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Firstly - the sign up post for [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk is up here. SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP!!! (it's going to be fabulous). Also please pimp. Also please let me know if you want to host a discussion/talk/presentation - otherwise you're going to end up with me doing too many and no-one wants that.

Secondly - the stained glass butterfly is finished and is hanging on my studio and looks good. Photos under the cut.
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My glass teacher asked to put it up on "the website" which means I must be getting good at the soldering, although I have no idea which website she means.... I shall have to ask her next week! :)

Thirdly the question of the day is: 15: Go google a weird space fact and tell us what it is! Answer: Mercury and Venus are the only two planets in our solar system that do not have any moons. Remember this - it may come up at the [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk quiz. Of course it also might not.... *waggles eyebrows* Also - there are a LOT of websites claiming to have interesting facts about space! Who knew?

Fourthly - or finally - my bellydance teacher has asked if I want to do a solo at a show in May. *gulps*


Mar. 26th, 2017 04:32 pm
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I got distracted by stuff and so I haven't been updating - ooops! So, firstly the question of the day: 12: what's your favorite planet?
Well duh - it's Earth! I have no experience living on a different planet! No [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive questions again which is why I forgot about posting on Friday!

Secondly - it's Mothering Sunday in the UK, so if you are being spoiled, spoiling your mother, celebrating with the pets you mother, or whatever, I hope it's been a good day. I have cards from the offspring, a phone call from Eldest Cee and far too much chocolate and fudge which I am resisting.  Mr Cee cooked a rather delicious Sunday roast which was very good.

It's been an incredibly lovely two days here, although it's been very windy (which is chilly!) the sun has been shining so I have been painting the little courtyard fencing at the front of the house over the last two days and pottering around the garden. Mr Cee and I decided to spend some of our accumulated Nectar points from grocery shopping on a new compact camera as our old one is playing up and is getting unreliable (it keeps reverting back to the menu as you try and take a photo!). The new one has all kinds of nifty features like being able to just select one colour from a scene and do artistic things! Under the cut for a couple of examples.

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Happy Sunday!
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2: Do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintery day?

Now you have to remember that I live in the South Eastern part of a fairly temperate country where winters do occasionally have snow, but usually only for a few days and at most only around a couple of inches in depth. There have been unusually cold winters, and late winters, but the temperature around here really doesn't often get below around -7C (19F). So cold air for me is rarely a problem. I rather like cold air, but I don't like cold wind. I particularly hate it when your ears start hurting because they have got so cold and are painful when you come inside. That's why hats and hoods were invented though ;)

I don't have to worry about that today though as the sun is shining and it's around 16C (60F) in my garden today. I've been doing a little bit of gardening and I've washed all the windows on the bungalow (love that I can reach them all!) so they are all sparkly. Under the cut are a few sunny garden pictures.

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I have sourdough bread dough which is ready to bake once I get off the computer. I've been experimenting with different ways of creating the 'starter' for it (not always successfully). It's such a different way of making bread that it's taking some getting used to! The first loaf I made was delicious but a really odd shape, I'm hoping this one will work better - wish me luck!

 I hope everyone that is having the horrible storm in the US is staying warm and safe.
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Not quite tulips like my icon, but my garden is showing signs of life after the winter which is a good thing (all photos get larger with a clicky).

At the end of the garden much to my surprise (because I hadn't noticed it!) is a camelia which is flowering. It's a real shame it's out of the eyeline of the house unless you squint and stand in one particular spot in the living room.  It's a nice large shrub too, it just needs a bit of shaping with some pruning after it's finished flowering as it's been neglected (as have most of the shubs).

Coincidentally last week I bought a white camelia from the garden centre as I love them and it's just about to burst into flower at the moment. It's in a pot as I'm not sure where I'm going to put it yet.

It's nice to know that it will be OK in the soil as we have acid soil here, so I can plant rhodedendrons and azaleas too (love that they are evergreen).  In other pots I have have dwarf narcissi growing. These are under the dwarf peach tree on the left (which is also starting to show signs of blossom) and the chocolate tree which is still dormant:
Anyone else getting signs of Spring yet?
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Also - I don't appear to know what the date is as I posted the Day 18 answer for the December meme yesterday.  I really should know as I'm putting items on my advent calendar tree so I should have worked it out *head/desk*. To compensate I am completing the one I missed, which is: Day 17 → something that made you happy this year.

Lots of things made me happy, but the biggest thing was accepting an offer on our old house and getting the moving process underway, closely followed by moving and deciding around a week afterwards that it felt like we had been in the new house forever.  A good feeling.


Right - under the cut are some photos of the new completed tiling and a very messy kitchen and a photo of the stained glass mirrors I made.

