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Was exactly the same as usual! The only difference we noticed was that there was a helicopter that kept circling overhead, and we saw more police dinghys on the Thames. Other than that (despite some news outlets saying that we are all falling to pieces and there is fear on the streets....!), it was just as usual with loads of tourists getting in the way and everyone getting on with their usual business.

Mr Cee and I have been to an exhibition today all about DC Superheroes made of Lego. We really enjoyed it - it was put together by Nathan Sawaya, some of you may remember that we saw an exhibition of his before in 2014.

Photos of DC superheroes! )

It took us around an hour to look at everything and the exhibit finished in the shop (of course!), where we were rather annoyed at the mark up on the lego toys...

The exhibition was near the National Theatre on the South Bank, so we were blown across the river in the high winds (which were freezing today!) and decided to have lunch in Jamie's Italian near Covent Garden. Then we went to look in Forbidden Planet, but though the wonders of the internet (where we compared prices) we decided everything was far too expensive to buy in there too, so we came home and got in around 2pm. We have been chilling out the rest of the afternoon as we did a lot of walking.

I have belly dancing later - I think I'll be sleeping well tonight!

And on to the next question in the meme: 11: what's an inner joke you have with your friends? Does quoting movie dialogue count? Mr Cee and I were doing that all around the exhibition ;)
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Firstly, I'm very pleased Mr Cee worked at home today, although he would have got home as usual as the trains and underground were hardly affected today (only the nearest tube station to Westminster was closed), and Youngest Cee got home at the usual time too.

Yes, there's been an incident in London. Yes, it's suspected of being linked to terrorism. However, nothing is clear yet - and to be honest the whole thing seemed very poorly executed and ill-planned. Nothing like the other nasty terrorist incidents we've had in the past (and there have been many). I hate that a police officer died today. I hate that an innocent woman died today and that many others have been injured. But I'm not afraid to travel to London tomorrow and shall be in the centre of London visiting The Art of the Brick: DC Superheroes exhibition.

I love London.

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Yesterday evening I met up with [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni and [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain in London (not far from Trafalgar Square) and we attended an event about The Secret Journey of Doctor John Dee. Dee was born in 1527 and died over 80 years later having lived through several Kings and Queens of England. We were told the tale of his compilation of a book of angelic communications which he put together having worked with a self confessed spirit medium Edward Kelley (who may also have been a confidence trickster by all accounts as he also claimed to have a Philosophers Stone that could turn base metal to gold!). It was a fascinating story particularly when the book was lost and then rediscovered again - or at least parts of it were. There was also a folk singer who had written a couple of songs about Dee too.

The setting for this was LIBRARY which is a private members club and it was a really fascinating place. The decor was interesting with stained glass panels, gorgeous carved wood, lots and lots of bookshelves with books and interesting ceilings, floors and wall lights. We all coveted the rather odd chairs:
It was a good evening!

Today I have been to see a friend and we have caught up with many things and drunk far too much coffee.  To offset I have rather nice food to have this evening (and I have been bought chocolate which I have already eaten rather too much of) I walked to her house and back so I've managed to clock up four and a half miles which isn't too bad. This afternoon I have spend mostly cleaning and vacuuming up all the cat hair. Little furry beasts are shedding....

And it's been sunny today which always makes me feel full of energy!

Good things.
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Yesterday we went to Mayfair with some friends to take advantage of a two for one Groupon offer for a champagne afternoon tea at The Athenaeum Hotel. It was a very sunny, but cold day (my favourite!) and so we strolled along Piccadilly to the Hotel rather than taking the tube.

I rather liked the lighting in the restaurant which was interesting. We did speculate whether they had managed to break a few of the lampshades and then try and make it look like it was on purpose by only putting them on every other bulb ;)

More with photos )

Afterwards we cut through Green Park to get back to Charing Cross station along The Mall. There  were lots of production trailers for a film company parked up outside Lancaster House and Clarence House. Presumably they were going to be filming something in the area later that night. Certainly we saw a young lady ironing many white shirts through one of the windows...?!

