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Today's prompt is your winter wonderland and over the last couple of days we've had some chilly mornings with quite thick frost.  It's also been gloriously sunny so the frost has not lasted too long, although this morning it was only 1 degree C so it's still hanging around.  Mr Cee and I decided to walk down to our local town for a bit of exercise this morning so I took the camera.

I realy like how the frost is still on this roof, and is the shape of the chimney stack which is obscuring the sun :)

2014-12-30 12.34.44

Frost can be so pretty - here it is on the car:

2014-12-30 12.34.19

Heh - couldn't resist *iz 12*:

2014-12-30 12.34.32
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Yesterday's prompt was words - and that was very apt as Mr Cee and a couple of friends went to London to take part in the Christmas Carol: Dickens walk.

It was great fun and very enjoyable hearing about the history behind the story, Dickens' life and walking around the areas thought to be where Dickens got his inspiration from. We heard a lot about how he wrote - so very relevant to the prompt!

More with photos under here... )

Today's prompt is sky view and I'm cheating a bit by posting a photo from yesterday. We went up onto the viewing platform of a shopping mall near to St Pauls Cathedral to see the spectacular view:

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I missed the Boxing day prompt because of an unexpected friends popping in to visit in the morning and in the afternoon we were out seeing the third part of The Hobbit.

Hobbit musings.... )

Yesterday's prompt was grateful and I am grateful for friends and family!  It's been a very busy few days - we had a lovely Christmas day and I was very spoiled and recieved some lovely surprise presents.  I hope everyone had a good day whatever you celebrate.

Today's prompt is night time.  It's got so dark today at 2.15pm that I had to put the lights on to see what I was doing!  It's been raining quite a lot and this has not helped.  No snow though which was forecast (we are too far South).  This is the night time view of the Christmas cards we received this year (thank you to all who sent them!).  The candles are not real - they are electric candles which flicker very realistically and have fooled several guests this year!

2014-12-27 17.45.42

Mr Cee is off taking Eldest Cee home now - it has been lovely to see him for a week and we have been invited to visit with him on his birthday.  As I made an error and bought him a recipe book for making puddings and cakes using a mug in a microwave, and he hasn't actually got a microwave in his flat (ooops!) I think we know what we will be buying him in February!

Tomorrow we are off on "A Christmas Carol" London walk with friends which should be fun and most welcome as I feel a bit like a couch potato and need to burn off some calories!!
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Today's prompt is morning and over the last few years the morning has consisted of cats 'helping' to unwrap presents and this morning was no exception. Here is Lady (looking so pretty) sitting amongst the wrapping paper!


I hope everyone has a good, peaceful and enjoyable day today whatever you do! I'm rather looking forward to Doctor Who!

By the way - there is currently an offer to go on a Doctor Who walk in London on Amazon Local. Anyone fancy it? The price is down to £9 instead of £20 and you can use the voucher within the next 89 days.
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Yesterday's prompt was tradition and I didn't get a chance to post as I was busy doing the last of the Christmas cleaning and tidying.  Which I suppose in itself is a bit of a tradition - I always really clean all the things at the beginning of Christmas week so that I don't feel guilty about not bothering so much once Christmas has started.

Another tradition we have had since we moved to this house is to have the neighbours round for an Open House which always goes well.  Unfortunately this year we haven't been able to do that for a variety of reasons mostly involving Mr Cee being busy, however last night we invited two neighbouring couples we are particularly friendly with to come and have a pre-Christmas drink. The six of us ended up spending the evening having a great deal of fun playing cards and listening to Christmas music.  I think this may become a new tradition and it went into the wee small hours.  Poor Mr Cee had to go to work today (but is apparently surviving OK) we have some other friends coming round this evening....

Today's prompt is scarf and here is a photo of my many scarves:
2014-12-23 09.43.41
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Today's prompt is peace and I've had a peaceful day finishing off the crochet throw I have been making.  I have been helped by all the kitties at some point.  Today it's been incredibly windy and although the younger three rather enjoy running around outside chasing bits of leaf, after a while they get a bit tired of it.

So most of the time today I've had a cat sitting nearby or on my lap.  Mr Cee is out this evening, first of all teaching a karate class, and then they are going to a local restaurant for their Christmas meal.  So I have control of the TV remote (!) and can relax and watch what I fancy this evening.  I have had a shower and washed my hair and all the kitties are sitting with me, although Zero has pride of place:

2014-12-21 20.37.40
It's all very peaceful!
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Yesterday evening Mr Cee and I went up to London to take part in an open topped bus tour of the London Christmas lights.  It was an offer through Amazon Local, and as we haven't been up to London during the evening for a while we've not seen many of the usual festive displays.

