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I've been so confused this week because we had the Bank Holiday on Monday and most of the week I've not actually known what day it was :)

However - it's been a good week.  I've been doing some wiring and decorating of my dolls house - under the cut for a couple of photos.

Dolls house )

My second reason to be cheerful is that there is a London tube strike on Monday so both Mr Cee and Youngest Cee will be working from home.  This means I don't have to get up as I've been taking Youngest Cee to the station in the mornning as I'm a big softy and feel sorry for him when it's really cold and he's not really awake.....

Thirdly, today I have been mostly very lazy which is nice.  I have made honey and seed bread to have with a cauliflower, leek and pancetta cheesy gratin for dinner.  So while it was proving, getting knocked back and proving again (it's a lovely loaf but there's lots of waiting around!) I started watching 'Travellers' on Netflix.  Anyone else seen it? It's a really intriguing series and so far I've enjoyed the episodes I've seen.  Also tonight there will be wine.

Happy Friday all!

*icon snaggable if anyone wants it.
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We've finally got some wintery weather and here in the South East of England we've had some snow.  Only about 2-3cm (around an inch), but it looks very pretty.  It's thawing quickly though. Back in November there were dire warnings of the 'coldest winter for years' and 'three weeks of snow' which of course never materialised, and was annoying as Mr Cee asked for new snow boots for his birthday back in November which I dutifully bought him and then it was very Spring-like for weeks.  The daffodils all came out!  I'm not sure how the flowers and plants will cope and I hope this weather doesn't affect them too badly.

The cats are enjoying it though - particularly Zero who is frisking around in the garden like a puppy and coming in regularly to warm his feet up on people.

Anyway - enough of this, I promised photos of the Lumiere London lights which we went to on Friday.  More under the cut...

Read more... plus many photos )

On Wednesday we are having our house photographed as we are taking the plunge and putting it back on the market, so the next few days I am tidying and cleaning.... more about this in another post.

Happy Sunday :)


Jan. 15th, 2016 03:02 pm
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It's been a sad week, but I'm not going to dwell on that because I can't change it.

For me it's been a productive week:

  • I've made a stained glass suncatcher for the upstairs bathroom (nearly finished, but needs some work, I'll post photos over the weekend)

  • I've re-covered the top of an old blanket chest I've had for years and now it is a handy storage ottoman with a covered foam seat on the top

  • I have been to belly dancing class and have mastered a particularly tricky move which is immensely satisfying!  My muscles are feeling pleasantly stretched today :)

  • Youngest Cee has enjoyed a couple of days of volunteering induction and training and I've enjoyed having two days in the house by myself ;)

  • I am off to Lumiere London which looks fabulous with Mr Cee later. I am taking my camera and coat, gloves, hat and scarf.. it's going to be cold as we are forecast 3C and cold winds and it's a bit of a shock after the mild weeks we've been having!  There was frost on the ground this morning! We may have to have a nice hot meal afterwards and might be tempted by some wine (despite our resolve to have a 'dry' January) as I feel the need to raise a glass to the departed....and I may need thawing out!

Happy Friday all!
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Mr Cee took the day off today and we travelled up to London to see the new Star Wars exhibit at Madame Tussauds.  I took my compact camera as it copes well with low light without me fiddling with it, so under the cut are some photos.... but I have to share this one above the cut because the modelling was really impressive:

Pictures..... )

It was a fun exhibition and well worth a visit if you are in the vacinity, I'd particularly recommend the Marvel 3D (4D) film experience which is terrific!
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I've sorted out my photos so I am spamming you with them, but first:

A question a day for five days.
1. What is the meaning behind your LJ name?
2. What was your favourite childhood book or books?
3. What is your favourite recipe and why? Try to post the recipe if you have time.
4. What are the top 5 things on your wish list & have you done any of them?
5. What do you collect?
Question 2 )

As I explained yesterday a visit to the Globe Theatre and museum are well worth it and below the cut are some photos.
Read more... )

And finally, chocolate!  I went for my first two-hour session to my old College which has changed significantly since I worked there.  They are now offering catering courses and so an area that was second floor classrooms has been converted into a proper industry-standard kitchen.  It was impressive!

