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Day 31 → best moment of the month
Tricky one as December was fairly busy, but I suppose the best moments are always with family and friends. I had quite a few friends come and visit during December and the end was highlighted with lots of family around so those are always the best times for me.

I enjoyed the December meme - it had some good questions to think about.  I usually do the 'round up' meme for the end of the year which I've put under a cut as it's 40 questions and it's really just for me.
So that was 2016 )
I like that meme - it makes you think back and look at the whole year which is interesting. 2016 seems to have gone really quickly.  I'm not sure I'm looking forward to some things in 2017, but let's just hope that there are enough people willing to challenge those in power to keep us safe.

Oh and FYI - I shall be clinging to Lj for as long as it's here, but I will back up to my Dreamwidth account when I get the chance this weekend just to have it backed up. I personally doubt the migration to the Russian servers will make any difference to me and I do love my permanent account here.
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[livejournal.com profile] writerconuk is merely a hop and a skip away and there are 19 people coming for the 10th anniversary Event (see?).  There's still time to sign up if you want to come to Coventry and meet everyone.  It's small and friendly and fun - I'd recommend it! Plus there are cocktails and a banquet and dressing up (sorry, cosplay) if you feel like it, and also laughter and good times with fandom peeps.

In other news - we have been at our new home for over a week now, and it's been quite a slog getting everything sorted out and we are still missing wardrobes (so my bedroom is a bit of a mess!) but we are feeling very much at home now.  Mr Cee had today off and spent most of it putting shelves in cupboards and hooks on doors and as a result LOADS of things are now tidy.  On a positive note, I have been racking up the steps on my Fitbit by walking miles around the house!!

The chap who going to install a catflap in one of the glass doors of our bifold doors is coming this evening to measure up. Hopefully making the new pane of glass with a hole in it won't take too long as we've decided to wait until they have a catflap before we let them out for the first time. They aren't interested in 'outside' at the moment and are not rushing to the doors when we open them (which makes life easy), so a week or so more will get them ready to venture into their new territory.

Tippi is clearly not wanting to go out anytime soon!

Later there will be homemade pasta bake, garlic bread and wine! Happy Friday all! :)
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The bungalow is looking far more organised than it was, but we have a way to go yet.  The main issues are that the place has never been lived in, so it's missing some of the things you would automatically have added if you lived here.  For example - no doorbell, no number outside; no toilet roll holders; no hooks on the back of doors in the bedrooms or the bathroom to hang your dressing gown on; no towel rails.  There are useful cupboards, but they don't have shelving or hooks to help store items efficiently and there are no built in wardrobes in our bedroom.

Most of these things are slowly being rectified, and we are looking at ways to maximise storage as we go along.  For example the fourth bedroom which we are going to use as a study has a little bit of wasted space behind the door (a small alcove) and we have bought some DVD shelving from Ikea to fill the gap and use the space more effectively.  It's frustrating to have nowhere to put things until we've sorted out shelves etc. I didn't realise how much we had at our previous house!

We have a Ring doorbell which we bought a while ago and finally get to use.  It's brilliant!  It alerts us to movement at the front of the house and means we can talk to visitors when the ring the bell if we are in the back of the house (or even out and about).

Over the weekend we ordered my all weather workshop which will be installed in the garden. This will be a hobby/glass studio and I'm really looking forward to setting it up, but I have to wait until around November as they are very popular *sadface*.

The cats are happily exploring the whole house now and seem well settled.  We have been advised to keep them in for two weeks as we have only moved around a mile from our previous house.  Apparently they may well find their way back there if we let them out too soon as they will be able to follow their scent markers in the old garden.  I am already fed up with clearing out the litter trays, however we still don't have a cat flap (one is going to be installed in one of the bifold doors), so it will be better to wait until that is available.

