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Day 30 → a list of what you got for your winter holiday

My winter holiday is Christmas and I was very spoiled.  Highlights included a new garden bench from Youngest Cee and books from Eldest Cee. Mr Cee gave me more books (loves!) and a new egg for my mineral egg collection. Along with all this I was spoiled with edible gifts and I have rather a lot of chocolate to ration across several months if I'm ever to lose any more weight ;)

My best gift was having the family here though.  Mr Cee is taking Eldest Cee home as I write this.  EC had a rotten week but he is definitely on the mend and has another week off before he needs to go back to work so he wanted to be at home for that. It has been lovely to have him here and I must admit I felt quite sad that he was going back home just after they left :(

I am spending today mostly cleaning and taking down most of the Christmas decorations to take my mind off the fact that there is thick fog on the motorway Mr Cee is travelling on and I worry. I'm not sure I'll even leave the tree until 12th night this year as despite being well watered it's shedding needles now. I am very proud of the cats though - they have left it alone all this time and that's a relief!

A belated thank you to everyone who sent cards to us this year!  I have strung them across the wall and they look fabulous!
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Day 08 → talk about games this year

I don't play Playstation or PC games any more - although I might dip into the Sims very occasionally on the PC, they are time wasters and I just can't get that enthusiastic about them.  Games on my phone and iPad however are a different thing.  I am playing Covet everyday (a fashion/styling game) which is quite good fun.  I also like Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Jelly on my iPad.  Occasionally I'll also play Cookie Jam.  As all of those limit how long you can play for I don't spend more that about 10 minutes a day on them, usually when I'm having a coffee break.

In other news - follow this link to find out nine reasons every woman should take up belly dancing....Some interesting reasons there! I have definitely toned my oblique muscles up over the past 18 months.
I've been out for a Christmas lunch with a couple of friends today and I definitely need to go to belly dancing tonight to burn off those calories!!

If you don't fancy that - there are some ideas for rather lovely ways you can enhance vodka and rum to turn into presents or just spice it up for your own consumption here. I'm tempted by the Clementine flavoured rum....

Meme day 5

Dec. 5th, 2016 07:06 pm
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Day 05 → talk about books this year

I have been intermittently doing the 'What I am reading Wednesday' but I haven't caught up since I last did it at the end of September. I have read over 50 books this year and I've been rereading some books as some authors are worth it.  Currently I'm rereading the Samantha Moon series by J R Rain as I realised I'd downloaded the latest book and missed a couple!  Rereading is such a pleasure when there is a long-ish series (I enjoy rereading Jim Butcher, Agatha Christie, the Cadfael series, the Sherlock Holmes books and others for the same reason).

Books are my escape - I read before I turn off the light to sleep.  I read when I can't sleep (!) to loose myself in a book rather than whatever is praying on my mind.  I read to relax, I read to be informed, I read a LOT.  I can't imagine not being able to have time to read and this year has been no exception.

My stained glass class is cancelled tomorrow as our teacher is ill which is a shame.  I shall have to do some glass making at home instead ;)
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Day 04 → talk about television this year

I have so many things I have recorded and not watched (SPN, NCIS New Orleans and so many more!) and some recommendations for things on Netflix and Amazon TV that I haven't got around to watching either (Lucifer, Outlander season 2, Justify).  I blame moving house and somehow not having much time to just sit down....

A short list )
In other news the weather is cold, crisp and beautifully sunny which is my favourite.  I have Christmas lights on the little potted Christmas tree I bought in a sale last year (and which seems to love being on our deck), they are looking very festive.  As they are solar powered they light up at dusk which is very pretty.  All the Christmas cards have been written and posted, the boys presents are all sorted and now I just have to decide what to buy Mr Cee who is difficult to buy for.  However, we have decided that we will only have token gifts this year because we have been spending so much money getting the house sorted out!  I shall have to therefore be frugal, but I do love giving gifts and it's going to be hard...

Next week I am seeing many friends, some for coffee, some for a pre-Christmas lunch which should be fun.