The course was great fun - we learned how to temper chocolate (and will get to do that ourselves from scratch in week three!) and make ganache using just water and tempered chocolate.  This was very ineresting as I've only made it using chocolate, butter and cream, and the teacher showed us the difference in taste by making both versions.  The water/tempered chocolate is much nicer.  The chap who was teaching us used to run his own handmade chocolate business, and still makes hand made chocolates for some loyal customers, but doesn't have time to do much now.  He was so enthusiastic it was very interesting.

Yesterday there was quite a bit of demonstration by him, but we did get to polish and fill some chocolate moulds, decorate them with some hand made honeycomb and then turn them out once they had set in the blast chiller.  I made three bars to bring home and they are delicious (shiny shiny chocolate!):
2015-01-29 21.06.13

Next week we get to made individual chocolates filled with flavoured ganache.  We can even bring in some alcohol if we want to as it's up to us what we flavour the fillings with.  Can't wait!
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I like this meme so I'm going to post about it I think:

A question a day for five days.
1. What is the meaning behind your LJ name?
2. What was your favourite childhood book or books?
3. What is your favourite recipe and why? Try to post the recipe if you have time.
4. What are the top 5 things on your wish list & have you done any of them?
5. What do you collect?
Question 1 )

In other news - yesterday a friend and I went up to London to visit the Globe Theatre.  I have not visited before, and was surprised how much there is to see in the accompanying exhibit.  The tour around the theatre only lasts about 30 minutes and was very interesting, but the exhibition is fantastic.  We arrived at 11.30, had a tour and then explored the exhibition which covers the geographical history of the area, the history of the Globe theatres (the current one is the third incarnation) and other contemporary theatres.  The social history (it's no coincidence that 'Clink Street' is very close by where the prisons were back in the day - even now the slang for prison is 'clink') and then a brief history of Shakespeare and his writings.  Then there was loads of stuff about the building of the theatre, the costumes and the music and instruments.  We even got to see a demonstration of the clothing as one of the children from a visiting school was dressed as a peasant from one of the plays.

We were so engrossed that we didn't realise that we'd been wandering for so long and suddenly realised it was 2.30 and we'd not eaten anything!!  Fortunately there's a rather nice cafe where we had a delicious toasted sandwich and a glass of rather good Merlot.  We eventually got home at 5!  Well worth a visit if you can ever go, and not expensive considering how much there is to see.  I have pictures, but they will have to be in another post as they are still on my camera.

And tonight I get to go to my chocolate cookery class which is running as 14 people were interested.  Yay! \0/  Except it's now snowing!  Quite hard actually.......

More tomorrow!
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Back in the day (before Windows 8.1) when you bought a new computer and wanted to transfer settings and files from your old computer to your new one, all you needed to do was to find a handy little application called Windows Easy Transfer, identify which was the 'old' computer and which one was the new one, and then wirelessly all the stuff would be transferred.


Simple you say? No wait...... )

In other news - I went to a 'Natural Navigation' walk yesterday with a friend.  It was so interesting - telling us about how to find your bearings when looking around you and using not only nature as a guide (we looked at the way trees grow, and the wind and clouds and stuff) but also using manmade stuff like satellite dishes (which always face South East in the UK), and churches (which are build East/West with South facing main entrances).  It was great fun, although it was quite a cold day!

Unfortunately I don't think being outside in the cold for a couple of hours helped the cold Mr Cee has kindly passed on to me, so today I am snuffly and drippy and feeling a bit sorry for myself....  I shall spend a day relaxing I think as I have to be out on a work related visit on Tuesday and I need to be better by then.

Happy Sunday all! 
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In case anyone is interested here is my entry for [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday.