I did promise photos, but we aren't really ready for that yet - but here's a photo of my current view this morning out of the bifold doors across the deck to the back garden.  I love the horse chestnut tree at the bottom of the garden, and I think it's an ash tree to the right of it.  We aren't supposed to walk on the grass for a couple of weeks, so I've not really spent much time identifying plants yet.  The sun moves around the house and we have full sun in the back of the house in the afternoons.
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We are knackered, but it's been worth it!  The Big Yellow Storage depot room is packed to the ceiling and right up to the door and we've sorted out the last bits around the house.  Mr Cee has been filling in holes in the walls as I've been taking down all the pictures (we have so many!) and I've been cleaning stuff as we've been sorting through it all.

Our buyers came over at the weekend and dropped a couple of fragile things off for safe keeping. They brought us a bottle of champagne and a card which was lovely!  We'll be leaving them a similar bottle of champers and an information folder about the house and the area (e.g. where the vet is for their kitties etc) as they are moving from another Borough.

Today the fish in their tank have been taken around to my neighbour so that they can be out of the way for the next few days.  We were supposed to be taking the cats to the cattery this morning, but we only managed to take Tippi and Tiger and the other two disappeared (of course!). We need to catch the others and take them there this evening because the movers are coming to pack tomorrow.  They are little tinkers!  The cattery is very nice though - they have runs with outside space and inside areas to hide, and all the cats look like they are having a good time there.  We left Tiger sitting in the sunshine and Tippi was hiding in her cat basket and wouldn't come out.  Hopefully she will be OK once her sister is there with her.

This evening we are going to a neighbour's 60th birthday party which should be fun and I probably won't be around much over the next two days as it's going to be busy (hence disabling comments)!

Take care people and see you on the flipside.... ;)
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It's all going suspiciously well so far....

  • We've been making a groove in the road between our house and the Big Yellow Storage depot.  We think we'll have everything we want to store temporarily in there by Saturday. There are definitely things that will be weeded out once we start to bring it to the new house as some things have just been shoved down there as we didn't want to make a decision about what to do with them ;)

  • We have the keys to the new house so that we could supervise the drain people who arrived on Tuesday.  They dug up the driveway, replaced the section of drain that needed doing, uncovered a bit of a mystery about where some of the water came from which has since been solved and then replaced everything so well you wouldn't have known they had been!  It took 3 days start to finish which is impressive.

  • Today a chap from the landscape company has been clearing weeds in preparation for lawn laying at the new house at the weekend. We had a chat with him and although just a young lad, he's very knowledgeable about the plants (and weeds!) and agreed with us that the deck should not have weeds sprouting up between the boards. Looks like the builders laid the deck, but didn't lay a weed supressing membrane underneath.  He had some suggestions about how to deal with them in the short term, and also agreed with us that the deck is very boring (it's a dull rectangle, which I wouldn't have done, but can be changed later).

In non-moving related news Youngest Cee has an interview next week at a very well known UK consumer magazine for a researcher/writer role he's interested in and has several applications in for other jobs.

Last night we went to see Star Trek: Beyond before it disappeared from our local cinema.  As it was the end of the run there were only 8 of us in the cinema which was nice.  We enjoyed the film, but I am getting tired of fight scenes being filmed with a camera which zooms around all over the place at the same time.  Quite nauseating, and you miss all the fight choreography!  It was also sad to see Anton Yelchin, and I liked the tribute to Leonard Nimoy :(

Off to belly dancing tonight to relax.  On Saturday a group of us went out for dinner which was great fun, they are a nice group of ladies and I enjoyed it.  Apparently as I know the routine we are to perform in London I am going to be leading the few ladies who are willing to do it as we are going to be without our teacher on stage.  Could be fun ;)

I am reading my f-list, but apologies if I don't always comment - if I'm not packing something, taking something to storage or sorting out something I'm probably cleaning something at the moment.....! 
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I've been sorting out a different drawer and found more photos of my grandmother and one of her with her parents.  Under the cut for those who like old photos.

