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Digging this one out again as it's a good set of prompts and the last time I did it was AGES ago!!

Book of Days

Outside my window: It's dark now, but we've actually seen some sunshine today which was very welcome after 4 very dull, dark days. I had to get my sunglasses out driving back from my glass class today!
My thoughts... I'm a bit bored at the moment to be honest. Mostly because what I want to do involves being outside in the garden and it's too cold/rainy at the moment.
More under here )
In other news - I know it's not very popular but I've rewatched all three of the latest Sherlock series and I rather enjoyed it. The last one included nods to the stories again and I do think that's clever. There were a few small things that annoyed me, and I think the best episode was the second one, but as a possible series end it was OK. I have a feeling we may not have any more Sherlock as BC and MF are so busy now, but it's been a good update/adaptation of the characters and overall I've enjoyed all the episodes we've had over the past 7 years even if some of them had to be watched more than once to unravel them.
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For me reading is always a pleasure.  I am not very good at keeping a list of what I read, however and the last time I did the 'What am I reading Wednesday' was here on 28th September last year!  However, as I managed to read over 50 books last year I might as well start afresh with a new list for this year.

Under the cut 2017 reading so far.. )

What I'm reading now:
The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking the CEO of The Happiness Resarch Institute in Copenhagen. Describing a very similar way of life to the one we experienced when we lived in Norway (where they have candles everywhere too) where Hygge is embraced with the word "utepils" which means sitting outside in the sun with a beer.  Usually topless if our experience is anything to go by!  It's fun, but if you followed all the recipes in the book you might end up rather fat! I am enjoying reading about the Danish designers though.

I'm also reading
The Queen's Conjuror: The Life and Magic of Dr. Dee: The Science and Magic of Dr.Dee (Science and Magic of Dr Dee) by Benjamin Wooley.  This is mostly because I've never really read much about him and I'm going to a lecture with [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain and [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni, so I thought I'd read a bit of background :)

What am I reading next?
I have Agatha Christie on Screen by Mark Aldridge to read through, but it's more of a reference book, so I might not read it all in one go (it uses a teeny tiny type face too and as it's a proper book, I can't make it bigger!).  I also have Purfume A Century of Scents by Lizzie Ostrom whose scent workshops I've been to a few times. Looking forward to that.

In other news - Youngest Cee stayed home from work today as he couldn't breathe last night so he didn't sleep well with the heavy cold he has. As he's not been in his job for long he doesn't get full pay for sick days so his manager has suggested he should work at home tomorrow if he still doesn't feel well so that he gets paid a full day. It's nice they are looking after him.

Positive things for this post - reading and considerate employers. 
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How did that happen? It's been a busy weekend which disappeared in a flash, not that I did much other than household chores.

There is a London tube strike so Mr Cee and Youngest Cee are working from home.  It's nice to have them here, especially as Youngest Cee has a dreadful cold/sore throat which came out over the weekend and I'm not sure he would have made it through a full day in the office anyway. It's a pretty dismal day as well so at least they have avoided the rain.

I saw this meme on [livejournal.com profile] theapink's journal, so I'm jumping in... (under the cut for 25 quick questions)

Meme-age )

Positive things!
- Lemon poppy seed muffins are delicious and easy to make
- I subscribed to Gardeners World Magazine to help me with....
- planning a new garden. I have some shrubs arriving soon which were at a ridiculous price online as a 'collection' and I had a voucher so I bought 12 shrubs for less than a pound each.
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Day 31 → best moment of the month
Tricky one as December was fairly busy, but I suppose the best moments are always with family and friends. I had quite a few friends come and visit during December and the end was highlighted with lots of family around so those are always the best times for me.

I enjoyed the December meme - it had some good questions to think about.  I usually do the 'round up' meme for the end of the year which I've put under a cut as it's 40 questions and it's really just for me.
So that was 2016 )
I like that meme - it makes you think back and look at the whole year which is interesting. 2016 seems to have gone really quickly.  I'm not sure I'm looking forward to some things in 2017, but let's just hope that there are enough people willing to challenge those in power to keep us safe.