Happy Sunday!
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In an effort to post more as I am getting bad and always seem to need to be doing something else I have pinched this meme from [livejournal.com profile] debris4spike so that I get on with it!

The meme for December )

As I've started on the 3rd I'm going to do the first three in this post and then it'll be one a day.
Under here... )

In other news Youngest Cee has bought himself a new car and is immensely pleased.  It's second hand, low mileage and comes with enough gadget buttons to confuse him (LOL!).  He's been happily driving all over the place in it.  We need to sell his old car as it's quite a good run around car, but is 16 years old and not worth a lot.

I've been busy making a roman blind for the study and that room is now ready to be used as a spare bedroom for when Eldest Cee comes to stay.  It's been good to flex my sewing skills and use up an old curtain in the process. Mr Cee has been sorting out the electricity supply to my glass studio.  Soon I will have lighting and heating in there without having to run an extension cable from the outside socket to the building *excited*.

It is starting to look a little Christmassy chez the Cees - the dining table is covered in glitter after a mammoth card writing afternoon.  I have been drinking a lot of water to get the taste of envelope gum out of my mouth... bleuch. Later there will be curry and beer because that's what we felt like this evening.  Can't wait - I'm starving!

Happy Saturday all :)
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If you would like a Christmas/Seasonal card from me, please let me know in comments and PM your address to me. No obligation to send one to me, but if you want to that would be lovely - I'll PM you my new address. ;)

In other news it's pouring with rain and the temperature is supposed to plummet tomorrow - winter is on its way!  So I have been using my new glass studio to make some stained glass things because I can and because it's fun.  I bought some really lovely glass from my class teacher last week and have been pondering what to make with it since.  I was sorting out my pattern books I found the ideal thing - a rather lovely candle holder.

I think it looks good (gets bigger with a clicky)!  I will probably make another one of these.

I've also been making angels which have been fun too.  I like the irridescent glass on the left hand one.  They can hang on a tree or near a window and will make the place look festive.  I may give a few away too:

Tonight is my belly dancing class.  The show on the 26th is getting scarily near - there are four of us performing now.  Mr Cee is coming, but none of my other friends are free which might be a good thing for my nerves!
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Today is Boxing Day in the UK, although as Christmas Day was a Friday there is much confusion on this Saturday as some of the local shops are open and some are not....  We have a bank holiday on Monday which I suspect most of the local retailers will ignore.  We only know this because this morning Mr Cee and I went for a long walk as we were prevented from having our usual post Christmas lunch walk yesterday as it was hammering down with rain.

It is incredibly mild here again today and all the local flowers and shrubs are bursting into life in a very confused way.

Christmas tree on Christmas morning....

This is how Tiger spent most of the day.... and pretty much how we felt after we'd had a HUGE and very delicious (if I say so myself!) lunch.

I have spent time reading my new recipe books for cheese making and bread making, although I have enough cheese for several weeks to use up and various delicious home made chutneys from neighbours...

This afternoon we are off to see the new Star Wars which should be fun - can't wait....

I hope everyone had a good day whatever you did.
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Firstly this was the last time I updated my book list and I'd got to 37 completed books for 2015, so under the cut I've set down what I've read and what I'm reading etc.

Read more... )

In other news Eldest Cee has come home for a visit and it's lovely to see him. In fact both boys have been absolute stars and have been doing chores around the house without any prompting from me which is lovely. For example yesterday evening we had a few of our friends around for a pre-Christmas drinks party and there was still quite a bit to clear up this morning. I went in the kitchen at lunchtime to find that Youngest Cee had washed up all the wine glasses and tidied everything away so it was spotless and Eldest Cee had sorted out the dishwasher and rehoused the extra cutlery we needed (there were 10 of us last night). *loves*

I am totally ready for Christmas and looking forward to it now - I have received many lovely cards from f-list friends and they are on display and looking very festive. No doubt I shall be posting over the next few days, but for those not checking in, I wish you a very happy break over the Christmas period (well deserved for many on my f-list!), and however you spend the next few days I hope it is good for you and yours!
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I post to [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday when I can and yesterday was quite busy so here is my entry under the cut for those who don't see it there (with photos).

