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Do you keep a journal? what do you write/draw/ in it?
Ha! Yes I do keep a journal which is called Livejournal. Yes I do update it fairly regularly and I used to post arty stuff as well. My main regret is that there are fewer people here than there used to be, and most of them are currently moaning on Facebook about how they loved Lj but only one person on my f-list has actually come back and is posting again. *sigh* Still - I don't write for anyone else, I tend to write for me and I thank you if you read my boring old entries and I also thank you if you comment or 'heart' an entry.

I've met lots of people here at Lj and some of you I have even met in RL and I shall enjoy seeing again at [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk in September.  It's a good place.

It's been a nice sunny weekend on the whole and Mr Cee has cut the grass as it was cat knee high and they were getting lost in it! They have been frolicking around the garden all afternoon in the sunshine. We bought a jasmine plant for the courtyard garden at the front of the house which smells amazing and is covered in flowers. I have started to make the dragonfly one of my ex-colleagues has commissioned having seen the stained glass butterfly I posted photos of on FB. Tomorrow is Youngest Cee's birthday and so he and Mr Cee have the day off and we are going to a fancy restaurant for lunch.  Eldest Cee is coming home for Easter weekend so that's something to look forward to. /random

Life is good.


Mar. 26th, 2017 04:32 pm
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I got distracted by stuff and so I haven't been updating - ooops! So, firstly the question of the day: 12: what's your favorite planet?
Well duh - it's Earth! I have no experience living on a different planet! No [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive questions again which is why I forgot about posting on Friday!

Secondly - it's Mothering Sunday in the UK, so if you are being spoiled, spoiling your mother, celebrating with the pets you mother, or whatever, I hope it's been a good day. I have cards from the offspring, a phone call from Eldest Cee and far too much chocolate and fudge which I am resisting.  Mr Cee cooked a rather delicious Sunday roast which was very good.

It's been an incredibly lovely two days here, although it's been very windy (which is chilly!) the sun has been shining so I have been painting the little courtyard fencing at the front of the house over the last two days and pottering around the garden. Mr Cee and I decided to spend some of our accumulated Nectar points from grocery shopping on a new compact camera as our old one is playing up and is getting unreliable (it keeps reverting back to the menu as you try and take a photo!). The new one has all kinds of nifty features like being able to just select one colour from a scene and do artistic things! Under the cut for a couple of examples.

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Happy Sunday!
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The Londonist website has finally admitted that where I live is quite cool!  LOL!  I live in Orpington in Kent (or in the South East corner of Greater London in the largest London Borough if you prefer).  The article here is actually quite good at summing up my local town centre.  I really like where I live as it has lots of the advantages of being part of London with the added bonus of green countryside a stones throw away.  What they don't mention about the trains is that they actually go to every major station in the centre of London (Victoria, Blackfriars, Holborn, Waterloo East as well as Charing Cross and London Bridge).  Commuter belt, I am in you!

I do wonder about the number of gelato shops though.... on Saturday when Mr Cee and I popped down to get some shopping they were (as usual) totally empty ;)

It's dreary and rainy today so I'm shutting myself in my studio to do some tidying.
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Not that I'm saying the current situation isn't something to worry about, but I can't change it.  All I can do is hope that there are still people in this world who will work for the benefit of others, who will stand against bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia and all the other negative things that decent people would not take part in.

A couple of thoughts.... )
In other news we have signed up for electricity generating solar panels to be installed at this house in a couple of weeks.  The price of the panels have significantly reduced since we had them installed at our last home (which we left behind).  However the money we will receive from the Government is also quite a bit less, but overall we should significantly cheaper electricity over the coming years as a result.  The amount we receive for the electricity we generate is index-linked too which means it goes up in line with inflation.

In other, other news I went to London yesterday to a Christmas fair and bought a few items for the festive season (mostly food!).  I was also able to meet my friend from my ex-employer for a quick lunch.  Her best friend is in the ICU having just been diagnosed with an aggresive form of leukaemia which was totally unexpected and within a week she was suddenly in a life threatening situation. Kind of put things in perspective for me.

