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Apr. 9th, 2017 03:17 pm
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What are the shoes you've had for forever and wear with every single outfit?
I've had a pair of short black ankle boots which I wear a lot, and they are very useful as they go with leggings as well as jeans or skirts/dresses. I've had them for around 6 years now and they have been resoled once already and they are very comfortable.

It's nearly 3pm here and currently the temperature in the sun in my back garden is 25.9C. Glorious! My garden has some really pretty flowers in it now. There are blue and white bluebells! I'm going to transplant them once they have finished flowering as they are would benefit from being under the chestnut tree at the end of the garden. I'm hoping to make a little 'wild' area under the tree so it's like a woodland.

The white lilac cuttings I transplanted from my old garden are actually flowering even though the plants themselves are only around 60cm tall. I'm so pleased they have survived and are thriving as apparently lilac is difficult to take cuttings from and I loved the plant in our old garden.
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Do you keep a journal? what do you write/draw/ in it?
Ha! Yes I do keep a journal which is called Livejournal. Yes I do update it fairly regularly and I used to post arty stuff as well. My main regret is that there are fewer people here than there used to be, and most of them are currently moaning on Facebook about how they loved Lj but only one person on my f-list has actually come back and is posting again. *sigh* Still - I don't write for anyone else, I tend to write for me and I thank you if you read my boring old entries and I also thank you if you comment or 'heart' an entry.

I've met lots of people here at Lj and some of you I have even met in RL and I shall enjoy seeing again at [ profile] writerconuk in September.  It's a good place.

It's been a nice sunny weekend on the whole and Mr Cee has cut the grass as it was cat knee high and they were getting lost in it! They have been frolicking around the garden all afternoon in the sunshine. We bought a jasmine plant for the courtyard garden at the front of the house which smells amazing and is covered in flowers. I have started to make the dragonfly one of my ex-colleagues has commissioned having seen the stained glass butterfly I posted photos of on FB. Tomorrow is Youngest Cee's birthday and so he and Mr Cee have the day off and we are going to a fancy restaurant for lunch.  Eldest Cee is coming home for Easter weekend so that's something to look forward to. /random

Life is good.


Mar. 26th, 2017 04:32 pm
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I got distracted by stuff and so I haven't been updating - ooops! So, firstly the question of the day: 12: what's your favorite planet?
Well duh - it's Earth! I have no experience living on a different planet! No [ profile] thefridayfive questions again which is why I forgot about posting on Friday!

Secondly - it's Mothering Sunday in the UK, so if you are being spoiled, spoiling your mother, celebrating with the pets you mother, or whatever, I hope it's been a good day. I have cards from the offspring, a phone call from Eldest Cee and far too much chocolate and fudge which I am resisting.  Mr Cee cooked a rather delicious Sunday roast which was very good.

It's been an incredibly lovely two days here, although it's been very windy (which is chilly!) the sun has been shining so I have been painting the little courtyard fencing at the front of the house over the last two days and pottering around the garden. Mr Cee and I decided to spend some of our accumulated Nectar points from grocery shopping on a new compact camera as our old one is playing up and is getting unreliable (it keeps reverting back to the menu as you try and take a photo!). The new one has all kinds of nifty features like being able to just select one colour from a scene and do artistic things! Under the cut for a couple of examples.

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Happy Sunday!
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My entry for [ profile] monthlydiaryday is under the cut as yesterday was the 12th.

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It was a good weekend as along with the above we managed to get a lot of stones out of the flower bed at the front of the house. Presumably it was a rockery of some kind at one point. Lots of crappy paving slabs and blocks, but also some rather nice large pink granite rocks which I shall save.

Later this morning I'm going over to see [ profile] lilachigh's garden and have coffee. I'm hoping the promised sunshine will continue today as I've risked putting some laundry on the washing line outside. I shall pick her brains about plants while I'm there. I need inspiration as I'm really keen to redesign our back garden over this summer. It will be a slow process as it's expensive so I don't want to make mistakes!

Happy Monday all!
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Time for [ profile] thefridayfive questions which are quite hard for me to answer.