My 12th December.... )

I have failed miserably at doing the photo a day meme because somehow I've got really busy over the last few weeks.   However, my stained glass lessons and belly dancing classes have finished for the Christmas period, so I'm hoping to post a bit more.  We have our belly dancing Christmas party next Tuesday and our class is going an exhibition of the routine we've been learning which could be interesting as we still can't remember it.....!

I've also been making stained glass presents for friends.  I have made this one so far for a friend with a tortoishell cat and am in the process of making another one for a friend with ginger cats.  I think the design is quite fun and hopefully they will like them:

Happy Sunday all!
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Yesterday evening was the Christmas fair where I took some of my stained glass to see if I could sell some.  I did manage to sell a few bits which meant I covered my costs and also made a (very) small profit on the pieces I sold.  A few people also took my card and I had lots of positive comments which was all very gratifying.  It was a good experience, although I ended up standing for four hours which has not done my back much good and I slept quite badly last night.  I do have quite a few things left, but as everything I made is in the style I like I can use the tree decorations myself and give some away as gifts.  So it went quite well considering how busy the little fair was.  I shall definitely keep my eyes open to see if I can do it again as I was quite encouraged by the reception the work got.

In other news Youngest Cee did not get further than the first interview for the job he was so keen on.  However if I tell you that the company was BAFTA (the equivalent of the Oscars in the UK) and they had hundreds of applicants he knows he was incredibly lucky to get as far as a the first interview and the feedback he got was very positive.  He thinks his lack of office experience for the admin side of the job was what let him down, so he's still applying for more jobs and voluntary positions which will get him some experience in that area.

In yet more news - I'm going to try and do this little meme again as I rather like it at this time of year (click on the photo for bigger).  I shall do a round up at the weekend as I've taken some photos, but I don't want to bore you each day...



Nov. 29th, 2015 07:15 pm
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Well I think it's definitely winter now as it's blowing a hoolie outside and the temperature has been very cold over the last week.  I also don't like that it's been getting dark around 2pm for several days - all I want to do is hybernate!!

However, I have only got until Wednesday to get myself sorted out for the small Christmas fair I am going to try and sell some of my stained glass stuff at and so I have been braving the cold and working in the garage to make some "stock"....
The photo above (clicky for larger) shows some of the items I've made which include tree decorations like stars and angels, and leaves and larger items such as Christmas tree and snowflake suncatchers and tealight holders.  I am not going to make anything else now as I don't want to end up bringing things home and I really have no idea how much I might sell so I don't want to make too much.  I've also taken photos of things that I can made 'to order' if people are interested, and printed off some business cards with a proper trade name and everything....

In other news Youngest Cee has been to more interviews and turned down a full time job as it wasn't going to be easy to get to or in the sector he wanted to work in.  It was a good ego boost to be selected from the over 50 applicants though!  It looks like he might have a voluntary internship at one of the large museums in London - he was interviewed this week and they seemed very positive and will confirm next week.  He also has an interview on Monday for a short term paid internship at another organisation (I'm not goiing to jinx it - but if he gets it it's going to be a very pretigious thing for his CV).  He is quite nervous because he really, really wants to get the three month (possibly six month) opportunity - so good vibes for Monday morning would be appreciated!

Once Wednesday is out of the way I shall be writing and sending Christmas cards out as it will be December!  I have mostly bought all the things for the people I buy presents for, just a few bits and pieces if I see anything nice. Good grief - I am so organised! :)

However, I have let the housework lapse and so that will urgently need to be sorted out too - you can't quite write your name in the dust in some rooms.... but it's close!

Happy Sunday all! :)


Nov. 15th, 2015 03:17 pm
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I am glad my friends in Paris are safe.  I am sad that so many people still don't know if their friends and family are OK, and that terrorism exists.