Oh and FYI - I shall be clinging to Lj for as long as it's here, but I will back up to my Dreamwidth account when I get the chance this weekend just to have it backed up. I personally doubt the migration to the Russian servers will make any difference to me and I do love my permanent account here.
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Day 30 → a list of what you got for your winter holiday

My winter holiday is Christmas and I was very spoiled.  Highlights included a new garden bench from Youngest Cee and books from Eldest Cee. Mr Cee gave me more books (loves!) and a new egg for my mineral egg collection. Along with all this I was spoiled with edible gifts and I have rather a lot of chocolate to ration across several months if I'm ever to lose any more weight ;)

My best gift was having the family here though.  Mr Cee is taking Eldest Cee home as I write this.  EC had a rotten week but he is definitely on the mend and has another week off before he needs to go back to work so he wanted to be at home for that. It has been lovely to have him here and I must admit I felt quite sad that he was going back home just after they left :(

I am spending today mostly cleaning and taking down most of the Christmas decorations to take my mind off the fact that there is thick fog on the motorway Mr Cee is travelling on and I worry. I'm not sure I'll even leave the tree until 12th night this year as despite being well watered it's shedding needles now. I am very proud of the cats though - they have left it alone all this time and that's a relief!

A belated thank you to everyone who sent cards to us this year!  I have strung them across the wall and they look fabulous!
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Day 29 → talk about things you are excited for next year

I'm excited that I shall be performing in two belly dance shows - one in March and one in October and we may also be invited back to the November London show again. Sparkles and dancing! :)

In other news - it's a very frosty day here again in the London suburbs. Yesterday the thick frost didn't clear all day but it was lovely and sunny so Mr Cee and I went for another long walk in the afternoon which was great.

Eldest Cee is feeling a bit better but the nasty cough is still troubling him at night. Mr Cee will take him back home tomorrow as originally planned as he says he'll be OK as he's over the worst of the nasty cold/'flu. He has another week before he needs to be back at work. It's been nice having all the family here together again.  The cats have enjoyed having another lap to warm up cold paws when they've been outside. We've also washed lots of his laundry as he didn't have a chance to do that before he came and it felt very like when he used to come home from University!

As a side note: I am so sad about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds - their family has so much to deal with and it must be heartbreaking for them. 2016 has a few days left - no-one else is allowed to die! Wrap Sir David Attenborough and Mary Berry in bubblewrap please.
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Day 27 → 3 goals for next year

I'm not very good at setting goals, but here goes...

  1. Go on a proper calorie controlled diet.  I need to lose the last few pounds to get rid of the excess flobbage around my middle especially as I'd like to go belly dancing without wearing a body stocking next year (it's hot!).  Also Mr Cee needs to lose weight and the only way I'll persuade him is if I diet as well....

  2. Get my stained glass business up and running properly.  I have several friends who will host stained glass selling parties and have offered, and I've investigated Etsy.  I need to look at the logistics a bit more.

  3. Sort out my various pension 'pots' which are all over the place. I have now found all the paperwork, so there's no excuse really, and I do need to see if it's worth claiming some of the private pensions now or if it's better to wait until I'm older.

In other news Eldest Cee is feeling a bit better although he's still coughing he doesn't have a fever any more which is good.  He did stay at home while we went out to see Rogue One, although I didn't escape being coughed all over as there was someone behind me coughing (fairly discretely) and blowing his nose throughout *sigh*.  We all enjoyed the film though which was very good with enough nods to the old films and some good characters.

Today we are mostly doing laundry and cleaning as a few days of sloth with all the family here and the place needs some housework!

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Day 22 → new items you’ve added to collections this year

I have added a couple of mineral eggs to my collection this year. Mr Cee bought me a small box of mini mineral eggs for my birthday in November which was nice. Other than that I've been sifting through various collections and downsizing rather than increasing them.

In other news does anyone else use the Lj iPhone/iPad app? I was singing their praises a few days ago but today they have stopped working for me :(
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Also - I don't appear to know what the date is as I posted the Day 18 answer for the December meme yesterday.  I really should know as I'm putting items on my advent calendar tree so I should have worked it out *head/desk*. To compensate I am completing the one I missed, which is: Day 17 → something that made you happy this year.

Lots of things made me happy, but the biggest thing was accepting an offer on our old house and getting the moving process underway, closely followed by moving and deciding around a week afterwards that it felt like we had been in the new house forever.  A good feeling.


Right - under the cut are some photos of the new completed tiling and a very messy kitchen and a photo of the stained glass mirrors I made.

A few photos )

In other news we danced at the belly dancing Christmas party last Thursday and I forgot to say it went very well.  There were around 85 people in the audience and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Our troupe have been invited ot dance at a show in Surrey in March which is exciting and our teacher will be putting on a show of her own in October for which there will be paying customers! She wants us to perform a few dances so it sounds like we will be learning a lot of new things. 
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Day 18 → your favorite photo this year

That's a tricky one!

