Apr. 7th, 2017 10:31 am
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24: Is there someone out there you would trust with every single one of your secrets?
I have no secrets from Mr Cee, so that answers that one :)

In other news it's amazingly sunny here in the SE of England we have had three days of sun and fairly good temperatures (it's reached around 21C in my back garden at the height of the day).  Tomorrow it's supposed to be reaching around 24C which is unheard of for April! Lovely.

I am very grateful I have removable covers on my sofa as one of the cats had barfed on it last night. No idea which one, and it's annoying as in the old house we could shut the door to the front room so they couldn't get to the sofa at night. Open plan is lovely, but frustrating sometimes.I have two loads of laundry on the line outside already drying including the footstool cover and I shall be off to Pilates in a minute.

No [ profile] thefridayfive yet, but it's early in the day and I may post later if they turn up.
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4. How do you take your coffee/tea?

I don't really drink tea except on the odd occasion and when we go out to have an Afternoon Tea somewhere. Then it's Oolong - fairly weak and no milk/sugar. Coffee is black and medium strong - I hate weak coffee and if it's too strong it's too bitter for me. I do like espresso after a meal out and I like having it served in the Italian tradition with a glass of water. I usually put sugar in it too.

My drink of choice is always water.

No [ profile] thefridayfive questions yet, so I might post later if they turn up.

Tiger had to go to the vet yesterday for his routine cat flu jab. He's now 14 years old and is starting to look like an old cat and sleeps a lot. The vet said that he's remarkably healthy though which is a good thing. He certainly gets very lively in the garden on a warm day and chases the other cats. The vet was examining him and Tiger just purred and rubbed all around the vet's hands - he's such a sweet cat. Unfortunately it looks like he will have to have his remaining teeth out as the auto-immune problem he has is causing the gums to be sore again. The vet says he will be fine without them, and it will make his life a lot more pleasant, so we're going to have to think about it. :(

In other news I bought myself one of these Leef iBridge camera sticks ages ago and finally got around to using it to take the photos off my phone. I have a 16Gb iphone and the photos are always taking up too much memory, especially if I video anything. It's such a simple way of backing up the photos and I'd highly recommend it. Now my photos and videos are on my laptop safely (as well as in the Amazon Prime photo cloud and Dropbox *g*).

My new Smart car is ready to be collected. I'm hoping we can go tonight, but it might have to be tomorrow *excited* ETA: We can pick it up tonight! \0/ 
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My entry for [ profile] monthlydiaryday is under the cut as yesterday was the 12th.

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It was a good weekend as along with the above we managed to get a lot of stones out of the flower bed at the front of the house. Presumably it was a rockery of some kind at one point. Lots of crappy paving slabs and blocks, but also some rather nice large pink granite rocks which I shall save.

Later this morning I'm going over to see [ profile] lilachigh's garden and have coffee. I'm hoping the promised sunshine will continue today as I've risked putting some laundry on the washing line outside. I shall pick her brains about plants while I'm there. I need inspiration as I'm really keen to redesign our back garden over this summer. It will be a slow process as it's expensive so I don't want to make mistakes!

Happy Monday all!
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The [ profile] thefridayfive questions were a little late and missed by me as I was offline for quite a bit over Saturday cleaning all the things! Upside - my house is ridiculously shiny and clean and we had a nice evening with our new next door neighbours.

So I shall post today instead. These were originally posted by [ profile] ariestess at The Friday Five for 3 February 2017


  1. How many pets have you had at one time? The most pets I have had at one time was when we had four fish and four cats. That was a while ago as we have lost two of the fish and at the moment we have two fancy goldfish and four cats.

  2. What is the strangest pet you have ever had? I don't think I've ever had a strange pet! Friends do seem to think it's odd that we don't name the fish, but I can't see the point. The two fish we have at the moment are nearly 9 years old, but they still don't have names ;)

  3. What is the coolest trick you have ever taught a pet? You really can't teach cats, but they do pick up tricks by themselves. Tiger (the oldest cat at 14) has a trick he's learned by himself which is to tap you with his paw if he wants a stroke and you aren't paying attention to him. It's something he's only just started to do over the past few months. Maybe we look at our phones too much....! All the cats know when it's near food time and often will sit and stare at us until we give in and fill their bowls.