Live each day the best way you can  - you just don't know how many you may have.
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We had some feedback from the people last weekend, apparently we aren't a 'stones throw from X school' which is too far away for one couple, and the other couple liked the house but wanted an extra room so they are now looking for a 5 bedroom property.  The people who came for a second time are 'still discussing whether to make an offer' and will let us know after this long weekend.  I did have to laugh at this comment "The Vendor’s presentation was genuine and informal, better than a professional estate agent."  Maybe I need to think about a career change! LOL!!!

More about moving... )

Ironing stuff.... )

It's a long weekend and so after the house viewings today we are keeping Sunday and Monday free for relaxing.  We're off to an antiques and collectables fair on Monday which could be fun (must.not.buy.anything) and I expect a few long walks will be in order.  I went for a walk yesterday morning as it was so sunny and saw these lovelies while walking through the woods - gorgeous bluebells and a japonica bush that is going mad with flowers (I have this in my garden and I love it!):

They seems to have survived the hail and snow showers and temperature drop we've had intermittently throughout the week (we've had thick frost on two mornings).  Happy nearly May!


Jan. 15th, 2016 03:02 pm
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It's been a sad week, but I'm not going to dwell on that because I can't change it.

For me it's been a productive week:

  • I've made a stained glass suncatcher for the upstairs bathroom (nearly finished, but needs some work, I'll post photos over the weekend)

  • I've re-covered the top of an old blanket chest I've had for years and now it is a handy storage ottoman with a covered foam seat on the top

  • I have been to belly dancing class and have mastered a particularly tricky move which is immensely satisfying!  My muscles are feeling pleasantly stretched today :)

  • Youngest Cee has enjoyed a couple of days of volunteering induction and training and I've enjoyed having two days in the house by myself ;)

  • I am off to Lumiere London which looks fabulous with Mr Cee later. I am taking my camera and coat, gloves, hat and scarf.. it's going to be cold as we are forecast 3C and cold winds and it's a bit of a shock after the mild weeks we've been having!  There was frost on the ground this morning! We may have to have a nice hot meal afterwards and might be tempted by some wine (despite our resolve to have a 'dry' January) as I feel the need to raise a glass to the departed....and I may need thawing out!

Happy Friday all!


Nov. 15th, 2015 03:17 pm
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I am glad my friends in Paris are safe.  I am sad that so many people still don't know if their friends and family are OK, and that terrorism exists.

Reflections about differences... )

In other news I have been making some stained glass things which has been fun.

Pictures )

In other, other news Youngest Cee has finally been to an interview for a job!  Unfortunately it is not in the least what he is interested in doing but he went along for the interview for practice and he's got a second interview on Monday.  He's so frustrated that he is not getting interviews for the sector he wants to work in.  However, he also has an induction for some voluntary work later next week, so maybe that will give him more experience if he gets to do some of voluntary work for a few weeks.

In yet more news, my internet connection is still playing up...


However, on Monday I get meet up with [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh, browse a local garden centre Christmas shop and have lunch which will be fun!
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What I have read this year since the last time.... )

Today I have been to the dentist, cleaned all the things and laundered all the clothes.  I have also made cauliflower cheese for dinner tonight and been to the shops and stocked up on groceries.

Tomorrow will be spent cooking as two sets of neighbours are coming round for dinner on Friday night and I have foolishly decided to make smoked trout pate, three cheese cannelloni and lemon sorbet all from scratch.  Fortunately all of it can be made ahead, so I think that if I do all that on Thursday I shall have a relaxing day on Friday and enjoy the evening.

Later it's The Great British Bake-Off.

Happy hump day! :)
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The long bank holiday weekend with it's accompanying rain, drizzle, wind, rain, drizzle and low temperatures has ended and so has August.

We are now in September and it feels like Autumn is already with us with a predicted 'high' today of 18C, but at the moment it's only 12C and feels positively chilly as we have (once again!) grey sodden skies.

Ah - English summer weather.  No wonder we talk about it so much!

Last week a perfect stranger on the train station platform struck up a conversation with me and the friend I was waiting with about how cold it was for August (as the wind whipped the lashing rain against our legs).  English people rarely acknowledge each other on train station platforms, but my friend and I were talking about how cold we were and this stranger joined in.  By the end of five minutes we had declared it was 'the coldest August for a long time', expressed our frustration at having to carry so many different clothes with us anywhere 'just in case' the weather turned 'nasty' and learned that the stranger was going on holiday in a few days with his girlfriend and that 'you really don't know what to pack for an English late summer break'.