A few photos )

In other news we danced at the belly dancing Christmas party last Thursday and I forgot to say it went very well.  There were around 85 people in the audience and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Our troupe have been invited ot dance at a show in Surrey in March which is exciting and our teacher will be putting on a show of her own in October for which there will be paying customers! She wants us to perform a few dances so it sounds like we will be learning a lot of new things. 
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Mr Cee and I went down to Brighton to visit Eldest Cee on Thursday and booked a few days down on the coast for a small break.  It was fun!

More about the trip plus photos... )

Yesterday and today Mr Cee and I have been gardening between showers and clearing and sorting more things from the last room in the house which needs to be addressed - the fourth bedroom/study.  Mr Cee has also been building a shed at the end of the garden and I have been doing lots of cutting back of over grown shrubs and repotting of plants I brought with us from the old house.  I have been reading but not commenting very often - sorry!

Tonight I am going to see if I can make some no-knead bread which will prove overnight and be baked in the morning.  It should be interesting and I shall report back tomorrow....
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Yesterday Mr Cee and I went on a tour around the East End of London to look at street art.  It was really interesting and although some of the streets were familiar, there were some side roads and areas I hadn't ever been through before.  There were also teeny tiny artworks that I just hadn't seen before even though they were in plain sight such as these little frogs by Xylo which are all over the place to highlight the extinction threat to the Panamanian Golden Frog. Once you start to really look they keep popping up!

More arty photos... )

It was a really interesting tour lasting around three and a half hours. The guide told us that it would take around 8 hours just to cover the Banksy art - most of which is now covered by the people who own the buildings as they are waiting for the best time to sell them.  One London hotel currently under construction has a Banksy that will form part of the reception area - they have designed the whole building around the piece of wall the Banksy is on!

Today I have been putting my new found theory from my cheese making class to good use and I have finally been able to make mozzarella cheese which makes me very happy.  I've made some more butter too (so that class was worth going to!) and we also have freshly made foccacia bread which smells delicious and is cooling at the moment. Tonight's dinner will be yummy :)

Happy Sunday all :)


Jan. 7th, 2016 11:22 am
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It's nice to see so many more posts on Lj.  I'm hoping those who have been posting again will keep it up as it's nice to have a longer list of posts to read.

It's been raining a lot recently and pretty miserable, so yesterday morning I decided to walk up to some shops and get a few items rather than taking the car.

More with some photos.. )

In other news Youngest Cee is off to an interview for another job this afternoon.  This one is a year long paid contract so he's a bit nervous....  I've got everything crossed for him!
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On Tuesday I went to our belly dancing class Christmas event which turned out to be an exhibition of belly dancing by our teacher and some guest belly dancers of different styles in the genre.  It was great fun, there was loads of food and around 40-50 people in the audience which made it very nerve-racking when it was our little troupe's turn to dance the choreography we have been practicing since we started learning in the summer.

More photos of the event under the cut but here is our little troupe with our teacher Naama (bigger with a click!):

More photos under here.... )

Yesterday was spend tidying, sorting and cleaning which as [livejournal.com profile] deborahw37 said, means that you alone know what you have done when you have finished.  Still, it was good to rearrange the cupboards and make sure I had all the necessary ingredients for making stuff over the Christmas period.  They all benefitted from a clean too which was satisfying.  Today I have delegated the sorting out of the understairs cupboard (which is a black hole where things go to die in our house) to Youngest Cee.  He is struggling a bit with the job hunting and needs to be kept busy - well, that's my excuse for not doing it.  ;)

Tonight Mr Cee and I are off to the Vaudeville Theatre in London to see Bill Bailey in concert (UK comedian and musician) which should be fun!

Happy Friday (1 week until Christmas day!)
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Good grief [livejournal.com profile] buffyversetop5 is open for business and therefore my friends feed has exploded and having finally got around to 'properly' checking in, I found myself spending far longer than usual going through posts.  I hope I haven't missed anything although I didn't really have time to write many comments!

Anyway - this post is by way of a brief catch up with photos of last Friday which was our 33rd wedding anniversary (I know!!). I can't believe we are still together after all this time - it's pretty amazing as we've seen many of our friends' marriages break up along the way.  Fortunately I think we still have so much in common that we still get on incredibly well.  So to celebrate our anniversary Mr Cee took the day off and we took a trip up to London.

Our first stop after a lovely brunch on the banks of the River Thames was the Museum of London which I have visited before for a couple of exhibitions, but never really had a good look around.