My 12th was  lazy which is fairly unusual, but it was that horribly drizzly rain all day that doesn't look very heavy, but if you go out in it you get soaked within 10 minutes.  I took one look and decided to stay in!

Which was good as on Friday I was sent some assignments to look over as part of the moderation work I am still doing for my old company.  I decided to move my laptop computer upstairs to our spare room which is where our very old and slow desktop computer lives - so we call it the 'office'.  My husband's Aunt died a few years ago and left us a rather nice (although it needs some restoration) mahogany Victorian desk which now lives in the office and is nice to sit at with the laptop.

Cut for length... )

In other news - we went out for a cream tea at the Criterion Restaurant on Saturday with friends (which was delicious and lovely!).  A couple of photos under the cut...

Read more... )

We decided the cream tea was actually better than the Ritz and Fortnum and Masons which is impressive.  Absolutely delicious and very relaxed, beautiful atmosphere.

We walked up to Liberty's to look around at their antiques (too expensive for us although I did some some lovely art nouveau tiles I was very tempted to get until I saw the price!).  Then down to the Empire Leicester Square to see The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing.  It was a really good film and he is excellent in it - we all enjoyed it.  
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Yesterday's prompt was words - and that was very apt as Mr Cee and a couple of friends went to London to take part in the Christmas Carol: Dickens walk.

It was great fun and very enjoyable hearing about the history behind the story, Dickens' life and walking around the areas thought to be where Dickens got his inspiration from. We heard a lot about how he wrote - so very relevant to the prompt!

More with photos under here... )

Today's prompt is sky view and I'm cheating a bit by posting a photo from yesterday. We went up onto the viewing platform of a shopping mall near to St Pauls Cathedral to see the spectacular view:

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Yesterday evening Mr Cee and I went up to London to take part in an open topped bus tour of the London Christmas lights.  It was an offer through Amazon Local, and as we haven't been up to London during the evening for a while we've not seen many of the usual festive displays.

We left at 5.30 as we needed to be right by the Tower of London to pick up the coach at 6.15.

More about the lights... )

Today's prompt from the Capturing December meme is tree topper and here is a picture of mine which is the same as last year.  I took the basic star shaped ornament which I got in the local 'pound' shop (for £1) and dressed it up a bit.  I'm pleased with it.

2014-12-20 15.09.45


Dec. 4th, 2014 05:37 pm
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I am getting behind on the Capturing December meme and this is because:

(a) I was out yesterday at the Museum of London seeing an exhibition on Sherlock Holmes in all his incarnations.  It was great fun, but it was tipping it down with rain so I couldn't take any photos outside and we weren't allowed to take photos inside (which was frustrating as it's really good and I wanted to share....!).

A bit about the exhibition (without any photos) )

(b) It's still bloody tipping it down with rain today and even so I decided to go out and see if I could find anything to photograph and just ended up getting very wet... :(

So I will try and catch up for the 3rd, 4th and 5th tomorrow.



Nov. 20th, 2014 08:19 pm
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It's been a very busy week so far and it's not even over yet!

On Tuesday I met [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh at Charing Cross and despite the hammering rain, we walked over to the National Gallery to see Rembrandt: The Late Works exhibition.  We had timed tickets for 10.30am, but no-one seemed bothered that we had arrived at 10am and we went straight into the exhibition.

More plus some favourite pictures.... )

Today as it's Mr Cee's birthday he took the day off and we went up to London to visit the Sherlock Holmes museum which I have visited before (back in January - see here), but Mr Cee hasn't been.  He was as fascinated as I was about the amount of detail there is in this former boarding house.  They literally have crammed so much authentic Victorian clutter into the rooms that even though this was my second visit there were things I had not noticed before.