We walked through Trafalgar Square and stopped off at the old Charing Cross hotel (now called the Amba Hotel, Charing Cross) to have a cocktail in there (I had a very delicious Kir Royale) before heading home on the train.

It was a fun afternoon!

Tomorrow Mr Cee has to travel to Milan for a couple of days. I'm hoping the fog that has meant lots of delays and cancellations at the London airports will have gone when he travels tomorrow lunch time!
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Not that I'm saying the current situation isn't something to worry about, but I can't change it.  All I can do is hope that there are still people in this world who will work for the benefit of others, who will stand against bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia and all the other negative things that decent people would not take part in.

A couple of thoughts.... )
In other news we have signed up for electricity generating solar panels to be installed at this house in a couple of weeks.  The price of the panels have significantly reduced since we had them installed at our last home (which we left behind).  However the money we will receive from the Government is also quite a bit less, but overall we should significantly cheaper electricity over the coming years as a result.  The amount we receive for the electricity we generate is index-linked too which means it goes up in line with inflation.

In other, other news I went to London yesterday to a Christmas fair and bought a few items for the festive season (mostly food!).  I was also able to meet my friend from my ex-employer for a quick lunch.  Her best friend is in the ICU having just been diagnosed with an aggresive form of leukaemia which was totally unexpected and within a week she was suddenly in a life threatening situation. Kind of put things in perspective for me.

Live each day the best way you can  - you just don't know how many you may have.


Nov. 6th, 2016 11:01 am
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The temperature has dropped significantly the last couple of days and we've had thick frost which has been a real contrast to the beginning of the week which was lovely and sunny.

I promised photos of my glass studio and below the cut these can be found...

Photos of the new hobby room )

I had a lovely birthday on Friday despite it being cold.  Mr Cee took the day off and we went up to London to have brunch at one of our favourite restaurants in Covent Garden before walking down to the British Museum to have a good look at all the exhibits. It's a long time since we've been there, and I enjoyed it.  We started off in the clocks and watches exhibition (photos and more under the cut)

Photos! )

In other news - the nasty ezcema on my hands has flared up again, and I wasn't near any plants yesterday!  I am therefore stumped as to what is causing it, but it woke me up at 1am this morning so I took some anti-histamine and smothered my hands in hydrating cream but it's really itchy. *sigh*

It's annoying as the tiles for the kitchen and the two bathroom sinks have arrived and I'd like to be getting on with putting them on the walls.  Instead I shall be forced to sit around and catch up with TV which I suppose is not a bad thing for a Sunday.
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Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain and I went up to the Barts Hospital pathology museum for the Odette Toilette Mummy Unwrapping event. We met up at Farringdon station and walked around to the museum in Barts Hospital, where we were greeted with a choice of either gin, dry sherry or madeira to drink (I had the sherry which was very nice). We then had around half an hour to look at the exhibits before the event started.

The museum is not for the squeamish as the specimens on view on the floor we were allowed to look at consist mostly of organs and bones with various nasty diseases. We were only allowed to view the specimens that were over 100 years old (for various legal reasons), so the diseases included such nasties as 'chimney sweeps lung' and syphilis (which truly does awful things to various parts of your body!). [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain and I loved it!

More about the evening....no icky photos )

After which we had a quick chat with all the participants and then set off to make our ways home. I got in at 9.30 which was less than an hour of travel (good old South Eastern trains). Lizzie Ostrom was quite heavily pregnant so I expect we shall not have an opportunity to attend one of her events for a little while, but I shall certainly look out for some more events next year as she does have some good ideas for ways to experience scent!

Today I have been putting up pictures and I have cleaned up the printer's tray and put it on the wall. I think it looks good and I do like the handle of the tray.

Youngest Cee says I need more colourful things on there - so I shall be on the lookout for more little items to display.
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It's quite overcast and humid but much cooler than it has been, so I am a lot happier.