On the way we had a lovely view of St Paul's cathedral as we walked around the back streets:

The Museum of London is really interesting and has displays from the prehistoric ages (sabre tooth tigers used to roam near to where I live!!) right up to the modern day.  No photos were allowed unfortunately.  Then we went on to the Bank of England museum which was fascinating.  Again, no photos were permitted, but we got to look at the evolution of the bank note and coins and even got to try and lift up a bar of gold which at 28lbs in weight was a real struggle - so much for all those films where people are loading up bars into rucksacks and walking around.... ;)

We then made our way to Tower 42 which for those who know London used to be called the NatWest Tower after the bank who built it.  There's a viewing platform at the top which has been turned into a champagne bar and we had booked afternoon tea.

Some photos of the view )

It was a really nice day and we walked MILES! Which meant I didn't feel guilty about eating cream cakes.
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Today marks three weeks since I have been able to drive my little Smart car following the rear end shunt a few days before that.  My car has been 'repaired' by the insurance company of the person who hit me while I was stationery, but it's not had all the things fixed and so an insurance engineer came round today to look at it again.  I think he realised why we were not happy he was shown what had not been fixed (it's really obvious!) and the dashboard error message.  Upshot is that the garage will collect the car on Saturday morning and get it fixed as quickly as possible (apparently).  We were offered profuse apologies but Mr Cee is not happy with that and it going to fomally complain to the insurance company because the car should have been fixed in less than a week - it's not a hard job!

Hey ho!

Anyway - this morning I took the hire car into our local town to shop for some essentials as Mr Cee has been invited to Scotland next month to a collect a 'long service' award at a very posh dinner.  His company are paying for us to fly up and stay overnight in the five star hotel and we've added an extra night so that we can do a bit of sightseeing the day before the dinner as it seems silly to travel all that way and not see some sights.  So I needed some of those little travel bottles as even thought it's only a 45 minute domestic flight we still have to abide by the airline rules for items in hand luggage (and we only taking carry on bags).

I went shopping last week and ended up nabbing a superb bargain to wear to the 'do'....

More under here with a photo )

I think that's possibly the BARGAIN OF THIS YEAR!! \0/ (and it nearly makes up for the irritations with the car....)

Also - last night Mr Cee and I went to see The Martian.  It's really good and we enjoyed it even though they'd missed out quite a bit of the book it was great fun.  Recommended.
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It seems such a long time since our short break to Cambridge, but I need to post these photos for myself even if no-one else is that interested *g*.  So under the cut some of the sunny scenes.

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The antique art deco tile I bought on the first day has now been framed so that I can put it up on the wall.  I really like the design and the colours.  It's from Brussels and was made in 1921.

Happy Sunday! :)


Jun. 21st, 2015 09:36 pm
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I am getting bad at updating and so this is an update.

I am just about to go into the busy time of year for me.  I am easing into it this week with two visits, but the following two weeks I'm out every weekday and the final week I'm out for three visits.  So I may not be around much as when I'm not visiting I have to write reports about the visits (boo!).

This week is my last stained glass class.  I shall miss my fellow classmates who are very sociable and interesting, but we have all signed up for the next class which is in November so that will be good.  I have enough stained glass projects to keep me happy over the summer anyway and the more I do the better I feel I am getting at it.

I have been to two belly dancing classes now, and I'm really pleased that it runs all year.  It's great fun, and surprisingly difficult to isolate different muscles in the different moves.  I do love to exercise to music and dance and I have every intention of going as often as I can although when I'm travelling over the next few weeks I'll probably get back too late for the class :(

The house move has still stalled.  The Estate Agent contracts run out next month and we might forget the whole thing for a while and do some decorating around the house, get Youngest Cee settled into a job (he's still waiting for his degree results, but will be job hunting soon), then try again.  We will have to pull out of buying the house we want, but the way things are going it may very well still be on the market in a few months anyway and if not, I'm sure something else will turn up!

On Friday we went on a 'twilight' tour around part of London Zoo which was an Amazon Local deal.  We took Youngest Cee and we all enjoyed it as it was really interesting.   Under the cut for a couple of photos.

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The zoo is a hive of activity in the evening - with loads of food stalls and a large carousel and various entertainments.  We ate there, and got home around 10 having walked for quite some distance!  It was a really nice visit.

Happy Sunday all!
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Mr Cee took the day off today and we travelled up to London to see the new Star Wars exhibit at Madame Tussauds.  I took my compact camera as it copes well with low light without me fiddling with it, so under the cut are some photos.... but I have to share this one above the cut because the modelling was really impressive:

Pictures..... )

It was a fun exhibition and well worth a visit if you are in the vacinity, I'd particularly recommend the Marvel 3D (4D) film experience which is terrific!
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Yesterday I went on a photography workshop care of a nice cheap voucher from Amazon Local.  Instead of paying £125 for the three hour workshop I only paid £25 - which was a very nice discount!