We left at 5.30 as we needed to be right by the Tower of London to pick up the coach at 6.15.

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Today's prompt from the Capturing December meme is tree topper and here is a picture of mine which is the same as last year.  I took the basic star shaped ornament which I got in the local 'pound' shop (for £1) and dressed it up a bit.  I'm pleased with it.

2014-12-20 15.09.45
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Mr Cee and I are going out on an open bus tour to see the London Christmas lights soon, but I thought I'd post about today's prompt which is candy cane.

The problem I have is that we just don't have any candy canes!!  They are available in the shops, but they've never really been a tradition over in the UK and so I haven't got into the habit of buying them.  Instead what I do tend to buy each year is chocolate ornaments for our Christmas tree, and chocolate coins.  The boys both have a bag of 'coins' in their stockings, and I have totally pinched the idea of putting them in bowls of fruit from [livejournal.com profile] deborahw37 (and most splendid they look with satsumas!).

However, if I see a Christmas candy cane ornament while we are out I will try and remember to photograph it and post it tomorrow!  I'm hoping to take a few photos tonight, but I'm not sure how well my camera will cope, I'll let you know!

Laterz! :)
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I completely forgot to post a photo yesterday, even though I took the photo itself *headdesk*.  Under the cut for more of the meme.

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Also - I have a few Christmas icons!  Help yourself if the fancy takes you!

candle1 Xmas cat1 Xmas stockings Xmas lights1 Xmas cat

I have no excuse really - I meant to do more, but I got caught up in [livejournal.com profile] noel_of_spike as my posting day was today and as I'm so out of practice it took me ages to do something arty!  Anyway the results are under the cut if anyone is interested.

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Today's prompt is Christmas Lights and here in the UK more and more people are starting to put up lights outside the house.  Since I've lived in my house (around 22 years) these have slowly increased and now there is a block in the middle of the road where everyone seems to be trying to out-do each other.  It's a bit bright if I'm honest and I'm not a huge fan of the flashy lights, but one garden has some deer and it was only when I went out today to photograph the road that I realised they move!!

2014-12-16 17.30.53
They are a bit spooky.... and look a bit lonely (clicky for bigger although my camera was struggling with the lighting)
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Today's prompt is favourite holiday song

To be honest I rather dislike the holiday songs that you hear in the shops everywhere at the moment.  The really annoying shops also have those toys like 'dancing Santa' which play a tune and small children do rather enjoy turning those on so the raucous noise from those and the muzak really make me leave the shop almost immediately! LOL!

I do like hymns - though we don't go to church - but I do remember being in the school choir and learning all the descant parts to the Christmas carols.  I can still remember the descant part for Hark the Herald Angel's Sing (our choir master was very specific about how long to hold the high notes....!)

As far as songs go I still love Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing Little Drummer boy.

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Completely forgot about yesterday's prompt which was family as I was involved in doing stuff with um.... family! LOL!

Family.... )

Today's prompt is Christmas tree and here is mine:
2014-12-14 16.40.42
Every year I consider buying an artificial tree, but every year I'm glad that we haven't as the smell of pine is so Christmassy!  We shut the door to the front living room overnight, but the cats actually don't take a lot of notice of the tree apart from Lady and Tippi enjoying the odd drink from the water reservoir.  The garden centre where we buy the tree guarantee the tree right up until Christmas, but we have never had a problem with needles dropping or the tree wilting.  Our local council also collect the trees after 12th night and compost them, so that's cool too. :)

In other news, it's Sunday and it's been a lovely weekend - Mr Cee has been working on the bathroom renovations in between working at home (yet again!), Youngest Cee has been catching up with friends and I have been wrapping the last of the presents and making icons.  Fun!
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Today's prompt is a beautiful sight

I must admit I had a lot of problems coming up with something for today! We don't have any snow here, so I can't carry on with the Christmas song and take you on a walk through a "winter wonderland"!

However, one thing I am rather pleased with is how my crochet throw is progressing as I have now finished working all the little squares and have started to sew them all together.  It's looking rather nice so far (clicky for bigger!):
2014-12-12 18.03.11
The throw is going to be 8 squares wide and 12 long, so I have a way to go yet.  I then have to crochet all around the edgest to finish it off.  I've really enjoyed making it so far.
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Today is Day 11 - green, and here is my hall mirror with the artifical green swag which I have added real pinecones and a twiggy thing to:

2014-12-11 14.13.39

In the reflection you can see my little green advent tree on the bannister.