Reflections about differences... )

In other news I have been making some stained glass things which has been fun.

Pictures )

In other, other news Youngest Cee has finally been to an interview for a job!  Unfortunately it is not in the least what he is interested in doing but he went along for the interview for practice and he's got a second interview on Monday.  He's so frustrated that he is not getting interviews for the sector he wants to work in.  However, he also has an induction for some voluntary work later next week, so maybe that will give him more experience if he gets to do some of voluntary work for a few weeks.

In yet more news, my internet connection is still playing up...


However, on Monday I get meet up with [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh, browse a local garden centre Christmas shop and have lunch which will be fun!
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Today's prompt is morning and over the last few years the morning has consisted of cats 'helping' to unwrap presents and this morning was no exception. Here is Lady (looking so pretty) sitting amongst the wrapping paper!


I hope everyone has a good, peaceful and enjoyable day today whatever you do! I'm rather looking forward to Doctor Who!

By the way - there is currently an offer to go on a Doctor Who walk in London on Amazon Local. Anyone fancy it? The price is down to £9 instead of £20 and you can use the voucher within the next 89 days.
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Yes indeed - we are in the last weekend of November.  I hope all those in the US and Canada enjoyed a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate.  The UK  seems to have adopted 'Black Friday' even though we don't actually have a Thanksgiving Day, but I suppose that's because a lot of the retailers sell across the world now via websites, so why not.  I have picked up some extremely good bargains, so I'm not complaining.  It did make my trip to our local town yesterday rather busy, and I was careful as some of the prices in store were not actually cheaper than buying online (thank goodness for being able to check that on my phone!).  Plus everywhere online seems to be offering free delivery anyway....

So - on we go to Christmas - I shall be sending cards to the usual suspects, but if you want a Christmas card from me, do let me know in comments (these are screened) or send me a private message with your RL name and address.  I do not expect a card in return :)

Also - as I've yet to start the online digital SLR course I subscribed to, and I need some inspriation to go out and practice with my camera I shall be starting this meme on Monday again this year (click to enlarge) - I apologise in advance for spammage:


It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!..... tra lah!
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Saturday was very busy as Mr Cee drove Youngest Cee back to Portsmouth on Saturday while I opted to stay home and de-deck the halls back to normality so as not to break the tradition of 12th Night here in the UK!

I was a bit worried about them driving down to Portsmouth as there were flood warnings there and when they set off it was absolutely tipping down with rain here.  I was also worried about the wind on the motorways, but evidently about 20 minutes into the 2 hour journey down the weather was vastly different from here and they had an uneventful sunny drive down.  They left at 10am and Mr Cee got back at 5pm as he'd stayed down to take YC out to lunch and help him with a couple of things that needed attention in the student house.

In the meantime I took down all the Christmas decorations and chopped off the branches of the Christmas tree so it was lighter to take outside.  This year our tree didn't last very well and each clip with the secateurs meant the living room rug was showered with nearly all the pine needles!  I'm still finding pine needles here and there, but it was good to get back to normality, although I always feel the house looks a little forlorn after having looked so bright and festive.  It was hard work as everything got a thorough clean.

So today has been a lazy day, apart from making some cream of cauliflower soup and a bread and butter pudding for lunch which I did when I got up we have been catching up with films we got for Christmas.  It's been lovely and relaxing and just what we needed.

Tomorrow we are both back in our respective London offices.  The 6.15am alarm is going to be a shock as we've rather been slipping into bad habits and going to bed too late and sleeping in!  Eeep!  Two weeks off has been lovely and I'm really not looking forward to going back in to work at all.

Sherlock later .... :)


Dec. 27th, 2013 08:17 am
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We had a good Christmas and Boxing Day and have all eaten too much!

Christmas at the Cees to spare you flist )

Our usual tradition of going to the cinema on Boxing Day was scuppered as there was nothing on that we all wanted to see, so I decided to play with my new mixer and made pasta. It has an accessory to make 6 different types of pasta, but as I already have a mechanical pasta machine to make flat pasta I decided to try the thing that extrudes pasta into tubes such as macaroni. It was fun and we ate the results last night. Yum.

