now whenever possible I walk everywhere locally (unless I'm getting a lot of groceries) and I feel so much better for it.  In fact I've lost a lot of weight since I stopped working. I found some clothes from my working days during this morning's wardrobe clearing and and was incredibly pleased to find out that a really expensive jacket that I couldn't wear for a long time now fits me perfectly \0/

In other news I had a bit of a melt down this morning about the move - nothing major, but it's two weeks since we agreed sales and we'd heard nothing since.  Fortunately Mr Cee had a call from the Estate Agents late morning saying everything is confirmed and all solicitors have been informed and things are starting to progress.  Phew!!

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I am still around - but apologies for being so quiet.

I have loads to post about, but my laptop network card is playing up again, so I can't use it for the interwebs and the Lj app on my phone won't load any posts, so I'm restricted to an iPad which is horrible to use in the new Lj web format (which it defaults to) or the desktop we hardly ever use and is upstairs so it means I have to be unsociable... I am going to have to find a network cable from somewhere I think....

Hey ho!

Quick summary:

  • It was our wedding anniversary last week and we had a great trip out all over London and an afternoon tea at Virtigo 42 (42 floors up with great views!) and I have photos I will post soon.

  • I have decided to step down from the tiny work commitment I have for a number of reasons, but mostly because they don't want to pay very much for what they are expecting me to do and they have also cut how much work they want me to do.  All in all, it's not worth bothering with for the aggravation of travel etc.  So I am officially unemployed/retired as of now ;)

  • Youngest Cee is still applying for many jobs and getting nowhere..... *sigh*

More soon!


Jul. 26th, 2015 07:09 pm
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It's been a bit busy what with one thing and another.  I rather like that the weather has cooled down, but it's been quite chilly on some days and very rainy towards the end of the week and most of this weekend.  The garden LOVES it.

This week has also been rather odd regarding the house move - we'd pretty much decided that we were taking the house of the market, and that means that we have finished with the first Estate Agent we started with, and are nearly at the end of the contract for the second Estate Agent.

continues under here as it is quite complicated.... )

UK peeps - anyone know the ins and outs of what you do if your contract has expired with an agent, but essentially they have had a hand in the introduction between buyer and seller...?

In other news I have one last visit to a college next Tuesday and apart from one more meeting the following week my part time work has finished for this academic year.  I must admit I was getting tired of travelling on trains and the Tube, so I'm glad it's over for now.


Happy Sunday all.
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I'm all booked - hotel, train (taking the strain), registration at the event.

YAY!!!! *bounces*

Sorry I've been a bit AWOL as it's been mad at work.  I'm glad I only do this on a very part time basis, but I'm completely wiped out at the end of each day with all the travelling across London and beyond and then writing up reports.  It's slowly winding down, but there have been some really frustrating issues to deal with.

Tomorrow we are off to Portsmouth for Youngest Cee's graduation ceremony. It should be good - Sandi Toksvig is the chancellor, so Youngest Cee is hoping to get a photo with her as he's rather taller than she is...(she's under 5' and he's 6'5" LOL!).  Also her speech should be good fun.

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I have been mostly travelling all over London.  I am always impressed how easy it is for me to travel all over the place - we are very lucky to have such a good transport network.  The only glitch this week was Wednesday when temperatures managed to get up over 30 degrees so the trains ran, but they chugged along slowly as the rails got too hot (apparently).  I hate the heat, and unfortunately most of the colleges I was visiting are old buildings with no air conditioning.  I've been drinking loads of water!

The travelling/heat combination has meant that I've been really tired when I've got home, so sleeping hasn't been a problem in the heat - although I know lots of people have been having sleepless nights.  I am glad it's the weekend.  I have to write up reports from this week and I have two more days out next week (and more the following two weeks) so it's slowed down a bit which is good.

In other news Youngest Cee has passed his BA in History and Politics with a 2.1.  He's very slightly disappointed that he didn't get an overall First as he's missed it by one mark, but he did get all the nice praise for his dissertation and that got the highest mark, so he's OK about it.  We're very proud of him.  Now he just has to pass his driving test in a couple of weeks....oh - and find a job!

Right - I'm off to catch up with my f-list as I've been reading and not commenting this week.

Happy 4th July to the Colonials, and happy sunny Saturday to everyone else!
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It's been a busy week.  There's been the last one of my stained glass course, the third one of my belly dancing class and I've been out twice to moderate student work at two different colleges.

It's also been getting very hot and it's horribly humid today.

The belly dancing class is rather good - and I'm not happy that next week I'll be too busy to go as I don't think I'll get back from the middle of London in time.  It is really loosening up my lower back and shoulders.  I love the music and as most of us are new to the class (which is usually comprised of about 8-10 of us) we are all giggling at the mistakes we make.  The teacher is fantastic - she is a very well qualified pilates teacher and really knows her stuff (and has a great sense of humour!).