I suppose the best photos are related to our house move.  Anyone interested can see the Estate Agent's photos here, and it was these that persuaded us to view the house and then of course the rest is history! ;)

In other news - the kitchen tiling is nearly finished. Some tiles needed to be cut to fit and Mr Cee had to wait until this weekend to do that as it's too dark in the evenings to do things like that outside - also - cold! So tomorrow is going to be grouting day and then it just needs a coat of a protecting sealant to ensure it's all water tight which I will do on Monday.  Hoorah!  There will be photos once the grouting is done as it does look rather fabulous now, but will look even better tomorrow.

But for now I have to persuade Lady to stop sitting on my lap as I type, as I need to clean the counter tops and get some dinner sorted out...

Happy Saturday!
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Day 15 → something that made you laugh this year

I don't think I can narrow it down much as I'm a fairly cheerful person!

Mr Cee makes me laugh a lot and that's nice as it means we have a really good relationship which is pretty awesome after over 30 years together!

I laugh a LOT at [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk each year. Cry with laughter actually.

I do have a lot of good friends and we spend many hours laughing at stuff on a regular basis for which I'm very grateful.

In other news it's our belly dancing Christmas party this evening. Our troupe is performing two dances for the audience. Last year there were around 80 people who came as there are other dancers performing at the party. I can remember one dance as it's the one we did in London, but the second dance just won't get into my head! I am drilling it all day today as fortunately I have a video of our teacher demonstrating it. Hopefully it will be OK by this evening! *crosses fingers*
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Day 11 → talk about volunteering/charity this year is the December meme question.

I donate every year to charities close to my heart so that is an ongoing thing. As far as volunteering goes - I haven't done anything useful this year.  I did volunteer to dance in the belly dancing show - does that count? On Thursday we have our belly dance Christmas party and I volunteered to dance again :)

In other news the kitchen tiling is coming along...

Photos )
It already looks much fresher and will be far more practical behind the sink and gas hob (much easier to wipe down and keep clean!).  The tiles are white marble with grey and the odd brown vein running through which so far looks fabulous.  Hopefully we will finish putting the tiles up today and then it's just a matter of treating them with a sealant (as marble is porous) and then grouting them with white grout which should tie the whole thing together.  Really pleased with it so far.
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Day 10 → a photo of you taken over ten years ago

So that would be before 2006..... I really have very few photos of me!  Under the cut is one of me looking bored, but in fact I was listening to the instructor telling my two boys how to climb into the trees to do the assault course at a Center Parcs holiday in Suffolk in July 2003.

Read more... )

In other news the tiling of the kitchen is progressing and the Christmas tree is decorated and looking fabulous.

More tomorrow.
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Day 09 → talk about art this year

The only exhibition I have managed to get to this year related to art was on 25th May to the Leighton House Museum to see the Pre-Raphaelites on Paper which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I suppose stretching the point to arty stuff, I've done quite a few artistic creations with stained glass which has been satisfying.

In other news we are tiling the kitchen and we've bought the Christmas tree.  There will be photos....
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Day 08 → talk about games this year

I don't play Playstation or PC games any more - although I might dip into the Sims very occasionally on the PC, they are time wasters and I just can't get that enthusiastic about them.  Games on my phone and iPad however are a different thing.  I am playing Covet everyday (a fashion/styling game) which is quite good fun.  I also like Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Jelly on my iPad.  Occasionally I'll also play Cookie Jam.  As all of those limit how long you can play for I don't spend more that about 10 minutes a day on them, usually when I'm having a coffee break.

In other news - follow this link to find out nine reasons every woman should take up belly dancing....Some interesting reasons there! I have definitely toned my oblique muscles up over the past 18 months.
I've been out for a Christmas lunch with a couple of friends today and I definitely need to go to belly dancing tonight to burn off those calories!!

If you don't fancy that - there are some ideas for rather lovely ways you can enhance vodka and rum to turn into presents or just spice it up for your own consumption here. I'm tempted by the Clementine flavoured rum....
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The December meme (list of prompts here) continues with Day 07 → talk about music this year

Apart from losing David Bowie and Prince this year I don't think there was much that stood out for me.  I did discover Birdy who has the most haunting voice and mostly that's because this tune was used as a background to a rather odd advert for one of our high street banks

You Tube link to Birdy )

My main musical discovery this year though was Amazon Prime music which is fabulous.  Streaming music is definitely the way things are going and I really like the Playlists which are available by genre or mood.  My favourite playlist on there at the moment is 'Happy Songs' which are just so much fun.  Of course one of Birdy's albums is on there too and the bonus is that you can also have the lyrics on screen I may occasionally sing along.  I think amongst my friends (who are all around my age group) I am quite unusual as I do listen to contemporary music a lot. My friends all seem to listen to what I would have considered the 'oldie' stations when I was younger ;)  Youngest Cee often recommends bands I wouldn't normally listen to as well which is fun.
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Day 06 → talk about food this year

I love food, and food this year has been mostly home made which I'm really pleased about.  In fact I find I often get disappointed with take away food such as pizza as home made is so much nicer, and really it's not that hard to make my own. Mr Cee and I have been eating much healthier with a lot more vegetarian food and fish rather than meat and in fact I can't remember having red meat at all this year!  I'm sure I must have had some venison at some point...?  I have definitely made some tasty soups and expanded my cooking into Greek cuisine which was interesting.