English weather - making conversation happen since it all began....

In other news we now own a Harmony Remote control which allows me to turn on loads of media things using just that remote instead of hunting for gazillions of different remotes.  It's fantastic - now we only have one remote to lose down the sofa cushions....
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I've been thinking about money following a conversation with a friend.  She and her husband have very clear divisions between 'her' money and 'his' money - they both work and have well paid jobs.  Their children receive birthday and Christmas presents from each of them as they buy them things from their 'own' money.

Now maybe Mr Cee and I are unusual, but we've never considered what we earn as 'his' and 'mine'.  It's ours.  Mr Cee very early on in our relationship when we were thinking about buying a flat together said to me that it didn't matter what we earned and spent because if one of us spent it all, then both of us would have to be without it.  Consequently we opened a joint bank account and made large purchase decisions together and have done ever since.  We have always bought the children gifts from both of us, and never made the distinction between 'his' and 'mine' as far as income is concerned.

Now this might sound smug, and I don't mean it to be - but these days we are nicely 'comfortable' as far as income goes.  This has not always been the case, and in fact when we were first married I earned more than Mr Cee.  Of course since then I've had periods of time when my income has reduced considerably because I chose to be a stay at home mum and I worked at different jobs while I was doing that.  I had three jobs at one point (childminding, working for a babysitting agency and working as a teacher), as Mr Cee's job was rather precarious at the time (over the years he has missed being made redundant  9 times) and I felt I needed to help contribute to the household 'pot'.

Nowadays Mr Cee's employment is far more secure and he's been there too long for them to want to make him redundant and so I am once again on a very low income (I earn far too little to even pay tax).  I did get very 'twitchy' when I first stopped my full time job, but we seem to be OK, so I've relaxed a bit more now.  This doesn't mean that I am extravagant with money - in fact most of the time I seem to talk myself out of buying myself anything.  Being at home has also saved us a lot of money as we don't waste so much food or revert to having take-aways because we're both too tired to cook.  I am rather proud that I end up using all the fresh fruit and vegetables I buy weekly and that mostly we eat home-prepared food with only the occasionally pizza or curry delivery (sometimes you can't beat it!).

Excuse the rambling, but I'm curious - if you co-habit with someone is your income shared, or do you keep it separate (no justification necessary!).


Aug. 9th, 2015 10:56 am
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I have bought myself a teeny little cheap ASUS Transformer Book which is a little netbook type computer the screen of which comes off to make it into a Windows tablet (although I'll probably never use it like that).  It was on sale at a ridiculous price and will make my part time working life much easier.  I love my iPad, but it can't cope with Word and makes writing reports very awkward as we use a LOT of Word templates for reports.  I did think about taking my big laptop around with me, but with all the travelling on trains it's too heavy.  This is a cute dinky little thing.

Currently I'm updating it to Windows 10 ..... it's a painfully slooooow process, but it much better than Windows 8.1 which is what it came with.

In the meantime this meme looked fun and I've pinched it from loads of people...

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In other news on Friday we went out with friends for another afternoon tea.  This time to the Waldorf in London.  It was very nice, and we enjoyed it.  We decided that the Doulton crockery (made exclusively for the Waldorf) was very pretty and the cakes were not too sweet (a problem with cream teas sometimes!).  It's still not our favourite which is the Criterion Restaurant, but it was close.  We also got to see the large ballroom which has similar decor to the decor the Titanic had and is lovely.

Afterwards we went to see Mr Holmes with Ian McKellen which we really enjoyed.  An elderly Mr Holmes in retirement is trying to remember his last case.  It was sweet and beautifully acted and highly recommended.  The young lad that was in it (Milo Parker) is someone to watch - a good actor.