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Mr Cee is working at home today so we've started taking some of the stuff we haven't had a chance to really sort through but don't have room at the new house for to our local Big Yellow Storage depot.  The drain company has arrived to dig up the driveway of the new house, so we have keys and had a good old look around this morning and a quick sort through of the post.  There are still a few things left there by the builders, but the vendor is coming over from Spain on Thursday so hopefully she'll get that sorted out before we complete the sale next week.

It's all moving along :)
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This is really for me, so don't feel oblidged to comment ;)

We have 9 days until we move and so far we have organised:

  • A Removal company to pack up things for us the day before and move us on the day.

  • Cattery (VERY important): they will go there the day before the movers come to pack and will be back with us the day after we've moved in.  Anyone have any tips about helping them to settle in?  We'll be keeping them in the house for at least a week before they are allowed outside and I have Felliway plugs at the ready to calm them down.

  • Mr Cee has booked time off work

  • The drain company is going to start work tomorrow at the new house.  The lawn will be laid a day or two before we move in.

  • From tomorrow we have storage organised to take all the stuff we will have to find somewhere for to be kept temporarily

  • The mail redirect is in place for a year to make sure we don't forget anything.

  • Council Tax address change has been set up, as well as Water, Gas and Electricity.

  • TV Licence helpfully has a moving option online.

One small irritation is that I can't move the milk delivery from the milkman as their system still shows an open account at the new house.  I did explain that the house has been empty for 17 months and maybe longer, but apparently they don't close accounts automatically.  Seems a daft system to me as they sure must have loads of empty accounts where no-one is there anymore.  It's supposed to be fix-able, but it's annoying and I have to chase it again later this week.

Yesterday we packed up my veg trug and the bulbs that were in there are drying ready to be packed up and replanted at the new house.  I've repotted all the pots I'm taking with me so they won't need much doing to them for a while other than watering.  Today I spent most of the morning packing up my glass and glass making equipment which made me sad as I miss being creative.

We're getting there!

Right - I'm off to clean the kitchen windows as they are filthy and I might as well clean the ceiling fans while I'm standing on a chair....
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Recording this for me really as I still can't quite believe it.  No, we STILL haven't exchanged contracts:

  • firstly there was an issue with the contract we are exchanging with our purchase which should be sorted out tomorrow.

  • today we found out that the BFTs had 'forgotten' to let their mortgage company know that the deposit they are putting forward for their purchase is being supplied by parents.  Here in the UK if a substantial amount of money is being 'gifted' in this way the person who is gifting it must not die within a 7 year period.  If they do there is a requirement to pay inheritance tax on the money.  The other issue is that the 'gift' means the parents have a share in the sale and they will have to formally relinquish that.

​You couldn't make this stuff up!!

Apparently it'll all be OK in the next couple of days.


I'm not convinced....

In other news Youngest Cee is starting to think he will never be able to work in the sector he's keen on in a full time capacity (there just aren't the permanent jobs out there).  He's now looking at the possibility of becoming a solicitor which is something you can do with a history degree over here (who knew?).  Can't say I'm disappointed, as I'm hoping he's got a better chance of getting full time employment in that sector. Does anyone know about this route?
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This morning I went down to my local town and took part in the short belly dancing class my teacher runs at a local gym.  It was good fun and as I walked the 2 and a half miles down and then danced for 45 minutes I burned ALL THE CALORIES *g*

I am bored today - there are still things to sort out but until we have firm dates for everything I have no incentive.  I'd like to be making some stained glass stuff, but I need to pack it all away soon, so it's off limits and I've not made anything since June *twitches*

So [livejournal.com profile] debris4spike has a good meme thing I thought I'd do to pass the time..... under the cut for those not interested.....

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Right - this isn't getting dinner started so I must away!
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My kitties under the cut.....