Under the cut for work related stuff... )

In other news Mr Cee found me an old desk which he has set up in the garage for me to use as a stained glass work area.  He is a STAR!   The desk is an old Ikea one which is great as it adjusts so that I can stand at it.  It's really hard to sit and cut glass - much easier to stand, so it's great he's adjusted it so it's high enough.  I've also spent some of my moderating fees (before I've earned it - oops!), on a glass grinder so I can get on with some projects over the summer.

In other, other news - there is no news about the house move.  Apparently the houses at the higher end of the market are not moving at all.  I think we'd guessed that! 
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I'm getting bad at updating!  So this is probably going to be a bit rambly.

The big news is that we are considering moving house!  While Mr Cee was away last week we talked about me going to look at some local houses to get a feel for the market around here.

We like where we live.  It's far enough outside London to get the benefits of better quality air and fields and farmlands nearby, but close enough (via an extremely good train connection which goes to all the main stations in London) to go into the capital to see shows, meet friends and get all 'cultural' (plus Mr Cee works there!)  There are good local shopping shopping centres and we can get to two of the largest shopping complexes in the South East without much hassle.  It's also very good for travelling to see Eldest Cee on the coast as that only takes an hour by car.  So we don't want to move very far from where we are.   We're looking for something a bit smaller and rather like the idea of a bungalow.  So I arranged to see two last week.

More here because it got a bit long.... )

In work related news I have been busy visiting centres again, but I only have one more to go and then that's it until the summer (thank goodness!).  I wasn't expecting to have to go out visiting as the centres were supposed to send us things remotely, but as virtually no-one did it's meant we have to travel around.  Still - it's all extra income.... and I do quite enjoy the challenge.  In other work related news there have been some big changes in my old company in that my line manager has gone.  There's a lot of reasons why which I can't go into here (as it involves litigation), but not everyone knows about it (including the moderation team who he manages), so that's interesting.....

On Friday I was excited about the solar eclipse and even timed my journey to the centre I was visiting so that I wouldn't be on an underground train when it was happening.  Unfortunately the whole of the South East of London had such thick cloud from the moment the sun came up it was bitterly disappointing!  You could see nothing (pictures here from our local newspaper if you're interested).  It did get a little bit darker and a little bit colder, but that was it. *sigh*

Youngest Cee is home at the end of the week for his Easter break from university.  He has a couple more things to hand in and has to polish up his dissertation, but he's pretty much finished now which is good.  We are planning to go and see the *possible!house* again with him as we feel it's good to get his input too.

It's all go innit! As they say around here...

Happy Sunday!
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So today is the 12th March and it's time to record what I did today for [ profile] monthlydiaryday.

Today was spent on a trip out to visit one of the colleges I am a Lead Moderator for. As Lead Moderator I visit at this time of year to see how they are getting along as it's about half way through the academic year. If there are problems with anything now, they can be sorted out by the time the course ends in June so it's a good way of checking things.

Out and about..... )
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In bullets as I have a report to write and should be doing that instead of this.... :

  • I haven't been online for a little while and have read back through my f-list, but if I've missed anything, just shout.  I have commented here and there.

  • All weekend was spent finishing off the 'twiddly bits' in the renovated bathroom such as sealing around the bath, hanging the shower curtain, getting the bath side on the bath (a bigger job than I appreciated as Mr Cee had to build a frame for it), getting the towel rails up etc.  I spent most of the weekend handing Mr Cee tools and holding things while he drilled holes.  It's nearly there!

  • I managed to persuade Mr Cee that the downstairs cloakroom/wetroom needs an update, and so we took advantage of the sales and bought a new shower and a basin tap to replace the cheap ones in there at the moment.  I need to do some painting to freshen it up and the glass tiles that separate the shower area need to be regrouted, so that's a job for me once the upstairs bathroom is fully operational (the regrouting will be messy!).

  • I have signed up for an Introduction to Chocolate course at my old College.  A three week evening course that promises to show you how to temper chocolate, mould it and use it decoratively in baking.  It starts next Thursday but I've not had confirmation it's running yet (although I hope so) mmmmm chocolate.

  • I have been out moderating - which was interesting (hence report writing today) and I have a meeting to chat with my old boss tomorrow up in London as he apparently has 'big things' planned for me according to colleague I was with yesterday (!)

  • We have finally caved and bought a new desktop computer as our old XP machine is so incredibly slooooooooow and we've pretty much upgraded it as far as it will allow. Thank goodness for the sales. It arrives today (yay - new tech!).  We love our laptops, but I do adore the large screen and ergonomic keyboard on the desktop (they are staying, it's just the box we're buying).