Yesterday's belly dancing was great fun and I was told I was very brave to have a go at dancing in front of an audience (especially as I was dancing with our teacher) but I really enjoyed it and it was over in a flash.  The audience consisted of lots of mums with children which was fun as all the children joined in with the clapping when N was doing her exhibition dance on her own.  Sadly I have no photographs but that's OK. Happy thing for this year so far is 26 is performing! :)

Youngest Cee finished his five month contract yesterday and is quite sad about it.  However there are applications to be written and he's knuckling down to do that.  He wanted to take a cake in on Friday for his co-workers and so I made a very alcoholic Jamaican rum cake which apparently went down very well.  In fact hardly any came home with him so that was good.

This weekend we are clearing out more junk but it's actually getting quite manageable now.  The house is looking quite streamlined! Later I will be making bread which I always enjoy doing. So happy thing 27 is making bread :)

I've also booked an outing with [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain to attend a Victorian Mummy Unwrapping party in October which is something to look forward to!

Happy Saturday all!
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Yesterday Mr Cee and I went to London on an Art Deco walking tour.  It was chiefly along the Strand near Charing Cross and the Aldwych where both Mr Cee and I have worked in the past, and even so there were buildings we had never really looked at before so it was very interesting.  Under the cut an image heavy walk through:

Deco, deco, deco.... )

I hope this all works as for some reason the Visual Editor (usually so well behaved!) has been mucking me about in this post!

Also - this is happy thing number 23 for this year which is good!
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Yesterday Mr Cee and I went on a tour around the East End of London to look at street art.  It was really interesting and although some of the streets were familiar, there were some side roads and areas I hadn't ever been through before.  There were also teeny tiny artworks that I just hadn't seen before even though they were in plain sight such as these little frogs by Xylo which are all over the place to highlight the extinction threat to the Panamanian Golden Frog. Once you start to really look they keep popping up!

More arty photos... )

It was a really interesting tour lasting around three and a half hours. The guide told us that it would take around 8 hours just to cover the Banksy art - most of which is now covered by the people who own the buildings as they are waiting for the best time to sell them.  One London hotel currently under construction has a Banksy that will form part of the reception area - they have designed the whole building around the piece of wall the Banksy is on!

Today I have been putting my new found theory from my cheese making class to good use and I have finally been able to make mozzarella cheese which makes me very happy.  I've made some more butter too (so that class was worth going to!) and we also have freshly made foccacia bread which smells delicious and is cooling at the moment. Tonight's dinner will be yummy :)

Happy Sunday all :)


May. 29th, 2016 08:43 pm
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I completely forgot the meme yesterday and there is a certain irony in that as the question for yesterday was: Something you miss *g*

Sometimes I miss working as I liked having a bit more routine to my day, but then I come to my senses.... *chortles*

Today's question is number 25: Four weird traits you have

Under here... )

The reason I forgot the meme yesterday was that I travelled into London to attend a cheese making class.  It was really good fun and was held at Hackney City Farm which I've never visited before.  Here's a view of the farm courtyard.  There is a field with other animals in to the left and lots of chickens, ducks, donkeys, goats etc looked very happy there.  It's great that there is a little farm for people in the heart of London!

However, I was not there for that instead I learned all about how to make mozzarella, halloumi, mascapone and fresh butter.  It was really interesting and was run by Louise Talbot from Cutting the Curd who was an excellent teacher and gave us lots of information about the theory behind cheese making as well as lots of practical demonstration and we got to do some hands on stuff as well.  I was really impressed and enjoyed it.  I came home with samples of everything we made and one of her cheese making kits as it had some things in that I haven't got.  We also had delicious home made lemon drizzle cake with the fresh warm mascapone half way through the afternoon which was devine!!  A really fun experience and well worth booking if you're able to get to one of her workshops (they are held all over the country!).

Happy Sunday!
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Today's question is number 21: Your zodiac/horoscope and whether you think it fits you.