Photos! )
Moving news... there is no news.  The exchange of contracts has not happened yet because there is a clause about the laying of the lawn between exchange and completion which our vendor has not confirmed with her solicitor.  It's a communication problem as she's in Spain and hopefully will be resolved in the next couple of days. Also - there's some good news with all the changing of the prices for the move as some of the taxes have lowered as a result which means our overall bill will be lower \0/

I have no motivation to do anything though because until we have exchanged and have a date to move there's not much else to do at the moment.  So I've been putting together the quiz for [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk and looking longingly at stuff for my dollshouse which I'm all motivated to get on with, but I can't (boo!).  I did sort of accidentally buy the matching basement, and a couple of bits of furniture in a sale.... ooops.

Mr Cee has sold a load of stuff on eBay including his old motorbike which is cool and I have folding money to pay in to the family savings account tomorrow.

All good!
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I have decided when you have a house moving chain, even as short as ours which only has four families, it's the additional people involved that start to complicate things.

We have four families involved and three properties, but we also have four different solicitors dealing with the various sales and purchases, then there are three different Estate Agents on top of that. Add to that the mortgage providers (there are only two of those!) then the builders who are still sorting things out with the property we are buying, and the fact that one of the people involved (our vendor) is currently living in Spain, it all gets very complicated.

Tedious update.... )
Youngest Cee got back from Wiltshire yesterday having been for a job interview. They offered him the job, but the salary was very low and he decided to turn it down as the location is nearly 4 and a half hours away by car which would mean he would be cut off from friends and family for the 15 month contract and would have to relocate temporarily. He had to travel there the day before and leave the day after as it's a really awkward place to get to. It's a shame, but I think he's made the right decision.

Wednesday we went to see Jason Bourne. No spoilers - it was a Jason Bourne film and therefore good fun. A few plot holes when you compare to the previous trilogy (where was Pam?). We watched all four Bourne films beforehand and it was a good follow on nonetheless.

In other news today Mr Cee had to take an International call at midnight until 2am last night (the irritation of working for an International company!), so has worked at home today. However it meant my sleep was disturbed when he came back to bed, and then there was a helicopter flying overhead for some time around 3am, and at 3.30 I gave up and came downstairs to snooze on the sofa. Of course immediately I was sat on by two very happy, purry cats who couldn't believe their luck and nodded off in a very uncomfortable position which I am feeling today!!

To keep myself busy I have made hummus from scratch and the dough for fresh pitta bread is just proving. That and some Greek olives and feta and some salad will be dinner tonight. Will there be wine? I think so...!!
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I've found another photograph of my Grandmother at around age 15 or 16 (I seem to remember being told!)  I know that this is just after she had her long hair cut, so that would be around 1915/1916 I should think.  It's so frustrating as I have no-one to ask what the occasion was that she was being formally photographed for - sometimes it doesn't help to have such a very small family tree (my Dad was an only child and his father died when he was only 6 and there are no relatives left on that side of the family).

Keep your fingers crossed for us - it looks like we should be signing contracts for the sale at the end of this week/beginning of next week.  It will then be a couple of weeks before we move in, so it should be the before the end of August.

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The trouble with sorting through things is that I keep getting distracted when I find stuff I had forgotten I had!  Today I have been sorting through my dolls house stuff.  I started to make and decorate a 1/12th scale dolls house years ago, and never really finished it.  I have lots of things to help me finish it, but somehow life kept getting in the way.
Photo )
I have decorated all the outside and assembled the whole structure, wired it for lighting and decorated one room but that's when I stopped working on it.  So today I have been packing away some of the furniture, dolls, wallpaper, carpeting and other fun things I came across on the internet (which is marvelous as you can print out stuff like reproductions of 'old masters' for framing or packets you cut out and assemble for stocking the kitchen shelves).  I am determined that it will move with us and I get it finished.  It will be in the late Victorian/early Edwardian style I think, and I may even buy a basement to add to the building.  I'm looking forward to it.

One person who actually lived through that era was my grandmother who was born on 1st February 1900.  I found a photo of her amongst the bits and pieces I was sorting through today. Amazing to think the photo is 116 years old!  It was very faded but thank goodness for photoshop!  Ruby lived until she was 90 years old.
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It's quite overcast and humid but much cooler than it has been, so I am a lot happier.