My bread making has been very successful this year and I do love making bread. I am trying to make it every week, and I'm lucky that I am near several farm shops to buy interesting flours.  Our bread this week is made from seed and honey flour and is lovely - especially with cheese.  I shall definitely be making more for the Christmas cheese board!

Talking of cheese I have mastered making mozzarella, halloumi and various soft cheeses made from cows and goat milk this year which also pleases me. I intend to expand my cheese making but at the moment the logistics of making hard cheeses is too complicated (you need a constantly cool place to store them as they mature that is not a refridgerator such as an unheated basement ideally).

In other news today I completed a small stained glass mirror to join another one I made which are hanging on the wall in the living room.  I am aiming to make a couple more and I'll take some photos once they are finished - they are bringing light to a dull corner. I've also tried to get a little Christmassy but failed as Mr Cee brought the wrong box down from the loft and I need to get a different one down to start decorating.  I have, however, changed my Lj theme so that's something :)

Meme day 5

Dec. 5th, 2016 07:06 pm
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Day 05 → talk about books this year

I have been intermittently doing the 'What I am reading Wednesday' but I haven't caught up since I last did it at the end of September. I have read over 50 books this year and I've been rereading some books as some authors are worth it.  Currently I'm rereading the Samantha Moon series by J R Rain as I realised I'd downloaded the latest book and missed a couple!  Rereading is such a pleasure when there is a long-ish series (I enjoy rereading Jim Butcher, Agatha Christie, the Cadfael series, the Sherlock Holmes books and others for the same reason).

Books are my escape - I read before I turn off the light to sleep.  I read when I can't sleep (!) to loose myself in a book rather than whatever is praying on my mind.  I read to relax, I read to be informed, I read a LOT.  I can't imagine not being able to have time to read and this year has been no exception.

My stained glass class is cancelled tomorrow as our teacher is ill which is a shame.  I shall have to do some glass making at home instead ;)
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Day 04 → talk about television this year

I have so many things I have recorded and not watched (SPN, NCIS New Orleans and so many more!) and some recommendations for things on Netflix and Amazon TV that I haven't got around to watching either (Lucifer, Outlander season 2, Justify).  I blame moving house and somehow not having much time to just sit down....

A short list )
In other news the weather is cold, crisp and beautifully sunny which is my favourite.  I have Christmas lights on the little potted Christmas tree I bought in a sale last year (and which seems to love being on our deck), they are looking very festive.  As they are solar powered they light up at dusk which is very pretty.  All the Christmas cards have been written and posted, the boys presents are all sorted and now I just have to decide what to buy Mr Cee who is difficult to buy for.  However, we have decided that we will only have token gifts this year because we have been spending so much money getting the house sorted out!  I shall have to therefore be frugal, but I do love giving gifts and it's going to be hard...

Next week I am seeing many friends, some for coffee, some for a pre-Christmas lunch which should be fun.

Happy Sunday!
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In an effort to post more as I am getting bad and always seem to need to be doing something else I have pinched this meme from [livejournal.com profile] debris4spike so that I get on with it!

The meme for December )

As I've started on the 3rd I'm going to do the first three in this post and then it'll be one a day.
Under here... )

In other news Youngest Cee has bought himself a new car and is immensely pleased.  It's second hand, low mileage and comes with enough gadget buttons to confuse him (LOL!).  He's been happily driving all over the place in it.  We need to sell his old car as it's quite a good run around car, but is 16 years old and not worth a lot.

I've been busy making a roman blind for the study and that room is now ready to be used as a spare bedroom for when Eldest Cee comes to stay.  It's been good to flex my sewing skills and use up an old curtain in the process. Mr Cee has been sorting out the electricity supply to my glass studio.  Soon I will have lighting and heating in there without having to run an extension cable from the outside socket to the building *excited*.

It is starting to look a little Christmassy chez the Cees - the dining table is covered in glitter after a mammoth card writing afternoon.  I have been drinking a lot of water to get the taste of envelope gum out of my mouth... bleuch. Later there will be curry and beer because that's what we felt like this evening.  Can't wait - I'm starving!

Happy Saturday all :)


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