I am afraid I don't believe in zodiac signs or horoscopes as I don't believe the stars influence one twelfth of the population of the world. Also Mr Cee and I are the same sign and we couldn't be more different *g* If you do, I can accept that, but it's not for me (of course I'm a Scorpio, so I would say that.... )

In other news today I went up to London with a couple of friends to see an exhibition called Pre-Raphaelites on paper and consisted of many lovely drawings on paper created by artists from the Pre-Raphaelite era such as Edward Burne-Jones, John Everett Millais, William Holman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Poynter. It was held at the Leighton House Museum which is a wonderful place built by Lord Fredrick Leighton in 1865. The amazing house was built to suit an artist (Lord Leighton was a prolific artist and we saw some of his work too) and so it's full of light and wonderful interesting architecture.

The beautiful drawings were also lovely and we spent a couple of hours drooling over the pretty stuff. We weren't allowed to take photos but there is a very short video guide of the exhibition including a look at the house as some of the drawings under the cut.

Embedded short video )

It was a good day and we had a delicious lunch in a vegan restaurant (we even tried the 'cheesecake' which was disappointing really, but not unpleasant) before coming home. I like days like this :)
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Icon because it's Earth Day.

On Wednesday a friend and I went to the Geffreye Museum in Hackney - I went last September with some other friends, but I didn't get around to posting about it, so this post is to rectify that. This time the museum had an exhibition about servants from 1600 to 2000.

The museum is housed in an impressive building which used to be alms houses buillt after the death of Sir Robert Geffreye at his request. They were built to home people who were retiring from the Ironmongery business and were completed in 1714. The outside is still very impressive (photo on the left was taken in September, and photo on the right on Wednesday - the weather was quite different!):

More with photos under here... )

In other news:
- Belly dancing class last night was concentrating on different muscle groups - I'm feeling it today!
- It's Friday and so far 16 families have been to see our house and someone else is coming on Saturday - so that makes 17. Hey ho.
- It's a really miserable dull day so I might go and hide in the garage and cut some more stained glass for my lamp.
- I have no idea what to have for dinner tonight, but there will be wine...

Happy Friday all! :)
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I missed yesterday's 30 day challenge, and I'm annoyed with myself as I had time and somehow just forgot.

So yesterday should have been A photo of someone you fancy at the moment which should be Mr Cee, but I don't have any up to date photos of him.  I do have one which was taken about 7 years ago and I've shoved that under the cut (he's has a lot more grey in his hair and beard now!).

Himself! )

So that brings us to today Day 16: If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth? The obvious, I suppose - which is gather everyone I love around me and spend the day together hugging tight.

I'm sure there are people today in Bussels who feel like their world has ended today for which I am very sad.

In other news I spent today in Greenwich at an exhibition about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London at the National Maritime Museum.  It was extremely interesting and it was a lovely day for an outing as the sky was amazingly blue.  See?  This is the Cutty Sark tea clipper which is dry docked at Greenwich, but my camera phone really struggled with the bright sky.

Unfortunately there are no photos of the exhibition as photos were not permitted.  However, I learned a LOT about Samuel Pepys beyond the thing everyone knows (that he buried his Parmesan cheese and other valuables in the garden when the Great Fire started!).  I did not know he wrote his diary in a kind of shorthand, and that these were painstakingly transcribed by the Reverend John Smith who was unaware that the key to the shorthand was on the shelf above where the diaries were kept!  It was fascinating and well worth a visit.  We walked about 5 miles today, so I'm quite tired this evening!
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Today Mr Cee and I used up one of our last Amazon Local vouchers.  Amazon are no longer offering vouchers for things which is such as shame as I really enjoyed looking through them to find interesting things to do.  I've signed up to Groupon, but it's just not as easy to navigate.

However, I digress - today we went to a wine and cheese tasting event and learned lots of things!

More under here with photos... )

So my happy thing for today is wine tasting!  That would be number 16 for the year.