Yesterday's belly dancing was great fun and I was told I was very brave to have a go at dancing in front of an audience (especially as I was dancing with our teacher) but I really enjoyed it and it was over in a flash.  The audience consisted of lots of mums with children which was fun as all the children joined in with the clapping when N was doing her exhibition dance on her own.  Sadly I have no photographs but that's OK. Happy thing for this year so far is 26 is performing! :)

Youngest Cee finished his five month contract yesterday and is quite sad about it.  However there are applications to be written and he's knuckling down to do that.  He wanted to take a cake in on Friday for his co-workers and so I made a very alcoholic Jamaican rum cake which apparently went down very well.  In fact hardly any came home with him so that was good.

This weekend we are clearing out more junk but it's actually getting quite manageable now.  The house is looking quite streamlined! Later I will be making bread which I always enjoy doing. So happy thing 27 is making bread :)

I've also booked an outing with [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain to attend a Victorian Mummy Unwrapping party in October which is something to look forward to!

Happy Saturday all!
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Firstly the PHEW!:

The Bastard First Timers(TM) have accepted the full £15,000 drop in price (they held out for it!).  It's been a bit of a long winded affair which is explained under the cut (mostly for me).

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The next stage is that the people who have applied for mortgages (the BFTs and our buyers) have to just get the go-ahead from their mortgate providers regarding their mortgage offers.  This shouldn't be a problem as it will be lower than they have already been granted, so with any luck we should all be signing and exchanging contracts early next week.  We really want to lock these BFTs into the sale so they can't wiggle out of it, but fortunately our solicitor is aware of all this and as she only lives in the next road to us she's going to drop the paperwork in to us as soon as it needs signing so things can move as quickly as possible!

Secondly the EEEK!:

My belly dancing teacher asked me over the weekend if I wanted to perform the dance we have been putting together in our class to a group of mums at a local community centre.  Those who know me in RL will know I'm not exactly a retiring 'flower' so after thinking about if I knew the dance well enough I agreed.  I went to the additional belly dancing class I've been doing on Tuesday and afterwards went back to my teacher N's house to have a quick run through which was fine.  She's organised a pretty costume for me to wear which I'll pick up at our longer class tonight ready for tomorrow.

Mr Cee has tomorrow off because we have to go and take our Smart car for it's annual service and we'll go and mooch around Ikea in the morning and have a big cooked breakfast (yum!!), then he'll drop me at the community centre and hopefully I won't forget all the steps as there will be three of us performing the same dance, so mistakes will show!

I must be mad! LOL!
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One of my hibiscus plants is flowering this year having been bought as a teeny tiny pot plant a couple of years ago.  It's very pretty - Hibiscus Lavender Chiffon:

I have two other plants which are not as happy as this variety.  One is blue and the other one is pink.

Our buyers have given the BFTs until close of today to decide whether they are taking the additional reduction in price/blackmail payment.  So tonight we will know whether the sale is all going ahead or not.  I'm trying not to think about it.
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I've pinched this meme from [livejournal.com profile] gillo.  It's a bit biased towards the US, but it has some interesting questions.

At age 11 I took the 11+ test which was an IQ/comprehension test really, and I passed it which meant I could go to a grammar school rather than a more general comprehensive school.  My parents were delighted, so we went round and looked at all the schools and despite my mother wanting me to go to a very prestigious school as I passed that entry exam, I decided on one that I wouldn't have to take two buses to get to.

Back in those days the last year of school was called the Upper 6th Form. You had the option to leave at 16 after the O Level (Ordinary Level) qualifications, and if you decided to stay on you took the A Level exam qualifications (Advanced Level).  I started off studying for 4 A Levels - English, Biology, History and Art.  I dropped History even though I loved it after the first year - were were studying Renaissance and Reformation which was all about the Renaissance painters and sculptors and the Reformation of the Church from Martin Luther.  I just couldn't remember the dates and I didn't do very well in the exams after studying for one year and I really didn't think there was much point trying to carry on for another year.  My selection of subjects was pretty hopeless really and I don't know why I chose them! LOL!