That's about it!  Happy Tuesday :)
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Well it was a bit of a funny old day.  I really didn't have much to do, so I ended up doing a bit of moderating of learner work, then taught a couple of people how to use mail merge, then pretty much just tidied up my inbox and chatted to people.

It was odd.

However, about an hour before I was due to leave everyone gathered and there was cake and a very generous Amazon voucher and some beautiful flowers:
The Director of my department also gave a speech saying nice things which was embarrassing...

Anyway - that's it! I'm retired (except I've been offered some freelance work already for November and December, and probably more in 2015)... LOL!

Now I just have to sort out the attic, two sheds and a garage which are bursting with 'stuff' that my squirrel husband and children have not throw away or sold.  So I may spend the next few months on eBay...!!

Mr Cee has made fresh bread rolls, there's champagne chilling in the 'frige and smoked salmon to be eaten.  Happy Friday!
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Today was the first day back in the office after I'd handed in my notice and I wasn't sure what reaction I would have.

It actually was rather sweet as the CEO called me upstairs to say how much they were going to miss me, but that she understood why.  I can apparently request a 'glowing' reference from the company should I need one.  So that was OK.

My happy thing for today however is that it was much warmer today than it has been and we had some sunshine which after several days of drizzly rain was very welcome even though it  still started out drizzly. 
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Completely forgot to post my happy thing for yesterday!

My happy thing for yesterday was the very good two week break. We had some good days out, the renovations are going well and I managed to relax by about the end if the first week after the hectic run up to my two weeks off.

Phew! Most of yesterday was spent watching the SyFy marathon of Star Trek as they went through the top episodes. Unfortunately they didn't include the original series, but they did have some good ones in the mix.

Back to work today!

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I like having Wednesday as my day at home - although I have had quite a few people asking why I don't just tack the day I don't work onto the end of a weekend, I find that breaking the week up means I feel much happier commuting up to London for two days at a time.  Generally commuting is OK and I like having time to read or catch up with online stuff (phone reception permitting), but when it goes wrong.... boy does it ever go wrong!

Of course it always seems to have problems on the way home - and usually when you really, really want to get home after a crappy day.  The last few days have been especially irritating (points failures, staff shortages and trains which should be 12 carriages only being 6 carriages long when they come into the station have all made the journey rather tedious).

We are now heading for the busiest time of year at work.  As I have two different contracts I will be working full time for the next 5 weeks, so no more Wednesdays at home.  It will be challenging and involve lots of travelling around and hopefully not be too stressful (ever the optimist!).

So today I'm going to be lazy and enjoy my last four day week for a bit and not feel at all guilty about doing so.  As it's rather rainy and miserable outside and will barely reach 20 degrees today I think it is a perfect day for reading and relaxing :D

Oh look - it's getting very dark and looks like it's going to pour with rain now!  Time for some coffee and a snuggle with a cat I think...

Happy Wednesday!
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I haven't had a chance to type up Monday 12th until today, so this is my entry for this month for [ profile] monthlydiaryday.  Apologies if you've already seen this!

Monday was a work day so the alarm went off at 6.15am and I tried to sneak a little longer in bed, but really HAD to get up at 6.20am.  It was a dull day outside and looked like rain which always makes it harder to get up.  I got ready for work and had a quick breakfast of a breakfast biscuit and a berocca vitamin drink which is my breakfast of choice if (a) I'm in a hurry (b) I'm not actually feeling hungry.  I find that if I don't eat anything before leaving for the train I am tempted by the pastry shops on the walk to work from the other end of the line!

Read more... )

Today I would normally have a day off as I only work four days a week, but I'm going back in to work to attend the second training today as I am also a moderator.  It's been nice to get up later as I don't need to be there until 10.30am ;)  I will have the same role as Monday, but today I get paid separately for attending as my moderator contract is separate from my regular work contract.  I know - it's complicated! LOL!

Have a good Wednesday everyone!
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The last couple of weeks have been packed with STUFF, and usually I don't really do very much.  Oy - are we tired!!  Mr Cee had to fly to Bergen in Norway for a meeting on Thursday which meant flying out on Wednesday as there aren't that many flights from London, and flying home on Thursday evening.

Friday Youngest Cee came home for a visit.  He'd had a bit of a stressful week because he wasn't feeling very well.  We couldn't work out whether it was a touch of food poisoning, or his wisdom teeth which are very slowly coming through and might have been causing an inner ear infection.  We decided it was probably a little ear infection as once he'd  had some TLC over the weekend (and lots of sleep and kitty cuddles) he was much improved.

