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My 12th began quite early as the new-ish neighbours next door are quite noisy and I woke up when Mr NewNeighbour started up his loud motorbike at 6.30am and went off to work having had left it thrumming on the driveway for far too long a while.  I didn't have to be up, so I read more of A Million Years in a Day by Greg Jenner which is fascinating, funny and interesting all at the same time.  I'm finding I want to limit my reading time as it's so infomative, and I might have to read it again....

At 7.30am I decided I was being too lazy and so I got up, got dressed, made the bed and then headed downstairs for some breakfast.  All the kitties were asleep but all blinked at me and rolled over for tummy scritchings before falling asleep again.  I'd washed my hair the night before and left it to dry naturally so the next job was to get the hair straighteners out and sort out the rather odd haystack of hair before cleaning my teeth.  I decided to weigh myself as I am still trying to loose some weight and was pleased to find I'd lost another two pounds which was encouraging.

Our dishwasher and cooker were both scheduled to be replaced today as they were both on their last legs, but fortunately Mr Cee and I caught the end of the sales and managed to pick up replacements at reasonable prices.  Unfortunately that meant that last nights dishes had been left to soak as Mr Cee had disconnected everything ready for them to be taken away when the new ones arrived between 11.15 and 3.15.  My friend along the road had sent me a text asking if she could pop in to talk about Fitbit gadgets as she's planning to buy one and wanted to pick my brains, and that left a perfect amount of time to wash up by hand and give the kitchen a thorough tidy up and clean.

My friend and I had a good long chat and I showed her the difference between the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit Charge (I have the Charge, but had a Flex before), and she has decided to get the Flex.  She's not very tech-savvy, so we had a long chat about apps too and I showed her how to make the text on her iPhone larger as she can't see it very well.  It was nice to catch up.

Appliances annoyances.... )

At this point it was nearly time for the last one of the chocolate making course I've been doing for the past 3 weeks at my local College, so I grabbed a quick bite to eat and Mr Cee dropped me down at the College (parking is terrible, so he's been taking/collecting me).

Chocolate.... )

On my way out of the building I had a chance for a quick catch up with my former colleague.  It sounds like I got out of the College rat race just in time as it's not a very nice atmosphere there any more.  I was pleased my colleague was still employed, but she is doing a lot more than she used to do for no extra salary!

Mr Cee was waiting for me outside and I got home about 9.30, so I had a quick shower and I tidied up the house before going to bed fairly early as I wanted to read my book again.  Lights out at 10.45 as I was really tired :)
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I've sorted out my photos so I am spamming you with them, but first:

A question a day for five days.
1. What is the meaning behind your LJ name?
2. What was your favourite childhood book or books?
3. What is your favourite recipe and why? Try to post the recipe if you have time.
4. What are the top 5 things on your wish list & have you done any of them?
5. What do you collect?
Question 2 )

As I explained yesterday a visit to the Globe Theatre and museum are well worth it and below the cut are some photos.
Read more... )

And finally, chocolate!  I went for my first two-hour session to my old College which has changed significantly since I worked there.  They are now offering catering courses and so an area that was second floor classrooms has been converted into a proper industry-standard kitchen.  It was impressive!

The course was great fun - we learned how to temper chocolate (and will get to do that ourselves from scratch in week three!) and make ganache using just water and tempered chocolate.  This was very ineresting as I've only made it using chocolate, butter and cream, and the teacher showed us the difference in taste by making both versions.  The water/tempered chocolate is much nicer.  The chap who was teaching us used to run his own handmade chocolate business, and still makes hand made chocolates for some loyal customers, but doesn't have time to do much now.  He was so enthusiastic it was very interesting.

Yesterday there was quite a bit of demonstration by him, but we did get to polish and fill some chocolate moulds, decorate them with some hand made honeycomb and then turn them out once they had set in the blast chiller.  I made three bars to bring home and they are delicious (shiny shiny chocolate!):
2015-01-29 21.06.13

Next week we get to made individual chocolates filled with flavoured ganache.  We can even bring in some alcohol if we want to as it's up to us what we flavour the fillings with.  Can't wait!
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It's now officially Autumn according to my journal page. I really love the dusky pinks in the photos in the header.

It is very frustrating that I am still officially off work (working from home). I've been walking about a lot more and I don't need to crutches now, so tomorrow (the day off in my working week) I have decided to bite the bullet and drive to our local town and have a look around. It's only a 15 minute drive, and I'm sure my foot (which is stiff, rather than painful) will survive. I may even pop up to London on Friday and see everyone just to see if my foot will cope with all the walking to and from the underground station (this will very much be dependent on how Wednesday goes!). This is the fourth week I've been away from the office and I really miss seeing everyone.