We keep having to remind ourselves that it's Friday today! I'm so glad we are both at home as there are no trains to London until midday because we had yet another storm last night. No damage for us, but the railway companies are being cautious as there was a landslip on the main line on Christmas Eve. Further outside London (about 7 miles from us) there are towns and villages that have had to be evacuated and were without power for Christmas Day, so I think we were lucky!

Today I shall be mostly baking I think - happy Friday all!
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Very happy about having two whole weeks off! Back to work on the 6th January 2014 (and excuse me, but where is my flying car or my personal jet pack!!!).

It's been so busy for the last few weeks that I was knackered on Friday and ended up falling asleep at 9.30, but feel soooo much better for a long sleep.

Today we have been mostly cleaning the house, sorting out the last bits and pieces of the decorations and FINALLY hanging the outside (very simple) house lights. It's been incredibly wet and windy the last few days and that was a job that had to be put off every time we tried to do it.

This morning a friend came round for a coffee and a catch up and then I went to the hairdressers so my hair is now FABULOUS DAR-LING. This evening friends and neighbours will be popping in for our annual get together. I don't think many people are coming this year for various reasons, but no matter as those that do come will be very welcome.

There is one slight glitch in that we have rather been sucked in by Strictly Come Dancing this year - we started watching it for the Hairy Biker Dave and then had to see how far Patrick got, and I do rather like Sophie Ellis Bextor, and so have continued to watch right up to today when it's the final. We're going to have to record it and watch it tomorrow.

In the meantime, Youngest Cee is home and Eldest Cee is going to come home for a week long visit from tomorrow, so I shall have all my boys with me. The presents are wrapped, the food is either bought or will be delivered on Monday, there have been lovely f-list Christmas cards delivered (THANK YOU!), and everything is nearly ready for the big day.

And I have been taking photos for the Capturing December meme, so I will have to get around to posting those tomorrow I think.

Happy Saturday all!
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It's St Andrew's Day and I shall be celebrating my distant Scottish roots later (Scottish great grandfathers) by having a wee dram...

In the meantime this week we bought ourselves a new gadget with birthday money we both were given this month (it's great both of us having a birthday in the same month). It's this!

Read more... )

Gtec Air Ram vacuum cleaner which I have to say is incredibly impressive (and we love Dyson vacuums!). Very light and the fact it's cordless is brilliant. So far on one charge I've pretty much vacuumed the whole house..... twice... and it's still not run out of charge. We have a white and green version which came with a free additional battery pack.

What is it about British inventors and vacuum cleaners ..... ?

Please don't say they suck!


We haven't got rid of our large Dyson, but I can see it might stay in the cupboard under the stairs while we whizz around with this little cutie.

Today and tomorrow I am writing Christmas cards - shout if you'd like one and don't normally get one from me :D
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Hello all you Americans - I hope you are enjoying your Thursday of thanksgiving if you celebrate it, if not I'm sure it's fun to watch your version of football and watch parades and eat too much...

Today was just Thursday of course but Amazon UK seem to think we celebrate Black Friday which is confusing me as I had no idea what that was all about after I got about 15 emails about it...

In fact I get nothing BUT emails telling me to buy, buy, buy at the moment. I confess I just delete without opening as they annoy me so much!!

Anyway - I shall be sending Christmas cards to anyone who usually gets one from me this year, so if you would like a card and don't usually get one, just leave me a PM or reply to this post with your RL name and address (all comments are screened).
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It's that time again! If I usually send you a card, you will get one from me again this year. If you've moved since last year (and I think a couple of you have!) could you let me know your new address please? If you haven't had a card from me before, I can send you one if you'd like.

Comments are screened on this post, so I won't acknowledge them (it unscreens them!), but if you leave me address a card from me will be on it's way to you... :)

In view of the season I have changed my layout (oldie, but I love it, so here it is again...!).


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