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Sunrise or sunset?
I like both. I like that 'red sky at night, shepherds delight' is usually true. I like seeing the sunrise in the morning, but I usually only see it in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, but I have been known to get up and see it in the Summer too. The sky can be pretty spectacular.

It's been another really sunny day. I'm getting suspicious that we will have a bad summer as that's happened before when we've had a really lovely spell of sunny weather in April.  I hope not!
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The word/phrase you use constantly.

Interesting one - and I have noticed that on here I use 'in other news' rather too often (sorry!).  When I'm speaking I tend to use 'really?' a lot which I know can be annoying.

Anyway! Today is the first day of summer - although no-one has told my bit of the UK and yesterday we had a month's worth of rain in one day, and today it is cold, with outbreaks of torrential rain and really strong winds.  I don't know if it was the wind outside last night but I woke up at 3.30am and couldn't get back to sleep so I went and read my book in the spare room and after I'd finished that I got up and came downstairs and fed the cats at about 4.45.  So I'm feeling a bit dead now....

A friend came round this morning and we had coffee which was nice. I gave her my old stand mixer (which had hardly been used) and she has ordered a couple of small terrariums as presents for family... my little 'business' is growing!

Moving news - our buyers should have their mortgage offer confirmed next week.  The builders have reported back to the owners of the house we are buying and have said they have finished all the building work.  However, we have been past the house and can still see things that are not finished (grrr!).  So we are going to meet the Estate Agent there tomorrow afternoon and check it over and then get our surveyor in to look in more detail.  If there are still unfinished things we will be negotiating a reduction in the price as we don't want it to hold up the sale.


In other news *g* today's word is groak*.  This means to stare longingly at someone who is eating in the hope they will offer to share their food. Doesn't work in my house....

*c/o the QI elves
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We had some feedback from the people last weekend, apparently we aren't a 'stones throw from X school' which is too far away for one couple, and the other couple liked the house but wanted an extra room so they are now looking for a 5 bedroom property.  The people who came for a second time are 'still discussing whether to make an offer' and will let us know after this long weekend.  I did have to laugh at this comment "The Vendor’s presentation was genuine and informal, better than a professional estate agent."  Maybe I need to think about a career change! LOL!!!

More about moving... )

Ironing stuff.... )

It's a long weekend and so after the house viewings today we are keeping Sunday and Monday free for relaxing.  We're off to an antiques and collectables fair on Monday which could be fun (must.not.buy.anything) and I expect a few long walks will be in order.  I went for a walk yesterday morning as it was so sunny and saw these lovelies while walking through the woods - gorgeous bluebells and a japonica bush that is going mad with flowers (I have this in my garden and I love it!):

They seems to have survived the hail and snow showers and temperature drop we've had intermittently throughout the week (we've had thick frost on two mornings).  Happy nearly May!
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We've finally got some wintery weather and here in the South East of England we've had some snow.  Only about 2-3cm (around an inch), but it looks very pretty.  It's thawing quickly though. Back in November there were dire warnings of the 'coldest winter for years' and 'three weeks of snow' which of course never materialised, and was annoying as Mr Cee asked for new snow boots for his birthday back in November which I dutifully bought him and then it was very Spring-like for weeks.  The daffodils all came out!  I'm not sure how the flowers and plants will cope and I hope this weather doesn't affect them too badly.

The cats are enjoying it though - particularly Zero who is frisking around in the garden like a puppy and coming in regularly to warm his feet up on people.

Anyway - enough of this, I promised photos of the Lumiere London lights which we went to on Friday.  More under the cut...

Read more... plus many photos )

On Wednesday we are having our house photographed as we are taking the plunge and putting it back on the market, so the next few days I am tidying and cleaning.... more about this in another post.

Happy Sunday :)
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I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far ;)

My new year started with me getting up to use the loo downstairs and managing to step straight in some cat vomit. Lovely! I'm hoping it's not an omen. Fortunately this was on the hard floor of the hallway and not on the carpeted stairs, so easy to clean up. All the cats were very hungry so obviously not a serious issue for any of them. I imagine it was Zero who has a tendency to gulp down his evening meal in huge excitement and his stomach often doesn't appreciate that... Either that or someone was scared by all the fireworks at midnight.