Right - my little Asus is nearly finished installing Windows 10 and I have bread to make.  Happy Sunday all!
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Musings -

  • It's such a shame Lj is so quiet.  I used to have to set aside lots of time in the morning and evening to read through all the posts.  Now I can go through my friends list in a few minutes :(

  • Mr Cee was told just over a week ago that he was moving office from the nice convenient offices in the Strand in London (easy commute with only one train to catch) out to the suburbs of West London (double the commute time and train changes as well - which are never of the good).  The landlord of their current building is going to turn their office floor into a luxury appartment (not surprising as they will get triple the rent for it at least), and as more leases come up for renewal he's going to do the same for the whole building.  The downside was that this was all happening very fast and yesterday was his last day in his current offices.  He doesn't even know where he'll be in the West London offices. He's not a happy chap.

  • Youngest Cee is also feeling quite 'blue' as I think it's hit him that he's now in the real world and job hunting is not easy. He was very 'down' on Friday and so we're finding some things for him to do around the house as I think he needs to have some structure to his day and keep busy after such an intense last year at University.

  • In the meantime I have joined a local social network called Streetlife.  This is how I found out about the belly dancing class, but it's also been incredibly useful as I have been able to advertise some of the things we've found during the aborted house move.  So far I've got rid of a perfectly good large garden children's slide and our old kitchen table and chairs which the local charity shops wouldn't take.  I'm so glad they will go to someone who can use them rather than being dumped in the local refuse tip (the only other alternative we thought we would have).

  • We went to see Ant Man last week - what a silly film, but as with all the Marvel films, great special effects and I like Paul Rudd, so I'm glad he's got the chance to be in a movie franchise.

  • I have Windows 10 on my desktop computer but it keeps telling me I can download it on my laptop sometime in the future.  Perhaps we didn't realise how many people wanted to get rid of Windows 8 - ay Microsoft??

  • We have been watching Extant series 2 on Amazon Instant Video - very good so far!

  • This afternoon I have been making bread and cake.  I am making baguettes using French flour from our 'continental' farmer's market (yum) - it's been a good day for getting dough to rise as it's been very warm (32 degrees C in my back garden, although it's cooled down now!).  I have made a lemon drizzle cake too and we have fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries to have with it later.  I have some lovely smelly cheese to eat with the bread too (and of course there will be wine!).

  • Last, but not least, I weighed myself last week and since the end of September last year I have managed to lose 24 pounds of flab.  I have about 14 to go, but as I've not been dieting at all, I'm rather pleased....

That's about it..... happy Saturday all!
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It's been a lovely couple of days and today is lovely and warm as well.  *whispers* maybe we are finally into a 'proper' June which started off nasty and cold and rainy.

My f-list is very quiet, so I had a hunt around to see what else I could add to my friends feed (as it is now known).  It's such a shame that Lj is so quiet now.  People seem to have disappeared to other social networking sites such as Twitter and I suppose I should be pleased that I can still communicate with people there, but it's not the same with only 140 characters!  I don't frequent Facebook, so that's no use.  I remember the good old days when reading my f-list took around 45 minutes each day, not so much now.

Anyway this is a rambling way of saying that I've added [livejournal.com profile] vintage_ads to my f-list and at the moment they have ads with hunky men in.  Rather nice in actual fact... there's a LOT of chest hair ([livejournal.com profile] frenchani - !).

Also - I have treated myself to a soldering iron and loads of glass as I went up to Camden and visited a glass specialist which is right nearby to Camden market wherre I went a few weeks ago.   Yay - fun stuff to do!

ALSO - [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk have their sign up post up, so now is your chance to see Lj people in the flesh (they are NOT scary at ALL).  Please come and join us - I shall be there!  It's good fun, and you get a special rate at the hotel (which is lovely, and the staff are really great).


May. 30th, 2015 06:04 pm
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I have been reading and commenting when I can, but I am getting remiss at updating my own journal!  Bullets for speed:

  • My posting page on Lj looks different - I'm assuming there might have been some kind of update?  It's OK.

  • We have had some lovely sunny days and I've taken advantage and dug up some Sumach tree runners and they are bursting forth with leaves in their new pot so I can take them with us when (if?) we move.

  • We have reduced the price of our house in an effort to get the damned thing sold.  We had a viewing today (which makes a grand total of three in 9 weeks *sigh*).  This time we had a family of four with two teenagers (one at secondary school and one about to go in September).  They seemed enthusiastic, but we were house number 3 on a list of 4 today and last weekend they saw 7 in one day, so who knows!  Personally I don't think I'd be able to remember which house I'd seen where if I saw that many...