Now it's called Year 13 and you have to stay in education (either at a school/college or home school) until the end of that year and don't have the option to leave at 16.

Read more... )

That was fun!

Nothing further about the house move, although there were loads of phone calls yesterday morning.  Nothing has been resolved yet *crossing everything still*
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I have no idea what day it is as Mr Cee has been home all week (he's much better now so he's working from home) and with the hot weather and the difficulty sleeping and the aggravation of the house issues it's all been rather a turbulent time.  At least we finally had a spinkle of rain this morning and it's cooled down to a much more acceptable 24C/75F after our mini heatwave.

Youngest Cee is home today as well as he has 1 day of annual leave to take before his current contract ends next week.  I think he's enjoyed working at the archive and is not looking forward to job hunting again - but at least he has 5 months worth of work he can add to his CV.  He has one job interview lined up in Wiltshire (quite a long way so he'll have to stay overnight to attend it), and he's completing applications for more things today.

House move is still ongoing....

Recording the situation for me really.... feels free to skip )

To distract myself I am making goats cheese and bread.  There will definitely be wine tonight.

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It's really hot over here in the South East corner of the London suburbs!  My back garden outdoor weather station thermometer is currently reading 35C/95F.   Considering last week didn't get much above 20C/68F this is quite a contrast.

Mr Cee has stayed at home as he is still feeling unwell and coughing up a lung every now and again.  I'm glad he has been here as we have had several phone calls this morning and at least we could discuss what to do straight away.  Under the cut as it's really for me to record what happened and tedious for others...

A morning of 'downs'.... )
However, this afternoon there was an UP moment as I received a parcel through the post from [livejournal.com profile] frances_lievens containing Belgium chocolate!  We 'met' through Lj, but she's not often on this site anymore and we tend to communicate through Twitter where I was bemoaning the likelihood of chocolate prices increasing in the UK (you've guessed it) because of Brexit.  She very kindly sent me a selection of yummy chocolate which was EXTREMELY welcome today and has cheered me up no end.  So happy thing number 25 is the generosity of online friends :)

Also I promised some photos of my air plants to [livejournal.com profile] christopher575 as several of them are flowering, so one more cut for some photos!

Air plant flowers )
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I haven't updated for a few days this is mostly because:

  • Sorting out stuff is still an ongoing project.  However, it's is very satisfying and I have found some things I didn't know I still had!  I have also been using Momox.co.uk to sell old Playstation games and the boys old school and university text books.  It's surprising what some of the things go for - sometimes they only offer 12p for a game, and for other games they offer over £10.  The same for the books - it's all very strange, but at least we are making some money back for all the hundreds of pounds we spent on buying these things over the last ten years.

  • Mr Cee has a horrible cold, which means he is coughing and sneezing.  He's sneezing even more than when he has bad hay fever, which he has had over the last few days as the pollen count has been ridiculously high.  Poor baby!  I don't think he will be going to work on Monday.

  • We have been putting some items on eBay - bunk bed frames, Jackie Chan Adventures collectables, my grandma's old Singer sewing machine from the 1970s (weight a TON, but still works fine).  These are all happily being bid on.  I have some more Horrible Histories magazines to put on there.  Say one thing for my boys, they really took care of their stuff which is great. Happy thing 24 for this year is eBay!

  • It's been hot (relatively for the UK at around 27C) and is very humid - I hate high humidity.  Apparently we are set for even more humidity for the next week with thunder storms and we are likely to have temperatures up into the 30s.

  • Youngest Cee is applying for lots of contracts - there's an internship he is absolutely right for, and I really hope he gets as far as an interview.  Trouble is, he's up against a lot of new graduates now..... :(

So that's about it for me.  I must admit I am getting a bit stir crazy occasionally...


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