In other news I realised that I hadn't posted up a quick stained glass project I made for a friend.  It was a quick and easy cat and I think I shall definitely make more of these - they are just the right size to dangle from a driving mirror in a car!  A friend has an open garden event in May and has suggested I have a stall and sell a few things so this might be something I shall do. All dependent on house stuff of course.

Talking of house stuff - the family that came Tuesday weren't interested in the house.  The family that came at the weekend made an offer, but it was far too low (so annoying - if they can't afford near the asking price they shouldn't be looking at high priced houses!). We had put an offer on the bungalow we want, but have had to withdraw it again.  However, someone else is coming to view the house tomorrow.  A property developer who wants to buy to let.... not sure he'll want to pay full price either. So frustrating!!

We are going to watch some TV we recorded and not worry about it.

Happy Saturday! :)
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Firstly - thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to comment about my house details.  Mr Cee and I had a long discussion about it today and we have decided to paint the cupboards in the bedroom so they are a uniform colour (we had left over paint, so it didn't cost anything!) and this morning we went and bought some really bright and cheerful plants for the front of the house.  Mr Cee has spent this afternoon cleaning the driverway in the pouring rain!) so that looks a lot brighter, and I have been painting.

We have also decided to take some better photos of the house as we think the wide lens really made some of the rooms look odd and the garden looks a lot shorter than the 70 feet it actually is.   When we had the house on the market last year we had two different Estate Agents who photographed the house, so we shall look through those photos and base some of our new photography on some of those better shots.  We've also got some suggestions for rewording the information on the site, as your comments highlighted some of the confusing way the agents had worded that and at the same time we'll add some information about the solar panels to make those more appealing.

All in all - I'm really glad for the input and so my happy thing number 9 for this year is the Internet because without that I wouldn't have been able to reach across to so many people and get some valuable opinons.

In other news, yesterday was [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday and I had a nice outing with [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain which I've written about and will reproduce here under a cut for those who are not part of that community.

Read more... )

Happy Saturday all!
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Good grief [livejournal.com profile] buffyversetop5 is open for business and therefore my friends feed has exploded and having finally got around to 'properly' checking in, I found myself spending far longer than usual going through posts.  I hope I haven't missed anything although I didn't really have time to write many comments!

Anyway - this post is by way of a brief catch up with photos of last Friday which was our 33rd wedding anniversary (I know!!). I can't believe we are still together after all this time - it's pretty amazing as we've seen many of our friends' marriages break up along the way.  Fortunately I think we still have so much in common that we still get on incredibly well.  So to celebrate our anniversary Mr Cee took the day off and we took a trip up to London.

Our first stop after a lovely brunch on the banks of the River Thames was the Museum of London which I have visited before for a couple of exhibitions, but never really had a good look around.

On the way we had a lovely view of St Paul's cathedral as we walked around the back streets:

The Museum of London is really interesting and has displays from the prehistoric ages (sabre tooth tigers used to roam near to where I live!!) right up to the modern day.  No photos were allowed unfortunately.  Then we went on to the Bank of England museum which was fascinating.  Again, no photos were permitted, but we got to look at the evolution of the bank note and coins and even got to try and lift up a bar of gold which at 28lbs in weight was a real struggle - so much for all those films where people are loading up bars into rucksacks and walking around.... ;)

We then made our way to Tower 42 which for those who know London used to be called the NatWest Tower after the bank who built it.  There's a viewing platform at the top which has been turned into a champagne bar and we had booked afternoon tea.

Some photos of the view )

It was a really nice day and we walked MILES! Which meant I didn't feel guilty about eating cream cakes.
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Yesterday I went on a photography workshop care of a nice cheap voucher from Amazon Local.  Instead of paying £125 for the three hour workshop I only paid £25 - which was a very nice discount!

I have a good quality Canon DSLR camera, but rarely take it off 'auto' for everything and this was an opportunity to have a bit of tuition in small group.  There were only four of us in the group - two older gentlemen who had done quite a bit of photography, a young American boy around 17 (his mom came along with us) - he also knew what he was doing, and me (novice!).  We all met up at 10am in Camden Town which is a busy part of London during the weekend as we were heading for the very extensive Camden Lock market to look around and take photographs both in the market and near the canal and surrounding streets.