The game's afoot.... )

After we'd visited the museum we walked down to the Burlington Arcade to look at all the jewellery and shops where we can't afford anything.  For example look at this exquisite little travel clock:


It is gold, with engine turned engraving on the case.  The face of the clock is 2.5cm square, and the case only a little bigger so it has a loop for a chain to wear it around your neck once folded shut.   So pretty and a mere £1995... (eeep!)

After that we went to eat at Jamie's Italian in Piccadilly.  I have a Gold Membership card and on my birthday they had offered a free bottle of Prosecco if I booked a table before the end of the month, so we took advantage of the offer today. They must have had a note about my birthday as when we checked in I was wished a 'happy birthday' and when we told them it was Mr Cee's birthday today he was congratulated too.  The Prosecco was very delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and both got a nice surprise when our desserts arrived :)

2014-11-20 13.46.34

Yumm!!  We waddled back home after this and my Fitbit told us that we had walked over 10,800 steps or 8km :)

It's been a good few days! 

My weekend

Nov. 10th, 2014 05:31 pm
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On Saturday Mr Cee and I went on a walking tour around London's East End and learned all about food and the influences on the types of food you find in the area.

For example - did you know:

  • that fish and chips is actually a Portugese/Irish fusion of foods created by the immigrants to the East End back in the 18th century?

  • that a Beigel (pronounced by-gel) is the Yiddish word for Bagel, and there is a shop that is open 24 hours and day, 7 days a week in the East End which serves nothing but Beigel and they are very delicious!

  • that there is a building which has stood near Brick Lane since 1745 which has been a church, a synagog and is now a Mosque and is the only building to have had gone through these changes of Faith outside of Jerusalem?

More with photos..... )

It was a very interesting tour and we really enjoyed it.  Also my Fitbit told us that we walked 12,783 steps on Saturday which was nine and a half kilometres, but it was definitely worth it and we did not need any dinner as we were so stuffed :)
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People keep asking me what I find to do at home since I've stopped working.  I don't know what they want me to say in response really.  I'm actually not very good at sitting around doing nothing (and WAS bored when I broke my foot a couple of years ago because I really couldn't move around for two weeks).

In actual fact I've been really busy doing all the things that I used to do when I was still teaching three years ago and had the summer at home.  Yes, I still had to prepare for the Autumn term lessons, but there was also time to do all the routine things like cleaning and tidying (properly!), and once I had a job that meant I had to work through the whole year those 'little' things didn't get done.

So I've now had a chance to organise cupboards and drawers, clean out unwanted toys, clothes and all manner of 'stuff' that we don't need any more.  I have enough 'things' for a boot fair in the Spring, and many things have been donated to local charities so they can benefit.  I hate clutter and Mr Cee just doesn't seem to see it, so it's been very satisfying to do this while he's at work ;)

It's also been quite useful to be able to do all those things that you always intend to do, like touching up the paintwork here and there where needed, and catalogue all the DVDs and update all the music and so on....(still not finished that!).

I've also been out and about with friends which has been great fun (photos below the cuts).

I went to see 888,000+ ceramic poppies at the Tower of London )

I also went out to the BBC Good Food Bakes and Cakes Show in Islington.  I was going to pop in and see some friends from work, but typically they were out at a staff development event on the same day which was a shame.

Good Food at the Business Design Centre )

And now I am moving on the crafts, so I'm learning Photoshop, and making a crochet throw and finishing all the embroidery projects that I never got around to completing....

So that should take me several more months...

In the meantime I've also got a couple of work-related outings, and some more trips out with friends (a London street food walk, the National Gallery Rembrandt exhibition, the Museum of London Sherlock exhibition amongst others!).... so, yeah - not bored!
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So as promised here are some photos of my days out this week, starting off with the Lego exhibition.

Lego, lego everywhere.... )

And yesterday was all about Charles Dickens and Victorian London (a bit of a contrast!)

Sights of London here... )

Finally, my happy thing #89 for today is my camera.  It's really good at coping with being dragged around on these outings. I am particularly impressed with how well it handled the low light at The Art of the Brick exhibition as we were not permitted to use flash photography.