Next week Mr Cee and I are on holiday. We don't have much planned, but the end of the week coincides with our 30th wedding anniversary, so we are off to Stratford upon Avon (birthplace of Mr Shakespeare) for a long weekend break - just the two of us (my neighbour is going to pop in an feed the many cats).

Also it's officially CHOCOLATE WEEK this week! You HAVE to eat chocolate this week - and none of the Galaxy stuff which is full of palm oil which contributes to the deforestation of parts of our planet (often listed as 'plant oil'). *nods and gets off soapbox*.

So go and find some GOOD chocolate and try it - some lovely ideas here, but I'd recommend organic if possible (Green and Blacks and Lindt are the easiest to find, but Hotel Chocolat is everywhere now), and be daring and look for higher content of cocoa solids - which doesn't mean it has to be dark chocolate btw.

Mmmmmm. Chocolate.......

Also- I rather like the new posting interface which helps you learn html ;)


Sep. 16th, 2012 10:52 am
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The car is packed ready to take Youngest Cee to university after lunch so I'm killing time and came across this blog about chocolate. Lots of reviews for a passionate chocoholic like me. Plus recipes and other delightful information!

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The last month for my 'Chocolate Heaven' calendar, and so it's the last chocolate recipe :(

Having said that it's the only recipe I've ever come across that is practically no-cook for Christmas Log, and one where you could substitute ingredients to suit any intolerances. :)

recipe )

In other news most of the snow has melted from the trees now. We still have a lot of ice on the pavements and roads along where I live, but out on the main roads it's fairly clear with slush and piles of snow where it was piled up. Unfortunately the temperature is set to plummet tonight so I imagine we will have to be careful of black ice tomorrow.

We have more heavy snow forecast for Wednesday according to some websites, but nothing at all according to other websites....! Who knows! LOL!

Happy Sunday! :)


Nov. 1st, 2010 07:14 pm
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It's the 1st of November so I've turned over my chocolate heaven calendar for the penultimate chocolate recipe for this year.

Chocolate Fudge cupcakes )


Oct. 25th, 2010 12:11 pm
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*slurps coffee*

I am feeling much calmer after the last few weeks, and I've even had a chance to catch up with Lj! Today is the first day of my week off - although I have got work to do! Today I'm finalising personal statements which get attached to university applications. Some of my students are on version number 7, and they still haven't quite got there yet.... so I've put aside today to help via email. After today they are on their own though!

In between the deadlines at work I did manage a few more interesting things -

chocolate week picspam )

I shall hopefully be around more this week, so expect more ramblings later :)
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I look like the icon picture. Well not literally as that would be silly, but I feel like it looks today.

Read more... )The Upshot of this is that I'm going to have to pull out of organising the trip to London to visit the Globe in October.  I'm really sorry, but I just don't have the time to do this properly and I'd feel awful if I let everyone down.

In other better news though - it's NATIONAL CHOCOLATE WEEK next week and I've started celebrating with Lindt 'hint of salt' chocolate which is absolutely fantastic.  Next weekend we're off to an exhibition all about chocolate.  I will be posting pictures!

I have been reading everyone's entries, but I apologise for lack of comments - Lj has been really slow to let me post and usually I have to rush off somewhere.  Sorry!!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

Oooo yum!!

Oct. 2nd, 2010 12:45 pm
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I completely forgot October began yesterday - so I didn't turn over my chocolate heaven calendar!! This month's recipe sounds absolutely indulgent and is full of alcohol and chocolate.. definitely avoid this if you are on a weight loss programme! LOL!

Chocolate Amaretti Cake under here for those wishing to avoid the calories! )

In other non-chocolate-y news - I have survived another week, and thank goodness for my colleagues as without the support we give each other I don't think we'd make it!! It's very stressful still at work with so few people doing so much work. Everyone looks exhausted by the end of the week, and for the second week running I fell asleep on the sofa at 9pm on Friday night!

The good news is that our teaching rooms are spread between the 5th and 9th floor of the College building and I've found myself running up and downstairs for two weeks (the lifts take ages!). The first week it was killing me, but this week I trotted upstairs from the 5th-9th floors with two 19 year olds and I was the one not gasping when we reached the top \0/

Happy weekend everyone! :D


Sep. 1st, 2010 06:07 pm
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Yes, it's the first of the month and so I turned over my Chocolate Heaven calendar to reveal this month's chocolate delight which is........