I have a good quality Canon DSLR camera, but rarely take it off 'auto' for everything and this was an opportunity to have a bit of tuition in small group.  There were only four of us in the group - two older gentlemen who had done quite a bit of photography, a young American boy around 17 (his mom came along with us) - he also knew what he was doing, and me (novice!).  We all met up at 10am in Camden Town which is a busy part of London during the weekend as we were heading for the very extensive Camden Lock market to look around and take photographs both in the market and near the canal and surrounding streets.

I really enjoyed myself, not only because I actually managed to understand my camera settings a bit more (AND use them properly!), to take some cool photos, but also because it was a GLORIOUS day full of sunshine which was a bonus.  I've put a selection of the photos I took under the cut to spare your f-list.

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It was a really interesting morning and I must take Mr Cee along to the market as there is so much to explore and I'd like to go again. It was a good tour and the company also do photography shoots at night which might be interesting if it comes up again on the Amazon vouchers.

In other news we have had a bit more interest in our house, and even some viewings, but nothing much else has happened.  I'm off to my stained glass class tomorrow morning and then a meeting in London for work in the afternoon (boo!).  On Wednesday Mr Cee and I are going to see the new Star Wars exhibit at Madam Tussauds.  I shall take my camera! :)
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The weekend was good.  We delayed taking Youngest Cee back to university until Sunday because he wasn't feeling very well with aching ears and a sinus headache on Saturday.

I'm glad we did as it meant the roads down to Portsmouth were very quiet and we got down there much faster than usual (less than two hours).  We unpacked everything he needs for the next few weeks of term and then went for a look around Portsmouth Gunwharf Quay which is full of discounted big brand outlets.  I was sucked into the Kipling bag store - honestly I don't know how I got in there!  Temptation was not resisted, and I came away with a bag I have coveted for ages at a much discounted price. :)

There were people absailing down the 170 metre Spinnaker Tower:

More pictures )

Today I am mostly scrubbing floors and taking cuttings of favourite plants in the garden.  Happy Monday!

Also - don't forget to register to vote....
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Yesterday's prompt was words - and that was very apt as Mr Cee and a couple of friends went to London to take part in the Christmas Carol: Dickens walk.

It was great fun and very enjoyable hearing about the history behind the story, Dickens' life and walking around the areas thought to be where Dickens got his inspiration from. We heard a lot about how he wrote - so very relevant to the prompt!

More with photos under here... )

Today's prompt is sky view and I'm cheating a bit by posting a photo from yesterday. We went up onto the viewing platform of a shopping mall near to St Pauls Cathedral to see the spectacular view:

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I missed the Boxing day prompt because of an unexpected friends popping in to visit in the morning and in the afternoon we were out seeing the third part of The Hobbit.

Hobbit musings.... )

Yesterday's prompt was grateful and I am grateful for friends and family!  It's been a very busy few days - we had a lovely Christmas day and I was very spoiled and recieved some lovely surprise presents.  I hope everyone had a good day whatever you celebrate.

Today's prompt is night time.  It's got so dark today at 2.15pm that I had to put the lights on to see what I was doing!  It's been raining quite a lot and this has not helped.  No snow though which was forecast (we are too far South).  This is the night time view of the Christmas cards we received this year (thank you to all who sent them!).  The candles are not real - they are electric candles which flicker very realistically and have fooled several guests this year!

2014-12-27 17.45.42

Mr Cee is off taking Eldest Cee home now - it has been lovely to see him for a week and we have been invited to visit with him on his birthday.  As I made an error and bought him a recipe book for making puddings and cakes using a mug in a microwave, and he hasn't actually got a microwave in his flat (ooops!) I think we know what we will be buying him in February!

Tomorrow we are off on "A Christmas Carol" London walk with friends which should be fun and most welcome as I feel a bit like a couch potato and need to burn off some calories!!
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Yesterday evening Mr Cee and I went up to London to take part in an open topped bus tour of the London Christmas lights.  It was an offer through Amazon Local, and as we haven't been up to London during the evening for a while we've not seen many of the usual festive displays.

We left at 5.30 as we needed to be right by the Tower of London to pick up the coach at 6.15.

More about the lights... )

Today's prompt from the Capturing December meme is tree topper and here is a picture of mine which is the same as last year.  I took the basic star shaped ornament which I got in the local 'pound' shop (for £1) and dressed it up a bit.  I'm pleased with it.

2014-12-20 15.09.45
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So as promised here are some photos of my days out this week, starting off with the Lego exhibition.

Lego, lego everywhere.... )

And yesterday was all about Charles Dickens and Victorian London (a bit of a contrast!)

Sights of London here... )

Finally, my happy thing #89 for today is my camera.  It's really good at coping with being dragged around on these outings. I am particularly impressed with how well it handled the low light at The Art of the Brick exhibition as we were not permitted to use flash photography.

I hope you enjoyed the photos - happy Friday all!


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