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Prompts because I need to be prompted...

Book of Days
Outside my window: It is quite dark now, and it's been quite misty and dark for most of today. I can see a lot of birds roosting in the horse chestnut tree at the bottom of the garden. The tree is definitely popular with the wood pigeons. There have been a lot of birds in the garden. My favourite are a pair of robins who visit every day. They are so cute.

My thoughts... I've nearly finished the fish art piece I've been making in stained glass for [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh. I've only a small bit to complete and that will have to wait until Thursday but I think she'll be pleased with it.
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So that's the round up! :)
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Digging this one out again as it's a good set of prompts and the last time I did it was AGES ago!!

Book of Days

Outside my window: It's dark now, but we've actually seen some sunshine today which was very welcome after 4 very dull, dark days. I had to get my sunglasses out driving back from my glass class today!
My thoughts... I'm a bit bored at the moment to be honest. Mostly because what I want to do involves being outside in the garden and it's too cold/rainy at the moment.
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In other news - I know it's not very popular but I've rewatched all three of the latest Sherlock series and I rather enjoyed it. The last one included nods to the stories again and I do think that's clever. There were a few small things that annoyed me, and I think the best episode was the second one, but as a possible series end it was OK. I have a feeling we may not have any more Sherlock as BC and MF are so busy now, but it's been a good update/adaptation of the characters and overall I've enjoyed all the episodes we've had over the past 7 years even if some of them had to be watched more than once to unravel them.


Nov. 7th, 2014 10:54 am
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Gosh I'm getting very bad at posting again.  I don't know why - and I do read my f-list every day!

Anyway - in the spirit of posting I thought I'd ressurect the Book of Days meme and that is quite a good (shortish) way of summarising stuff.

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That's the roundup!  Right, I'm off to put the last coat of paint on the bathroom ceiling so Mr Cee can install the lights this weekend - otherwise the poor tiler won't be able to see what he is doing on Monday!

Happy Friday all!
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Goodness me, I've been absent from here for a while! I've been following posts on my phone, but haven't had the chance to grab the ol' laptop and write anything on here for ages...!

A book of days to cover most stuff I think )

In other news my kitties continue to be a source of joy - particularly when they are so happy to see us when we open the bedroom door in the morning. Kitties are snugly and love cuddles.

We're also enjoying lots of TeeVee - Elementary is good fun, and we are enjoying it very much (which is a surprise). I like it as much as Sherlock and as much as the old Jeremy Brett series - all of them are Sherlock Holmes in their own ways. NCIS continues to be so good (Ducky!); Castle is so silly, but it's lovely to see Nathan Fillion; Once Upon a Time would be nothing without Robert Carlyle - so glad he has a regular role!; Da Vinci's Demons is very atmospheric so far - I have high hopes; Suits continues to remind me of LA Law, so that's OK; Doctor Who is fun and silly and I love how Matt Smith moves (so wacky!) - I'm looking forward to the Tennant episode too!. In other news, I'm sad that Alphas has been cancelled, and I'm not sure whether to watch the rest of Broadchurch which we have recorded as we got so bored after the fourth episode....

Happy Saturday!


May. 15th, 2011 07:35 pm
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I don't seem to be doing much updating lately....

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I have been reading everyone's entries, but haven't had a lot of time this week to post comments, so I apologise if it looks like I'm ignoring you!

What have I been up to? 'Book of Days' to cover that under here.... )


Nov. 20th, 2010 06:12 pm
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I got home from work on Friday and realised I'd been wearing mis-matched ankle boots all day! One black, one purple completely different styles!! LOL!

Fortunately they were the same heel height, so that's probably why I didn't notice.

Thing is ... no-one else noticed either!!!

Time for a book of days I think! )

Today is Mr Cee's birthday - he is my toy boy by 16 days. He's had a nice day so far ;)

Happy weekend everythone :)


Oct. 31st, 2010 05:11 pm
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A spooky Halloween to those who celebrate. We don't do very much for it in my corner of the UK, so I always watch in fascination as I see photos of Halloween costumes and hear about "trick or treating" in other places.

It is the last day of my week off and I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow - especially as I have only really checked (and ignored) emails this week. There was planning that should have been done, but I have two weeks before that becomes vital and knowing me, it will be 11 days before I start to panic about it and then I'll meet the deadline with seconds to spare.

I'm hopeless!

Mr Cee is taking Eldest Cee back to university this afternoon after a few days with us, so I thought it was about time I did another 'Book of Days'...

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It's the end of my last day of summer holiday from work - this weekend is a long one, and it's back to work on Tuesday which I'm not looking forwards to.