  4. Real animals: What animal have you always wanted as a pet? I would like to own a horse and get back to riding, but I know how much time and effort they take to look after. The only way I would want to have one is if I lived on land where I didn't have to travel to keep it. That's unlikely in the South East suburbs of London.

  5. Imaginary animals: Describe the ideal pet, an animal that doesn't really exist. I would like a dog that didn't poop. I like the idea of a dog as a pet and taking long walks with it, but I wouldn't like to clean up poop on the walks :)

That was fun!  Mr Cee is making roast chicken for lunch which is starting to smell delicious. I think after yesterday's busy tidying and cleaning we will have a quiet afternoon in front of the TV :D
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I spent most of the morning on social media which was probably a mistake. So this post is about positive things...

  • I have a comfy space I posted about in my Friday meme and I took a photo of it today. It's my pine rocking chair where I sit and do my current cross stitch embroidery. The embroidery is not getting much attention at the moment but it's out of the way there and it's a reminder that I need to spend a little bit of time on it every day. I made the crochet throw over the back of the chair and I think it looks good there.

  • Lady has found a nice warm place to sit when the weather has been cold. This is where the TiVo sits and she likes sitting on top of it. Every now and again I have to keep clearing the cat hair out of the air vents!


  • I found a new cleaner and polish for my quartz worktops and spent part of this afternoon cleaning them to within an inch of their lives. They are super shiny and look great.

Postive things *nods*

*hugs to everyone*
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  • Mr Cee has been sorting out bills and we are rather surprised to find that we are only paying £10 a month for electricity at the moment. This is partially because we have a pot of money that the electricity company owe us from the last house, but it is also because this house is more efficient and we have free electricity on a Saturday between 9 and 5 (when I do all the washing and tumble drying and charge ALL the things). The solar panels are also probably helping. Cool!

  • I did not sleep well last night, but for some reason I have not really felt tired all day. I don't know why I didn't sleep well, but I suspect Tiger was yowling around the house which he does every now and again. I gave up at 2am and got up and read my book for a while before snoozing a bit on the sofabed in the spare room. Tonight I shall put my earplugs in and ignore him!

  • There will be Chinese food tonight in honour of Chinese New Year (a little early) - the year of the Rooster. We have one of those last name Coat of Arms plaques that someone bought us a long time ago.  There are cockerels on the shield (those who know me in RL may know why). :)

[ profile] thefridayfive questions have not materialised, but [ profile] slaymesoftly has been given some by someone else, so under the cut are my answers to those a day late.

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Ack - someone is letting off fireworks. Maybe they are celebrating Chinese New Year or it could be someone's birthday. The cats do not seem to be bothered.

Happy Saturday :)
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Digging this one out again as it's a good set of prompts and the last time I did it was AGES ago!!

Book of Days

Outside my window: It's dark now, but we've actually seen some sunshine today which was very welcome after 4 very dull, dark days. I had to get my sunglasses out driving back from my glass class today!
My thoughts... I'm a bit bored at the moment to be honest. Mostly because what I want to do involves being outside in the garden and it's too cold/rainy at the moment.
More under here )
In other news - I know it's not very popular but I've rewatched all three of the latest Sherlock series and I rather enjoyed it. The last one included nods to the stories again and I do think that's clever. There were a few small things that annoyed me, and I think the best episode was the second one, but as a possible series end it was OK. I have a feeling we may not have any more Sherlock as BC and MF are so busy now, but it's been a good update/adaptation of the characters and overall I've enjoyed all the episodes we've had over the past 7 years even if some of them had to be watched more than once to unravel them.
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I have been stuck inside because of the weather. It is nice to be home with family and Mr Cee and I sat and watched some BluRay films and caught up with lots of TV we had recorded yesterday which was lovely. At least the rain has finally got rid of the snow.

However, it's the kind of weather where it is dull all day. It's been raining heavily all day today and the cats and I are tired of it. I have been playing with the younger ones with one of those laser pointer pens over the last two days and they have been having a lot of fun. This was prompted by Tippi's visit to the vet last week - she is the smallest cat and is as heavy now as her much larger brother and sister. She is almost round, so she needs exercise! She likes the game and waits for me to pick up the laser pointer. I moved it this morning without using it as a game and she was NOT happy. She doesn't 'talk' much, but she will meep her dismay if things don't go her way. Tiger, who has seen it all before, watches them and plays the elder statesman.