Mr Cee has been working non-stop for the last week or so (including last weekend) so today he took a day in lieu of the extra hours and went and collected Youngest Cee from university in Portsmouth.  It is lovely to have him home again! :)
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Today's prompt is wrapping paper so here is the display at a garden centre nearby to me.
2014-12-10 11.39.21

I was at the garden centre because I met [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh there and we had a wander around and bought lots of things that we really didn't need (at least I didn't buy a gnome or a reindeer statue which is what she bought!!).  However, I did by rather a nice kitchen bin which was half price and I was very happy with that!  We also saw some rather interesting chutneys in the food hall (they were full of garlic!):
2014-12-10 12.12.31
After we had finished shopping we went and had a very nice lunch at the Italian restaurant next to the garden centre and chatted for ages (of course!).

It was also very nice a sunny today!  A really enjoyed the outing, and when I got home a neighbour popped in for a cup of tea as she had taken a parcel in for me while I was out so it was a very sociable day :)
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Today's prompt is something you're reading.  I don't seem to be able to upload a photo again, so instead I will have to link to the book on Amazon (here).  It's a book I found when I was clearing out things and I must have bought it more than 10 years ago to do things with the children on rainy days.  Then of course it got forgotten about and so I've been looking through it and am amazed at what you can do in with the supplied craft materials.

This afternoon I've used the "bake in the oven" clay to make some little gold coins stamped with Christmas trees which I shall scatter artistically into my Christmas pot pourri.  I need some PVA glue to add mica powder to them to make them sheen but I'm off to a local garden centre to meet [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh tomorrow so I might be able to find some there.  Hopefully I can post pictures soon!

Also thanks for all the requests for icons in my previous post.  I shall be busy with those, but if anyone else wants an icon - just add a comment on that post.
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Hoorah!  Scrapbook seems to be fixed, so now I can catch up with the meme.

Day 6 was shopping and I spent the day shopping and tidying and decorating the Christmas tree we bought in the morning.  It was a different variety from the one we usually buy and I'm really happy with it because it's a lovely even shape.  A bonus is the gorgeous smell of pine which is very Chistmassy.

Sunday's entry in the meme was bright and in the morning (briefly) it was gloriously sunny but I was too slow getting my camera and missed the opportunity so this was what I did get - a little bit of bright blue amid the grey (and bonus pigeon in the tree):

2014-12-07 13.41.34

To compensate I took a photo of the amarylis I have in the living room which is just coming into flower.  It's an Artic white variety and is very pretty and bright:

2014-12-07 13.41.15

Today (day 8) is ornaments and I have changed our 'theme' for the tree this year and have gone all 'natural' with my tree ornaments, so I have lots of cinnamon sticks, and items made of wood.  Under the cut for some photos.

Ornaments on the tree... )

I need to make some dried orange slices, but haven't got around to it yet - it's hard when it's dark so early as I just seem to run out of energy.  I need more sunshine to charge my batteries *shakes fist at grey skies!*....
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I am catching up with the December meme and I will continue it, as I rather enjoy posting each day.  All the photos get bigger with a click.

So first off we have Day 3 Red

Under here for lots of red stuff )

Day 4 is Joyous

Joyous decorations )

Today is day 5, and that is Today's temperature:

2014-12-05 14.49.16

Blinking cold today! Currently it's 4 degrees and dark and drizzly, so my iPhone app is quite right saying 'showers'.  Horrible - I wish it was lighter - I'm finding it really hard to get on with things which it's like this.  It's going to be cold tonight (brrrrrrr minus one!).
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Today I am posting about my favourite Holiday movie. Last time I did this meme I chose "It's a Wonderful Life" and that's still a favourite, but my next favourite is "Singing in the rain" which seems to be shown every Christmas these days. I know it's not a Christmas film but I'm bending the rules a bit!

In the past (when we had fewer channels) "The Great Escape" was shown almost every year on the BBC and got a good audience each time. Now the majority of homes have satellite or cable or Freeview and the analogue channels are no more. Add in streaming from Netflix and Amazon Prime and DVDs and Blue-rays and it's no wonder that the movies don't get the audiences they used to on the TV.

This year the boys will be home for Christmas so I'm hoping for a good blockbuster for our usual Boxing Day outing.
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I've spent a very frustrating day trying to get onto Lj - not sure if it's my computer or Lj.

Anyhoo - more photos for the Capturing December meme under the cut.

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Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday - off to catch up!


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