I hope you enjoyed the photos - happy Friday all!
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Today was spent with good friends in London on a walk which took us to some of the haunts and places which had inspired Charles Dickens. It was really interesting and afterwards we had lunch in a pub which has stood on the site since the end of the 1500s! The building we sat in had been standing since 1676. And after that we visited Borough Market before coming home again.

I love the history which surrounds you when you walk through London.

I will share some photos tomorrow (be warned!).
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A day out with my husband is always a happy thing and today we went to The Art of the Brick in Shorditch (which always makes me want to sing 'Oranges and Lemons'..... "when I am rich, say the bells of Shorditch"... yup, be grateful you can't hear me!).  It's an exhibition of models made purely using Lego bricks and was absolutely fascinating!

We were allowed to take as many photos as we wanted to, so I will do a picspam later in the week as I took many photos!  We both enjoyed it - more than I think we were expecting if I'm truthful.  We also had a very nice lunch before coming home, so that was fun too.

Also I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 6 which arrived while we were out, but the very nice TNT driver left his personal mobile number as he would be passing us on his way back to the depot and could redeliver if we were home as he went past.  I was very grateful as (a) it meant I have my phone today which means more playtime for me, and (b) it meant not having to rearrange delivery with TNT which is usually difficult.  The driver also said it probably wouldn't have been treated very carefully when they unloaded his truck and reloaded it again another day (worth knowing!) had we not been back in time to have it delivered today.  How nice to have a considerate driver. :)

We also walked 11,749 steps today!
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I had a really bad work-related day yesterday which then ended with my journey home getting caught up in this problem at London's Waterloo station.  My journey ended up being and hour and a half instead of an hour and I was knackered when I got in.  All of which contributed to a disturbed night's sleep and the start of a migraine at 5am which I fortunately managed to avoid the worst of by getting up and grabbing medication.

All of this has led to a quiet Saturday while the almost but not quite migraine slowly eases off.  I'm feeling a bit better now, and thought you might like to see the photos I took last weekend when Mr Cee and a couple of good friends went up to London on an historic walk looking at the signs and symbols in the architecture around Holborn and St Paul's Cathedral.

Picpamming signs and symbols in old London town... )
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It's also warm!  My back garden got up to 22 degrees this afternoon - lovely, lovely, lovely!  Lots of laundry has been dried outside in the sunshine.  The grass has been mowed - well I say grass, but after the hugely wet winter there is more moss than grass.  However, we have a scarifier and so that had got quite a bit of the moss out of the lawn.

The house has been cleaned and aired (ALL the windows and doors have been open).  It feels very Spring-like

I haven't been around very much online, so I've tried to catch up with everyone's posts, but I may not have commented much (sorry!) and I may have missed some birthdays - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY if I've missed yours.

Also - I haven't signed up to[livejournal.com profile] writerconuk yet! I must do that! Go here to do it too - go on, I'll wait....

Coming?  Good.

Now - under the cut are some photos of the tour around London we went on last weekend, which culminated in tea at Fortnum and Masons...

Photos..... )
I'd recommend the Big Bus tour, as it's a really interesting way of seeing the sights and you can jump on and off buses whenever you feel like it.  You see far more when you're up high as you can see lots of the amazing architecture as you go past.  If you book tickets online you can get a pass that covers two days for the price of one day and also get reduced rates on some of the other attractions in London.
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Today I had a fun day out with [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh in London, which although a bit damp (it rained for the whole day and was rather a chilly day today at only 5 degrees with a cold wind!), was great fun.

We started off meeting up at Baker Street Station and then we headed for the Sherlock Holmes Museum which is only 5 minutes away.  Despite years of working nearby in the past neither of us had ever visited it before and it was rather a lovely surprise.

Pictures and more under here... )

 It was a lovely day and I really enjoyed it.  Always nice to see Lj friends! :D


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