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I can't believe it's Friday already! I didn't go to Pilates today as one of my very oldest friends was made redundant on Wednesday and she came over for a heart to heart and many cups of coffee this morning.  She lost her Dad at the end of last year and she was living with him for several years, but the house has to be sold as part of Estate and the proceeds divided between her and her two siblings. She was just starting to look for properties as she will have to apply for a mortgage once the paperwork for the Estate is all completed (it's taking ages!) and then the redundancy has happened which has ruined all her plans. It's such a difficult time for her, so I'm glad I was able to be a shoulder in time of need!

I'm hoping for good weather over the weekend as Mr Cee has bought some fence panels for the dividing wall between our front garden and next door's. We have a space which at the moment is rather wasted as it's not large enough for a car to stand on, but as it is the old base of the garage it's cement/paved and covered with gravel at the moment. I want to make a courtyard garden as it's in front of Youngest Cee's bedroom and will make a nice outlook for him and bring a bit of colour to the front of the house.

Sunday we are having a rehearsal for our belly dance performance in a week's time here as we all need the practice!

Also - my white camelia has come out - it's it pretty?

Later there will be home made lasagne and wine :)  Happy Friday all!
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Not quite tulips like my icon, but my garden is showing signs of life after the winter which is a good thing (all photos get larger with a clicky).

At the end of the garden much to my surprise (because I hadn't noticed it!) is a camelia which is flowering. It's a real shame it's out of the eyeline of the house unless you squint and stand in one particular spot in the living room.  It's a nice large shrub too, it just needs a bit of shaping with some pruning after it's finished flowering as it's been neglected (as have most of the shubs).

Coincidentally last week I bought a white camelia from the garden centre as I love them and it's just about to burst into flower at the moment. It's in a pot as I'm not sure where I'm going to put it yet.

It's nice to know that it will be OK in the soil as we have acid soil here, so I can plant rhodedendrons and azaleas too (love that they are evergreen).  In other pots I have have dwarf narcissi growing. These are under the dwarf peach tree on the left (which is also starting to show signs of blossom) and the chocolate tree which is still dormant:
Anyone else getting signs of Spring yet?
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Mr Cee and I went down to Brighton to visit Eldest Cee on Thursday and booked a few days down on the coast for a small break.  It was fun!

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Yesterday and today Mr Cee and I have been gardening between showers and clearing and sorting more things from the last room in the house which needs to be addressed - the fourth bedroom/study.  Mr Cee has also been building a shed at the end of the garden and I have been doing lots of cutting back of over grown shrubs and repotting of plants I brought with us from the old house.  I have been reading but not commenting very often - sorry!

Tonight I am going to see if I can make some no-knead bread which will prove overnight and be baked in the morning.  It should be interesting and I shall report back tomorrow....
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One of my hibiscus plants is flowering this year having been bought as a teeny tiny pot plant a couple of years ago.  It's very pretty - Hibiscus Lavender Chiffon:

I have two other plants which are not as happy as this variety.  One is blue and the other one is pink.

Our buyers have given the BFTs until close of today to decide whether they are taking the additional reduction in price/blackmail payment.  So tonight we will know whether the sale is all going ahead or not.  I'm trying not to think about it.
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Your current relationship; if single, discuss that too.

Well I've discussed my relationship with Mr Cee many times here on Lj, but I'll go into a little bit more depth under a cut as it's not required reading...

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In other news some of my garden is bursting forth, and my white lilac is looking pretty (double and triple flower stalks on some branches):

The three cuttings I took last year have overwintered and are looking good so I will be able to transplant those into the new garden.

There are bees buzzing around the flowers in the first photo.  Our local beekeepers are looking into the idea of householders 'hosting' a beehive in their garden which the beekeepers will tend and harvest.  For allowing this the householder gets some honey.  I've put myself down as an interested householder as it would be fascinating to have bees without the worry of having to look after them in our new garden.

I forgot to set my alarm this morning and Youngest Cee woke me up just before he left for work.  Ooops!  It's taking me a while to get going this morning, but I really need to do more sorting out!


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