  • I am tired of tidying and cleaning the house so that it's in 'show house' condition.

  • Mr Cee has been working from home this week which has completely thrown my routine.  He's been working 17 hour days...

  • Youngest Cee is waiting for two more grades before he will know what his overall degree is.  He's passed his dissertation with the top mark, but he knows he has a few lower marks which may bring his overall grade down.  He has sorted out some voluntary work to do for a few weeks to add some skills to his CV.

So that's about all the news.  Back to reality next week with my stained glass class starting up again and a work related meeting and I'm getting my hair cut which will be good as I am peering around my fringe at the moment and I get told off by my hairdresser when I trim it myself ;)

Tonight I feel the need for wine.... :)
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And it's nearly a long weekend!

A round up in bullets:

  • Youngest Cee is home along with all his stuff which he has accumulated over three years of being away at University. He's slowly sorting it all out \0/ and we've finally completed the laundry!  He has to pop back to Portsmouth to collect his dissertation and results and then graduation is in July.  I am keeping everything crossed for him ...

  • Work related stuff seems to have increased and I've been out and about a lot recently.  I'm making the most of it as the extra money is useful and mostly I can choose hours/days I work.

  • My stained glass project is ready to solder - but as it's half term for the class next week I have to wait until the week after before I can finish it :(

Picture of the final stage before soldering )

  • This weekend will be spent packing more things up.  Still not much interest in our house, so maybe it's time to think about reducing the price a bit.  :(

  • I had fresh spinach and a yellow pepper to use up from my veg box, and so I have made up a vegetarian lasagne with the pepper, tomatoes, onions, garlic, spinach and pine nuts.  I'm hoping it's OK - it smells lovely.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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I had to wait into today because my new cooker's grill doesn't work and so I am now onto cooker #2 which was due to arrive between 11.15 and 3.15...

Anyhoo - I was getting some things ready for tomorrow when I have to go and visit one of the College's for a mid year moderation visit and my doorbell went.  Thinking it was the delivery I was surprised to see our next door NewNeighbour's mother standing at the door looking rather perplexed.  She looks after the two children next door while the mum is at work three days a week and had taken the children to school this morning, then walked down to the local town to do some shopping.  She'd just got back and realised she'd left her keys in the house (this is the second time she's done this in as many months...!).  This time, however she'd also left something cooking on the stove and could now smell smoke coming from the house - so did I have a way of getting over the fence to see if she could get into the back of the house.

Well - um - no...!  When I got outside I could smell the smoke too, and fortunately one of the other neighbours in our road is a retired fire officer so I suggested we ask him if he could help.  Luckily he was in, and got over the side fence to the house and said the house was full of smoke.  He then managed to prise open the garage doors and get into the house through the back of the garage and get the now very well burnt bolognaise sauce out of the house.  He was great and we opened all the windows and got rid of the smoke while shutting the upstairs room doors to stop it spreading through the house.  Fortunately nothing was actually on fire, but my goodness the house stunk of smoke!

NewNeighbour's mother was really embarassed and said she forgot she'd left the sauce on the stove, but I was a bit cross that NewNeighbour had not put up smoke alarms in the house as I would have heard that and been able to do something earlier if I'd heard them going off.  I'm not attached to the house next door (thank goodness), but I think I would have heard smoke alarms sounding as our road is really quiet (plus who doesn't have working smoke alarms when they have young children in the house!!!???!!! ! *eyeroll*)

I now smell of smoke too (amazing how it sticks to hair and clothing!), but I'm glad I was home as NewNeighbour's mother didn't know that we had an ex fire officer in the road and it could have been a lot worse.  Knowing my fire officer neighbour, I imagine he would have had a few words to say to her (I left them to it once the house was clear of smoke).

I now also have my new cooker.  Let's hope it all works properly once Mr Cee connects it up again.  
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In bullets as I have a report to write and should be doing that instead of this.... :

  • I haven't been online for a little while and have read back through my f-list, but if I've missed anything, just shout.  I have commented here and there.