I really enjoyed myself, not only because I actually managed to understand my camera settings a bit more (AND use them properly!), to take some cool photos, but also because it was a GLORIOUS day full of sunshine which was a bonus.  I've put a selection of the photos I took under the cut to spare your f-list.

Read more... )

It was a really interesting morning and I must take Mr Cee along to the market as there is so much to explore and I'd like to go again. It was a good tour and the company also do photography shoots at night which might be interesting if it comes up again on the Amazon vouchers.

In other news we have had a bit more interest in our house, and even some viewings, but nothing much else has happened.  I'm off to my stained glass class tomorrow morning and then a meeting in London for work in the afternoon (boo!).  On Wednesday Mr Cee and I are going to see the new Star Wars exhibit at Madam Tussauds.  I shall take my camera! :)
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We've just got back from a most delicious afternoon tea at the Criterion restaurant in London followed by a trip to the cinema.

Mr Cee works nearby, so instead of taking the day off, he met us at the restaurant.  We had yummy things:

Sandwiches and scones (goat cheese with mascapone or plain with clotted cream and jam) and lots of pretty cakes, and pannecotta. I had the same tea I had last time we went in January (with the same friends) which was Long Jing Dragon Well tea. I must get hold of some as it's really refreshing.

Afterwards we went to see the Ben Stiller film While We Were Young which was OK.  It was billed as a comedy, but I would say it just missed the boat there - although there were some laugh out loud moments - it wasn't what I would call a comedy film.  It was nice to see Charles Grodin again though (who had some of the best lines).

It was really hot and humid in London, and we had a good journey home as we walked down to Charing Cross station and literally walked straight onto a train home, so a nice short journey back too.

A good day!
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Cooker delivery #3 happened last Thursday.  For those keeping up - the deliveries have been #1 wrong cooker #2 cooker with non-functioning grill.  So this time the cooker was right, but on further inspection when Mr Cee arrived home the cooker had a large scratch in the ceramic hob and a huge dent in the back of it.  To say Mr Cee was unhappy is an understatement, and 1 very long and rather terse conversation later, it was agreed that there would be one more delivery before we gave up and looked elsewhere.

Cooker delivery #4 happened Saturday.  Not only did they deliver the cooker, they unpacked it, wired it up and installed it in place.  I wonder if somewhere along the line the fact we were not happy filtered down?  All that should have cost us a rather large additional charge, but it didn't.  So far it's working fine (HURRAH!! \0/)

Moderation work is going well, but badly for the colleges I've visited so far.  At the first visit this week I found out that the college has delivered the wrong unit and therefore the poor students are going to have to redo the whole unit with the correct specification *headdesk*. On visit two the next college has set the assessment for a unit which is far too difficult and vague and so all the learners have failed.  More work for the poor students again!  I have another college to visit this week - I'm hoping it goes better that the last two!

On Sunday Mr Cee and I went on a brewery tour in Hackney in London.  There wasn't much to photograph so there didn't seem much point, but it is a small 'craft' brewery and we heard all about how they brew the beer, the science behind it and a little bit about the history of beer in the UK, and the difference between keg and cask beers.  Then we got to taste some of their brews which was rather nice. They were all rather high in alcohol so the tour group had a good afternoon and we met lots of nice people.  The only downside is that there is so much engineering work going on in the London area that travelling up to London by train can be a bit of a roundabout route at the weekend.  It was good though. :)

My Fitbit continues to encourage me to walk further to try and reach my 10,000 steps a day.  I tend to to get there around 3 times a week so that's not bad and I've earned quite a few achievement 'badges' because of it so it keeps me moving.  It's fun!

Later in the week I'm going to London with a friend to have an afternoon tea (we're becoming afficionados!) and then go to a talk about 'how to be idle' in Soho which should be interesting!  Today though I shall be making some cheese and fresh bread.

Happy Monday all!


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