On Friday [ profile] eurydice72 posted a new meme from [ profile] thefridayfive which is an interesting comm. I have joined and the five questions for last Friday are under the cut. I shall try and keep future meme answers to Fridays.

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It's supposed to be very dull and miserable all next week - I am hoping for brief sunny intervals!
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I'm going to try and focus on positive stuff in posts this year as suggested by [ profile] curiouswombat via [ profile] beloved4always.

Positive things for today:
- thick frost, low temperatures but glorious sunshine today.
- a two mile walk with Mr Cee this morning to have brunch.
- delicious home made broccoli and Stilton quiche to finish up the left over cheese for dinner.
- fireworks this evening somewhere nearby but Zero and Tiger ignored them and snoozed.

Good stuff!
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Zero has knocked one of the basement windows out (it's not fixed in place yet), so he was actually trying to get into the basement in the right hand photo....

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We live next door to Buffy fans! The cats are called Buffy (a calico and white female cat) and Spike (a black and white male cat). We found out when chatting to our neighbour today.


A fun day!

Oct. 11th, 2016 06:50 pm
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Saturday went well with my former neighbours enjoying the food (which I really enjoyed preparing) and much laughter and fun was had, so it was worth the hard work of preparing lots of lovely Greek dishes from scratch.  I wouldn't like to do it every week though *g*

Today [ profile] lilachigh came over to see my new house (bringing a really lovely house warming gift of a gorgeous flower planter with pretty flowers in) and of course that meant we spent the time talking, putting the world to rights and eating far.too.much!  I was pleased that she likes my house and said she could see why I loved it.  I do love it.

We went to one of my favourite Greek restaurants for lunch which was super scrummy. I am still stuffed as I had hummus to start and a wonderful piece of grilled salmon (they really know how to cook fish at the restaurant - always delicious).  Mr Cee was working from home today and had to run an errand this morning, but got home just as we were going to lunch and so we were chauffeured there and he came down later and brought us home after we had finished eating.

After [ profile] lilachigh left to go home we whizzed over to our local tile retailer and have FINALLY (hopefully) found tiles to use on our kitchen walls which are only painted which is not very practical behind the sink or the hob as it doesn't wash down very well.  Instead there will be white and grey veined teeny marble tiles.  These are also not very practical, but will look fabulous and hopefully can be sealed to make them stain resistant.

Tiger the cat is not very well - he has had a flare up of his autoimmune issues and has had to have an anti-inflammatory injection today.  He did NOT want to go to the vet, but it was a really quick visit and he is home and snoozing now.

Tomorrow is the 12th so it's [ profile] monthlydiaryday entry day.  I shall be note taking throughout the day.... ;)
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It's monthly diary day at [ profile] monthlydiaryday - under the cut for my day today.... It's been a fun day for three of the cats :)

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Mr Cee is drilling again - this time he is trying to put up the towel rail in our ensuite bathroom which has the same pesky porcelain tiles as the main bathroom.  He may be some time!  I was hoping to avoid listening to him as I've been out this morning learning how to make Italian breads at a local teashop.  The workshop started at 9am (a bit eeek for a Sunday!), but was great fun and very hands-on.  There were seven of us and we made Foccacia, Ciabatta rolls and Pane Siciliano (Sicilian sesame seed bread) throughout the morning and had a very nice lunch with a glass of wine as well!  I have come home with lovely bread still warm from the oven and even though I've made the first two types of bread before it was very interesting to see how someone else does it and the last bread was a new one for me.  Under the cut for a photo of some of the breads cooling:

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The baker leading the workshop has a small artisan bread business and supplies several shops in the area.  She had some excellent tips and was very interesting to talk to.

In other news our house is slowly coming together and looking more like home.  A lot of the storage has been sorted out (we now have a shoe cupboard in hall way and hooks for coats and keys) and we have a few things up on the wall.  A new sofa has been bought for the second sitting room and new curtains are ready to go up once Mr Cee has put up the curtain track.  The new lawn has had it's first cut and I've put some decking oil on the new deck so that it's protected from the weather.  I am charging the camera and should be able to post some photos soon as promised.