  • All weekend was spent finishing off the 'twiddly bits' in the renovated bathroom such as sealing around the bath, hanging the shower curtain, getting the bath side on the bath (a bigger job than I appreciated as Mr Cee had to build a frame for it), getting the towel rails up etc.  I spent most of the weekend handing Mr Cee tools and holding things while he drilled holes.  It's nearly there!

  • I managed to persuade Mr Cee that the downstairs cloakroom/wetroom needs an update, and so we took advantage of the sales and bought a new shower and a basin tap to replace the cheap ones in there at the moment.  I need to do some painting to freshen it up and the glass tiles that separate the shower area need to be regrouted, so that's a job for me once the upstairs bathroom is fully operational (the regrouting will be messy!).

  • I have signed up for an Introduction to Chocolate course at my old College.  A three week evening course that promises to show you how to temper chocolate, mould it and use it decoratively in baking.  It starts next Thursday but I've not had confirmation it's running yet (although I hope so) mmmmm chocolate.

  • I have been out moderating - which was interesting (hence report writing today) and I have a meeting to chat with my old boss tomorrow up in London as he apparently has 'big things' planned for me according to colleague I was with yesterday (!)

  • We have finally caved and bought a new desktop computer as our old XP machine is so incredibly slooooooooow and we've pretty much upgraded it as far as it will allow. Thank goodness for the sales. It arrives today (yay - new tech!).  We love our laptops, but I do adore the large screen and ergonomic keyboard on the desktop (they are staying, it's just the box we're buying).

That's about it!  Happy Tuesday :)
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I am sad about the awful attack in Paris and I'm glad it has been condemned by everyone (including the Islamic religious leaders who are saying that violence is not the answer to anything).

In other news - I am having a lot of fun with the juicer and have enjoyed the three day detox smoothies immensely.  It's my last day today and I may well continue to have smoothies for lunch as the fruit and vegetable smoothies are delicious!  Who knew apples, beetroot, celery, carrot, lemon and broccoli could taste so yummy when juiced?

It's really dark today because it's raining and I hate it.  I need some sunshine!!! *waves fist at sky!*

Ah - peace!

Jan. 5th, 2015 02:05 pm
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Inhales slowly..... aaaand exhales.....I have the house to myself!

Mr Cee is back at work.  Youngest Cee is back at University. Cats are all snoozing. It is peaceful!

Yesterday we took Youngest Cee back to Portsmouth which is around 100 miles from us and usually we manage the trip there in about two and a half hours (stopping half way to stretch our legs).  When we left our road was very foggy, but we didn't realise that there would be thick fog banks all the way down to the coast. It was really scary as there were far too many people idotically driving along in the fog without any lights on....!!  We were a lot more cautious!  It was easier on way home as it was dark by then so at least everyone had their lights on, but it was still really foggy!

A friend has given me her unused juicer so tomorrow I am going to try a three day smoothie detox which will probably shift the three pounds I have put back on over the Christmas festivities and make a good start to the year.  This morning I went and bought all the fruit and veg to do that which was surprisingly inexpensive!

I'm feeling quite positive about 2015 - I hope everyone else is too (would still like a flying car though....)
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Woot! It's sunny!  It hasn't been sunny all week and it's lovely to see some blue skies! *opens all the windows*

It's the end of a busy first week at work, and even though I've worked my usual four days it was a bit tiring getting back into the routine of getting up when it's dark and getting home when it's dark.  The commuting was pretty OK mostly.  We have had a couple of odd days where trains are not where they should be much to the consternation of the staff at the stations.  The train before mine yesterday came in on a different platform and I rather enjoyed the announcement from the station staff.

"We would like to apologise for the late platform alternation for the Hayes service.  The signalman is doing this for no reason we are aware of...."  Mr Cee said the train coming in on the 'wrong' platform happened a couple of times in the morning too.  I'm assuming the signal staff need more coffee too...

Today I shall be mostly tidying up the house and putting away the last of the Christmas decorations which were all taken down in time for 12th night, but not put away in the loft.  I also have some pictures to put up on the walls which I got for my birthday and Christmas which I shall share later.

Btw [livejournal.com profile] gillo posted yesterday about different regional words and it made me think about words we use in this corner of the world (for example 'loft' for attic space).  What does everyone else call the space under the roof?


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