Would you believe the Interim HR Manager sent me an email saying she would get my contracts sorted out and sent to me and hoped 'I'd had a nice holiday' - good grief, what a very thoughtless thing to say after everything! She still hasn't sent me the details though... am I surprised? *eyeroll*

By the way - thank you everyone who was so supportive during the 10 days I was panicking (albeit unnecessarily!) about my contract. I appreciate that so many of you took the time to wish me well *hugs you all inappropriately*

book of days )


Jul. 20th, 2010 05:47 pm
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I officially stopped being paid to work last Friday, however there's been a few left over things to do, so I ended up at work today and yesterday *boooooo!*

However - I have now officially apart from checking a few straggling things and planning new stuff for September finished work for the summer!


Back at work on 31st August which will come around too fast.

Time for a book of days I think....

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Thank you for the well wishes for the interview last week. I think it went well, but of course you can never tell can you!

On the other hand, I'm not sure whether I'll take it as they are offering peanuts (an hour a week over the academic year) to deal with over 50 courses. The meetings involved in those courses will take up more than those hours, and then there's the writing up of the data from the meetings which will mean more time, and if you look at the workload other aspects of the job will entail it'll be so far below the minimum wage it'll be laughable.

I do realise that we are having to 'tighten our belts' at work as the economic situation means that we're in trouble and will have to really be careful over the next couple of years. BUT - not paying the staff to do the work? Not clever people.

However, if I am offered the job, it will be a huge ego boost to turn in down, so I shall wait and see what happens. :) (of course I may not even get the opportunity as others applied for it!)

However, Mr Cee's job is doing OK, and even if it doesn't (over the 30 years he's worked in his business he's avoided being made redundant 9 times) we have a large house with no mortgage and we could always sell up and move to somewhere smaller. Plus we've been a lot worse off over the years and survived, and we will again if necessary. But we're nowhere near that yet, and I like my job and the drop in my salary in September is do-able, so it's not essential to go looking for more hassle work.

So - I think it's a Book of Days sort of day as I've not updated for ages....

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This bit outside the cut I think -

Still life (share a picture you've taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)... Love this from [livejournal.com profile] sueworld2003 which would make a great banner for the bannergrab challenge for [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk. ;)

Why not have a look at the entries here. Add to them if you feel artistic or take a banner and write something if that's your 'thing'. Alternatively - why not come along and meet everyone?? It's so much fun to relax with fandom peeps - I'd recommend it and it's not too late.

Take a look [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk
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Tomorrow Mr Cee drives down to Brighton to drag Eldest Cee out of bed to look for accommodation so that he'll have somewhere to live in September *eyeroll*. He's organised three places to see and they all sound ideal, so it'll be down to whether he likes the students that are already there *crosses everything*. I shall be staying home with Youngest Cee to reduce the 'OMGmyparentsarewithme' embarrassment ;)

Tomorrow is going to be a Spring cleaning day - it's been so chilly we'd forgotten to change the 'winter' sofa covers (green) for the 'summer' sofa covers (cream), but it's time to do that as the green ones need laundering and it's not supposed to rain tomorrow. There is also dusting and cat hair wrangling to do.

Book of Days because it's been a while )
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Book of days because I haven't done one of these for a while.

Book of Days )
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Not very coherent today as I've been so ridiculously busy and that results in broken nights where I wake up panicking about stuff.

However, it's nearly over.

Book of Days )


May. 9th, 2010 12:36 pm
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See this icon? It's from a free App on my phone called 'Awesome' which puts any name or phrase you like onto various things. My favourites are the astronaut,some 'bling' jewellery, some toast (srsly!), love heart candy, a voting button, the beach, a blimp, a cappacino, the Hollywood walk of fame and more.

If anyone would like an icon with either their screen name or real name, let me know and I'll make you one.

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Book of Days as I haven't done one for a bit )
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The London Marathon was this morning, so I'm pleased for all the participants that the warmer weather we had yesterday has gone over to being cooler (although I'm sure they could have done without the heavy rain at the beginning!).

Time for another Book of Days entry I think..

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According to many people on the news channels - it's the end of the world as we've not had any aeroplanes flying around the skies here in the UK.

Don't get me wrong - I really feel sorry for people stuck at the airports, but to be honest it's LOVELY living in a world without any planes overhead. I live near a small airport, and the London airports are close enough to mean that we see planes in the sky all the time. Yes, it's caused a bit of disruption as some things won't go ahead, a few people have an extra day or so of their holidays, and some deliveries haven't happened. Overall though? I love it - it's been lovely to hear the birdies!

So it's the end of the week and time to do another Book of Days entry as I haven't done one of those for a while...

Book of Days )
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I have been incredibly busy doing.... I dunno really! But it seems to take all day and involved some serious TV watching, and stuff.

I have been reading the old 'flist, but mostly on my phone so I'm afraid I've been really bad at commenting as it's too fiddly *poor excuses #103*

So thought I'd do this:

Book of Days )
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I will do this today as tomorrow I'm not around much.

book of days )
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Pinched from [livejournal.com profile] theapink in an effort to visit Lj, comment more and post more often.

I bring you -

Book of Days )


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