Unfortunately the poor cats are still locked indoors as the chap who was supposed to be sorting out a cat flap in the bifold doors has let us down and not followed through with his promise to get this sorted out for us.  It's so frustrating - although only Tiger seems to want to go outside (he keeps pawing at the window).  I am loathe to let them out before they have a way of getting back in for themselves if we can't call them in, so they are going to have to wait until we can find someone else to sort it out (hopefully fairly quickly!).

Youngest Cee has had an interview for a temporary archive job in Uxbridge on Friday, but was just pipped at the post by someone with slightly more experience.  They were very positive in feedback and are going to call him on Monday to talk to him about how he did as they sent a long email explaining how they thought he interviewed very well and it was a shame they couldn't offer him the position.

Right - I'm off to sort through a few more boxes ..... Happy Sunday!
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I've been looking back at the [ profile] writerconuk get togethers that have gone on over the years as I've been designing the programme for this 10th anniversary year. For a small group, we've managed to have some fun meet ups and these can be summarised:

- Nottingham Novotel - Minimeet 2006
- Highgate Cemetery, London: 2006
- Nottingham Novotel—Minimeet 2007
- London Aquarium Minimeet 2008
- Reading: Midimeet 2008
- Coventry Ramada: Midimeet 2009-2010, The Event 2011-2016

It's pretty impressive isn't it? I do remember trying to organise some other meet ups between the 'official' ones and failing on one occasion as I broke my foot!

ETA: I have been reminded that we also went to the British museum at one point! I must look that up!

In other news there are a couple of cats who live next door, and one of them has obviously been making himself at home in the garden while our house was empty. His name is Spike and I'm dying to find out if it's because of Buffy! He's around 13 years old (I think!). Our new neighbours are very friendly and even popped in a card and a bottle of wine to say welcome to the road. We've also found out that the Dad is a Marvel fan.... I can see we have fallen amongst OUR people.... LOL!

However, I digress - Lady has been watching Spike from a distance for a couple of days and this afternoon he came a little closer. Lady was very interested:
It could be interesting when they are allowed out..... Spike is very like Zero in colouring, so we may end up getting very confused about who is in the garden.....
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[ profile] writerconuk is merely a hop and a skip away and there are 19 people coming for the 10th anniversary Event (see?).  There's still time to sign up if you want to come to Coventry and meet everyone.  It's small and friendly and fun - I'd recommend it! Plus there are cocktails and a banquet and dressing up (sorry, cosplay) if you feel like it, and also laughter and good times with fandom peeps.

In other news - we have been at our new home for over a week now, and it's been quite a slog getting everything sorted out and we are still missing wardrobes (so my bedroom is a bit of a mess!) but we are feeling very much at home now.  Mr Cee had today off and spent most of it putting shelves in cupboards and hooks on doors and as a result LOADS of things are now tidy.  On a positive note, I have been racking up the steps on my Fitbit by walking miles around the house!!

The chap who going to install a catflap in one of the glass doors of our bifold doors is coming this evening to measure up. Hopefully making the new pane of glass with a hole in it won't take too long as we've decided to wait until they have a catflap before we let them out for the first time. They aren't interested in 'outside' at the moment and are not rushing to the doors when we open them (which makes life easy), so a week or so more will get them ready to venture into their new territory.

Tippi is clearly not wanting to go out anytime soon!

Later there will be homemade pasta bake, garlic bread and wine! Happy Friday all! :)
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My kitties under the cut.....

Photos! )
Moving news... there is no news.  The exchange of contracts has not happened yet because there is a clause about the laying of the lawn between exchange and completion which our vendor has not confirmed with her solicitor.  It's a communication problem as she's in Spain and hopefully will be resolved in the next couple of days. Also - there's some good news with all the changing of the prices for the move as some of the taxes have lowered as a result which means our overall bill will be lower \0/

I have no motivation to do anything though because until we have exchanged and have a date to move there's not much else to do at the moment.  So I've been putting together the quiz for [ profile] writerconuk and looking longingly at stuff for my dollshouse which I'm all motivated to get on with, but I can't (boo!).  I did sort of accidentally buy the matching basement, and a couple of bits of furniture in a sale.... ooops.