It was really frosty this morning (4C) and Mr Cee and I decided we have been sitting around too much and so we went on a walk to a different set of local shops which involved a walk through the woods at the bottom of our road. Always nice to do that and we can walk for a couple of miles using that route. By the time we got going the frost had gone from the grass and we came across some very confused daffodils who clearly think it's Spring....

There are buds everywhere after our very mild winter, and I hope that we don't get anymore frosts to ruin the Spring flowers. We even saw a Magnolia tree with buds! Good grief!!!

The rest of the day has been spent slowly taking down some of the Christmas decorations. So today I sorted out our main living room and cleaned all the windows and mirrors which are now sparkly!
We will leave the tree until 12th Night, but I like to tidy and take down the other decorations and clean so that it's not such a chore. I've also been making bread for tonight's supper which will be cold meats, cheese and anti pasti with home made foccacia bread (yum!).

Happy 2016 friends!
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The long bank holiday weekend with it's accompanying rain, drizzle, wind, rain, drizzle and low temperatures has ended and so has August.

We are now in September and it feels like Autumn is already with us with a predicted 'high' today of 18C, but at the moment it's only 12C and feels positively chilly as we have (once again!) grey sodden skies.

Ah - English summer weather.  No wonder we talk about it so much!

Last week a perfect stranger on the train station platform struck up a conversation with me and the friend I was waiting with about how cold it was for August (as the wind whipped the lashing rain against our legs).  English people rarely acknowledge each other on train station platforms, but my friend and I were talking about how cold we were and this stranger joined in.  By the end of five minutes we had declared it was 'the coldest August for a long time', expressed our frustration at having to carry so many different clothes with us anywhere 'just in case' the weather turned 'nasty' and learned that the stranger was going on holiday in a few days with his girlfriend and that 'you really don't know what to pack for an English late summer break'.

English weather - making conversation happen since it all began....

In other news we now own a Harmony Remote control which allows me to turn on loads of media things using just that remote instead of hunting for gazillions of different remotes.  It's fantastic - now we only have one remote to lose down the sofa cushions....
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I am now officially very annoyed about the rain. I am so sorry for all the people who have been washed out of their houses or who have to risk travelling across flooded roads.

There are flood warnings which are only a few miles from me now. Fortunately we are on high ground that drains extremely well (we are on a gravel bed) so it's very unlikely that we will have flooding, but it's affecting all the trains :(

The heavens opened when I left the College I was visiting today. I was soaked.... AGAIN!!


I'd rather have snow

In other news - the cheese is looking very cheese-like. I'm having to be patient because I want to eat it now and not wait, but I shall be strong *resolve!face*
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Today started dark and windy, then it got darker and darker and by 11 we had a huge hailstorm which covered the garden in ice. The rain followed and bounced off the cars and my neighbour over the road had water pouring down the outside of the house over the gutters. By 2 it was light enough to turn off the lights to see what we were doing, but an hour later it was dark and rainy again.

Having said that we are not getting the full brunt of the storms here in the South East and I hope all my UK friends living on the West coast of the UK have avoided the floods and the gale force winds. I've just been watching the news and it looks awful! Another neighbour has just got back from the West Coast of Wales and said they have never seen the sea as high at low tide (it was only being held back by the sea wall and was already higher than front doors of the houses behind the sea wall!).

Friends in the US and Canada seem to be having dreadfully cold weather!

Stay warm and dry everyone!

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Thank you for all the kind get well messages. I'm feeling vaguely more human, so I thought I'd try this thing with the 1000 most common words to describe my job.

Under here to save your flist )

Off to try and catch up with my f-list now that I can face reading stuff on the computer. :)

Icon chosen because all the snow has melted and it's sunny. So that means it's Spring doesn't it?
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Wot are you doing Lj!!! Why do you sometimes let me comment straight away, and sometimes load half the page/half the comment box, and then not load a previous page!!!! I have read everyone's entries this week, but if I haven't commented it's not because I haven't wanted to!

AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH *kicks it soundly!*

It's been a busy but LOVELY week weather-wise. Spring is sprung for definite supposed to be colder over the weekend, but I'm ignoring that. I have a layout to celebrate the lovely Spring-ness.

Unfortunately I spent the whole day yesterday at a conference in London and the conference venue was in the basement of the building. :(

I wanted to get tickets for the Union Chapel Hugh Laurie blues concert in May, but they were sold out before they went on sale to the general public (stupid O2 ticket offers) *sad!face*

In other news - it's Friday and I have lovely bread, cheese and pate, and wine :) We lose an hour this weekend, but I'm not thinking about that.

Happy weekend folks..... :D
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Today was dentist day after the broken tooth incident.

My regular dentist is getting married on Saturday so she isn't in this week or for the next few weeks, and so I had a rather tall, rather handsome dentist instead. Veeeery nice ;)

After an hour of having my back tooth with the old filling drilled out and made ready for a crown I was still pleased to get out of there! I now have a temporary crown which feels OK but I also feel like I've been punched in the jaw from all the 'open wider' stuff...

Unfortunately he found another (very) old filling needs to be repaired when I go back in two weeks to get the crown. My poor credit card is going to be very well used by the end of it!! All I can say is thank goodness we aren't going on a family holiday this summer!!

In other news - only tomorrow to go, and then it's WRITERCONUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooooooooooooooooot!!! Can.not.wait.!!

In other, other news - it is POURING with rain! Good grief, where did I park my ark!!

EDIT: Huh - my html isn't working....how odd!

Thank you!

May. 24th, 2010 09:48 pm
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.....anonymous person who gifted me with glitterati sunglasses!!!!!

I have no idea what glitterati sunglasses are, except that I'm assuming I am supposed to look like one of the glitterati with them.

*puts them on and sparkles in a glitterati-way*


It was 29.7 degrees C in my office today, all the windows were open and we had two wall fans and one oscillating fan happily pushing the hot air around the desks. It was almost unbearable.

Tuesday is supposed to be a lot cooler, so it's back to guesswork about what to wear each day LOL!

OfSTED Inspectors are here and we're running a pool to see who gets observed first amongst our group. Nothing today! After 1pm tomorrow they can't 'get' me

- keep your fingers crossed :D


Jun. 29th, 2009 05:43 pm
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I'm melting!!!!

I've been clearing out our offices all morning (for which read lugging huge bags of rubbish out to the enormous bins outside and filling crates with STUFF), then had to deliver some staff training in a REALLY hot computer room all afternoon.

Tomorrow I have staff training I have to attend all morning and then deliver again in the afternoon ....

It's currently 31 degrees C in my back garden, and with no air conditioning anywhere it's a little overwhelming.

'They' are also saying it will be even hotter by Wednesday!!!


Why is it that when you really want to drink some water you're never anywhere near where you can get some? I'm feeling really dehydrated today *sighs*

Apologies for lack of comments - I'm finishing off my E-Guides accreditation training (three more assignments to write by...um... tomorrow) and have endless meetings in the next two weeks as well as trying to pack up our premises for a major move over the summer.

'Tis a little hectic!

*collapses in a sweaty heap*


Jul. 23rd, 2007 01:51 pm
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Flooding, flooding and more flooding - and now the River Thames is threatening to overflow! The areas affected are where we went on holiday last year, and I think the worst part about flood water is the damage it causes.

To all my UK flist who are affected - I hope you stay dry!

We actually had some summer where I live yesterday - it didn't rain all day.... of course that means the rain is back again today and it's really cold! *sighs*


Jul. 23rd, 2007 01:51 pm
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Flooding, flooding and more flooding - and now the River Thames is threatening to overflow! The areas affected are where we went on holiday last year, and I think the worst part about flood water is the damage it causes.

To all my UK flist who are affected - I hope you stay dry!

We actually had some summer where I live yesterday - it didn't rain all day.... of course that means the rain is back again today and it's really cold! *sighs*


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