We drove him back to University on Sunday and then out for dinner which was lovely. It was a tiring journey though as the route down to Portsmouth was quite busy in parts (we have to drive past Gatwick airport), and so we didn't get back until after 9pm.  Fortunately we didn't get caught in a floods which had closed some junctions on the motorway.

Tomorrow I'm back down to Portsmouth for work this time and I'm travelling by train as we are quality checking the course they are running for interim moderation.  Usually this would be a half day visit, but of course with all the travelling it's going to be whole day out of the office.

This weekend we are going out with friends on Saturday - so far we have booked afternoon tea at Fortnum and Masons which will be at three, and we're going to try and pack a bit more into the day.

I'm rather looking forward to a lie in on Sunday..... phew!

Hope you are all having a more relaxing time!
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Saturday was very busy as Mr Cee drove Youngest Cee back to Portsmouth on Saturday while I opted to stay home and de-deck the halls back to normality so as not to break the tradition of 12th Night here in the UK!

I was a bit worried about them driving down to Portsmouth as there were flood warnings there and when they set off it was absolutely tipping down with rain here.  I was also worried about the wind on the motorways, but evidently about 20 minutes into the 2 hour journey down the weather was vastly different from here and they had an uneventful sunny drive down.  They left at 10am and Mr Cee got back at 5pm as he'd stayed down to take YC out to lunch and help him with a couple of things that needed attention in the student house.

In the meantime I took down all the Christmas decorations and chopped off the branches of the Christmas tree so it was lighter to take outside.  This year our tree didn't last very well and each clip with the secateurs meant the living room rug was showered with nearly all the pine needles!  I'm still finding pine needles here and there, but it was good to get back to normality, although I always feel the house looks a little forlorn after having looked so bright and festive.  It was hard work as everything got a thorough clean.

So today has been a lazy day, apart from making some cream of cauliflower soup and a bread and butter pudding for lunch which I did when I got up we have been catching up with films we got for Christmas.  It's been lovely and relaxing and just what we needed.

Tomorrow we are both back in our respective London offices.  The 6.15am alarm is going to be a shock as we've rather been slipping into bad habits and going to bed too late and sleeping in!  Eeep!  Two weeks off has been lovely and I'm really not looking forward to going back in to work at all.

Sherlock later .... :)


Jan. 2nd, 2014 09:15 am
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2014 started very well last night with a new Sherlock. It was silly, irritating  (occasionally geographically impossible) and generally perfect and it is so frustrating that there are only three at a time and then we have to wait ages for the next ones (rather like a London bus). Mind you, as they are 90 minutes long, they really are like a film rather than an episode in a series so I suppose I shouldn't moan. Anyway - next one is Sunday :) YAY.

under the cut for how Sherlock definitely did not do it (no spoilers!) )

In other news I said I would not make resolutions, but this is a reminder to myself:

In 2014 I shall check Lj first: this means that I shall read Lj before Twitter (which is the only other social network thing I do these days). This is especially important when I am at the station waiting for my train to leave because my railway line goes through too many dead zones and I often can't refresh the page or comment if I read Twitter first as the train has started moving by the time I try to read my f-list.

So - Lj you are back on my priority list. *nods* Be prepared for more posts from me f-list!

In other, other news - having two weeks out of the office is wonderful!  Mr Cee is working from home today and tomorrow, but I don't have to, so I shall be doing other stuff.  I don't know what yet, but it may involved some baking.  I feel so relaxed!! :D
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Does anyone know very much about employment law in the UK? I have a question regarding job descriptions/terms and conditions that I'd like answered if possible.

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So it's been a while but I've been awake since 3 am and I know it's related to stuff going on at work.

I don't think it helped that the whole of the London Bridge trains came to a grinding halt JUST as I got to the station yesterday. A very small fire in a very important place meant the railway signals were completely shut down. Of course this being the rush hour there were literally hundreds of people trying to find out what to do next, police were brought in, and mostly people were very well behaved and resigned to it all.

Ah commuting...

I ended up walking across the Thames to a nearby tube station and trying one of the other main railway stations in London which would take me South of the river - but when I got to Victoria (on a very very slow tube train) there were hardly any trains running from there either!

I did eventually catch an extremely delayed train which brought me home to a deserted station and I finally got home at 7.45 pm, having left my office at ten to five for a journey that usually takes about an hour! I felt very sorry for anyone with a longer commute than me, although as I said most people were pretty good tempered about it all as there really wasn't much that the railway staff could do.

Anyway - that and a very late supper meant I didn't sleep well and eventually I decided to get up and come downstairs.

Work related musings... )

Normally I'd have a day off today, but I've swapped for Friday as my line manager goes off on holiday tomorrow and I want to just make sure I've got all the answers to stuff he needs to deal with before he goes.

I may need strong coffee!!

Happy Wednesday all! :)


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