Mr Cee has sold a load of stuff on eBay including his old motorbike which is cool and I have folding money to pay in to the family savings account tomorrow.

All good!
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Good grief the last time I did this was here on the 6th of April!!

OK I am definitely putting under a cut the books I've read since then as no-one needs that cluttering up their f-list...

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What I am reading now:
The Unexpected Gift of Joseph Bridgeman (The Downstream Diaries Book 1) - Nick Jones: I have been pleasantly surprised by this book. I can't really give much away about it apart from saying it involves time travel, but I'd recommend it so far. I'm about three quarters of the way through and I really have no idea how it's going to end. Written in the first person, but don't let that put you off. I'm hoping for a further series (and am encouraged by the 'Book 1' reference).

What am I reading next:
Nick Jones has written two more books, and I may be tempted to try the first of those particularly as it's currently free in the Kindle store: The Whisper of Stars: A science-fiction thriller (Hibernation Series Book 1). I also have the last in the series of the Odd Thomas books (book 7 - Saint Odd) and I would like to know how Dean Koonz ends the story.

In other news the house move continues forward. Our solicitor expects us to be moving around the first week of August, so I'm hoping that will be the case as it's not that far off and I'd really like confirmation of dates soon! The sorting of 'stuff' continues....

Unfortunately Zero has a recurrance of the eye infection he got last year which the vet now thinks might be an allergy to something at this time of year. Of course this means eye drops three times a day and he's a little scamp and keeps hiding from me as he HATES having them in his eye. Poor baby :(

Happy thing for today (number 22 for the year) is learning things. Inspired by [ profile] curiouswombat's post about the flower festival in her neck of the woods I have signed up for a five week "Spring Flowers" floristry course in April of next year. They also have a longer course if you want to learn how to make your own designs, so I might do that if I enjoy the short course.
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For those following - this is the original meme list.  Today's question is: Your life in 7 years

I shall be scary old by then!  Eeep!  I still won't be eligible to claim my state pension, and I am assuming I probably won't be drawing on any of my private pension schemes, but that might depend on whether Mr Cee wants to take early retirement from his job (he can retire at 60).  So let's make a 'pie in the sky' list -

  • I shall be very settled in our bungalow home.  We will have added the utility room and put in the sun tunnels a couple of the rooms need to brighten them up.  I will have a purpose built glass workshop in the garden.

  • I shall be making money from the stained glass items I sell online and at craft fairs (I can dream!)

  • Youngest Cee will be living not too far away in his own place that we will have helped him to decorate and update.  Eldest Cee will have bought a new place.  Both boys will be happy and have jobs they enjoy.  It would be nice if they had significant others (or even their own young family) but as long as they are happy I'll be happy.

  • Tiger the cat may still be with us (but he'll be 20 years old by then, so I doubt it!). I am sure the other three will still be with us as they will all be 11.

  • If Mr Cee has taken early retirement he may be working as a consultant.  We will have celebrated our Ruby wedding anniversary.

Well that all sounds OK.  I wonder if Lj will still be around so I can check this.  In fact, I wonder what will happen if Lj goes?  I have so many entries on here that reflect things I have been doing since I started the journal back in 2005 - good grief I'd hate to loose all that!  I found some of my written diaries I used to keep and spent about 40 minutes looking through them yesterday reliving old events and recalling people I used to know back in the day.  I'm glad I am keeping a journal here too.

Today is a glass making day I think as it's dreary.  There will be belly dancing class later :)


Mar. 7th, 2016 10:07 am
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Well, this post certainly sparked some interest! Then there was a friending meme my good friend [ profile] teragramm came up with and it all got lovely and busy on Lj again!

Alongside the 100 happy things meme which I am in the middle of doing I'd also do this one that I've seen around my f-list to encourage me to post a bit more.  However - I am rather stumped by Day 28 and not sure about some of the other questions (this is clearly for young whippersnappers).  Anyway I'll give it a go and it also serves as an introduction to several new friends who have come my way as a result of all this.

Day 1 - Write some basic things about yourself:
Under here for those interested.. )

Oh and today's happy thing (number 17) is Spring.  It's on it's way!!! Look cute baby narcissi in my window box and also at the base of my minature peach tree which is also starting to get some blossom:

Happy Monday!


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