Chilli Chocolate Truffles )

In other news - I'm back at work which is horribly hectic and it feels like I've been at work for two weeks, not two days!

There is discontent and upset amongst the staff and morale is quite low, but my Department is muddling through with the usual good humour which is helping. I also got hugs from the colleagues I shared an office with last year as they are in a different building from me now (which was lovely!) as I had to go and visit them today. :)

Tomorrow I am up in London for a meeting (boo!), but I have been sneaky and said I can't possibly come into work for the rest of the day as the meeting will go on too long ;) This is especially good news as the boys are still at home tomorrow and Mr Cee is working from home too (so I get to have a lie in \0/!)
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Time for another chocolate recipe.

Scrumptious Chocolate Cake )
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I realised today that I didn't post the chocolate recipe from my calendar for April, but as it was a boring chocolate cake I don't think anyone will miss it really.

I have however turned over the calendar this morning to find that there is 'Saucy Chocolate Pudding' which I shall be making this evening.

Work stuff is not very good at the moment and to add insult to injury we've now been given notification that OfSTED (the school/college inspectors) are going to come and inspect us at the end of May. AAAAAAAARGH!!!! Chocolate is definitely called for!!

Saucy Chocolate Pudding for those interested )

March 1st!

Mar. 1st, 2010 04:40 pm
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Which means it's a new chocolate recipe from my calendar. This one is definitely lovely and I've made it before...

Deliciously Delectable Chocolate Pots

Read more... )
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It's the first of February so I turned over my 'Chocolate Heaven' calender this morning to find a recipe for Chocolate Mousse Delight.

Indulgent and delicious. Definitely trying this one!

recipe under here for chocoholics )
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Happy New Year to everyone! 2010 doesn't feel that different to 2009 to be honest! :)

I bought myself a 2010 calendar a few months back because it appealed to me. It's call the 2010 Chocolate Heaven calendar and every month has a chocolate recipe, so I thought I'd share these every month (if I remember!).

There can never be too much chocolate :D

JANUARY - Lusciously Layered Chocolate Drink
Read more... )
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UK Chocolate week comes to a close today :(

So I leave you with two final chocolate icons -

Many more chocolate and food icons can be found here in my scrapbook.

Want, have, take...

Diet starts Monday ;)
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UK Chocolate week comes to a close today :(

So I leave you with two final chocolate icons -

Many more chocolate and food icons can be found here in my scrapbook.

Want, have, take...

Diet starts Monday ;)
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My kind of week! This should have gone on my previous list, but I didn't hear about it in time. So I'm spamming instead! :)

Under the cut - how to tell good chocolate (Appearance, Aroma, Touch, Sound, Mouthfeel, Flavour and After Taste).... *drools just thinking about it*!!!!

How to Tell Good Chocolate - try not to think about chocolate after reading this - I dare you! )

Offers for UK chocolate lovers can be found here: www.chocolate-week.co.uk/offers.php in honour of chocolate week which begins tomorrow (13th) and ends on the 19th! 

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My kind of week! This should have gone on my previous list, but I didn't hear about it in time. So I'm spamming instead! :)

Under the cut - how to tell good chocolate (Appearance, Aroma, Touch, Sound, Mouthfeel, Flavour and After Taste).... *drools just thinking about it*!!!!

How to Tell Good Chocolate - try not to think about chocolate after reading this - I dare you! )

Offers for UK chocolate lovers can be found here: www.chocolate-week.co.uk/offers.php in honour of chocolate week which begins tomorrow (13th) and ends on the 19th! 

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There's a story in today's Metro London freebie newspaper about the freshness of chocolate.

Not something I'd considered before... but apparently if you buy chocolate now for giving as a gift over the holiday season it's already not particularly fresh, having been made at Easter.

To be very very fresh, chocolate should only be made in November for the end of December.

Long life chocolate produced by the major brands contains large amounts of fat, sugar and/or alcohol to preserve the product which ruins the fresh flavour. Highest quality chocolate needs gentle refrigeration to keep it fresh (too harsh and the sugar will rise to the surface as a 'bloom' ruining the flavour).

There should also be very careful choice between the relationship of the filling and the chocolate used (even down to where the chocolate was farmed) so that the acidity of the chocolate cuts through the appropriate filling....

Anyone else hungry...????

choccy icons...want have take..


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