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It's 8am and I have quite a few chores I need to be up and doing.

Zero and Tiger have other plans though ...


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Making cheese!

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Oooo there's a Sherlock app for iPhone with 10 cases to solve and starring Mr Cumberbatch, Mr Freeman and Mr Gatiss. Hmmm - £2.99 doesn't seem unreasonable...


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This is the underpass I have to walk through at the station to get to my platform in the morning. Of course I have to walk right to the end :(

It was between 3 and 6 cm (1 and 2.5 inches) deep so there was no escape for my trainers. I was already rather damp from dodging the torrential rain and puddles on the 15 minute walk to the station.

I'm all wet! Yuck!!

Hope you're having a better start to your Friday!!

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Anonymous person who gifted me virtual flowers! What a lovely surprise and much appreciated.

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Good grief it's a shock to the system to get up early again! Naturally the weather has decided to honour my return to work by chucking rain at me all the way to the station. It's amazing how wet you can get during a 15 minute walk through rain and wind. The worst part was when I got to the hill and had to wade through the rivers of rain running down it!I'm rather damp (this is understatement!) and my work trousers are sticking to my legs now I'm on the train (ew!). The train is now chugging up to London but only slowly as there is a 50 mile an hour limit because of possible problems on the line. Apparently quite a few children's trampolines have ended up on the line from neighbouring gardens before now! There I was assuming it would be trees causing issues!!Ah commuting.

In other news - Sherlock last night was very silly but I did enjoy all the 'nods' to some classic stories.

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So I had all these excellent intentions and then it got busy. I am rapidly thinking that I should not work anymore - especially as we've just been through the freezer and had to chuck away far too much out of date food which was SO wasteful. When I worked locally and before that when I worked from home I would NEVER have done that as I had a really good handle on things. Now I'm out of the house up to 11 hours and I hardly ever cook from scratch or it seems have any idea what's in the freezer! Must resolve to do better!

Anyway .... Under the cut random Christmas stuff:

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Hope you enjoyed!

We're all ready for tomorrow - vegetables are all prepared, champagne is on ice, turkey is ready to go. I'm really looking forward to it.

I hope you all have a good day tomorrow regardless of what you do or do not celebrate. Personally I'm REALLY looking forward to Dr Who....!!

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8. What's in your handbag

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9. What are your worst habits?

Procrastination is definitely up there - I can waste a whole day with tech-y geeky things, and accomplish very little.  Case in point I spent most of Thursday playing with my iPhone with the new ios7 because it is quite different from ios6.  Although some may say that isn't time wasted..

I hope I don't have any more bad habits, although I can be a bit of an impulse buyer if I'm not careful...  I get sucked into sales....

I'm rather enjoying these questions!

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- you realise there is no 'strategy' in Candy Crush and you only have 3 moves left and you're not going to finish level 125 AGAIN!!

- you realise you've left your phone at home and you feel lost all day...

- you realise you forgot to eat breakfast and THAT'S why you are hungry at work and its too hot to trudge for 15 minutes up to the shops :(

- you realise 32.4 degrees is not a 'reasonable' temperature to work in and so you go home.

- you realise you have too many urgent things that must be done at the same time so you delegate ...

- you realise you aren't watching any TV shows when they are actually broadcast and you're missing out on new British TV shows because you forgot to look at the schedules.

- you realise Amazon cheap Kindle books are often really awful fanfic that someone has published!

That about sums up my week in no particular order.

Mr Cee and I are off to the local town for breakfast soon. The weather has significantly cooled down and it's rainy which is blessed relief after the heat we've been having.

Happy Saturday all!


Jul. 11th, 2013 08:13 am
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Spent last night typing 2 reports.

Realised this morning that I have transposed two sets of notes about half way through so neither report is correct... That'll teach me for stopping to eat!!

Embarrassing emails sent to relevant people - thank goodness the reports get sent internally first!!!

Will have to sort this out tonight as I'm out if the office AGAIN today!

In other news Eldest Cee's graduation went off smoothly so he's officially a BSc(Hons). Will post embarrassing graduation photo when I have more time :)

Happy Thursday!

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Over the last two days I've been in two different colleges while still trying to run the office, control the problems both in the office and within the team (including my boss being rushed into hospital for an operation to repair his torn retina), travel on transport I'm not familiar with to places I've never been before and look at student work for its quality then write lengthy reports once I'm home.

It feels like I've been working non stop and its only Wednesday! Today I have 106 portfolios of work to sample .... I should sample 10% , but each one takes an hour and a half to read through ....


I need the weekend! *breathes*


Jun. 21st, 2013 05:27 am
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So - I've been awake since 4am and I slept fitfully before that. The combination of humid, hot weather, a shoulder that is painful, and a husband who is snoring because of his hay fever means my sleep needs are not being met!

I'm not sure what I've done to my shoulder - a few years ago I had a 'frozen' shoulder which eventually eased off and was OK after lots of gentle exercises. I have a feeling that as my job is more desk based these days I've aggravated it in some way and its seizing up again. I'm not sure if it has a bearing but I also lost my magnetic bracelet which I started to wear permanently last time it was bad. Maybe I should invest in a new one?

In other news - early mornings on warm days are lovely and peaceful and cool...! Also it's Friday and I have a fairly easy office day so I may just get away with 4 hours sleep.

Bring on the coffee!! Happy Friday all!

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Two posts in one day - good grief!

It's a dull day today, but the flowers are blooming in the garden so I thought I'd share.

Lookit the geraniums!

close up of bees! )

It's supposed to be warmer and wetter this week. I could do without the rain but it would be nice to have temperatures nearer to what they should be in June. I'm currently wearing a jumper!

Bendy cat!

Jun. 1st, 2013 06:15 pm
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Zero sleeps in such strange positions!!


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It's been a gorgeously sunny long weekend and although I don't have a lot of colour in my garden, there are some pretties here and there.

The very old white lilac has gone bonkers and is producing mad quadruple flower stalks:

More pretties... )

It's been lovely to get outside without being snowed on, rained on or being blown over by the wind, but I clearly must plant more flowers!!

Unfortunately it's going to rain all day tomorrow!


May. 18th, 2013 09:47 pm
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Well - gosh - Doctor Who!! I'm already impatient for 23rd November!!! Wow! I loved it.

No idea...

May. 1st, 2013 06:29 pm
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Tiger the cat is staring at me. No idea why!

Disapproval about something I suspect ...

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Thank goodness I have a day off tomorrow!!

Hope your week is doing better!

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Light sleet and snow was forecast for today but we woke up to this:

I know this is nothing compared to some parts of the UK and the world, but I don't consider this 'light' snow! It's also blowing a nasty North East wind!

I was hoping to take photos of the daffodils and crocuses and Spring cherry blossom this weekend. Not going to happen!! Where on earth has Spring gone!!?!?! Apparently we have had snow like this before at the end of March (in 2008).

Stay warm if you've got weather like this!


Mar. 18th, 2013 05:33 pm
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Today Mr Cee and I popped out to the shops and parked in the local multistorey car park where we saw this example of hopeless parking and a very apt number plate! ;)

This is someone parking in the 'mother and child' space btw. They are not supposed to be on the cross hatched section FFS!

We chuckled all the way to the shops :)


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