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Firstly - the sign up post for [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk is up here. SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP!!! (it's going to be fabulous). Also please pimp. Also please let me know if you want to host a discussion/talk/presentation - otherwise you're going to end up with me doing too many and no-one wants that.

Secondly - the stained glass butterfly is finished and is hanging on my studio and looks good. Photos under the cut.
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My glass teacher asked to put it up on "the website" which means I must be getting good at the soldering, although I have no idea which website she means.... I shall have to ask her next week! :)

Thirdly the question of the day is: 15: Go google a weird space fact and tell us what it is! Answer: Mercury and Venus are the only two planets in our solar system that do not have any moons. Remember this - it may come up at the [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk quiz. Of course it also might not.... *waggles eyebrows* Also - there are a LOT of websites claiming to have interesting facts about space! Who knew?

Fourthly - or finally - my bellydance teacher has asked if I want to do a solo at a show in May. *gulps*
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  • WriterconUK is going ahead again this year in September! 15th-17th to be precise. Keep any eye on the [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk comm for more details! I'm co-Secretary and I can tell you there are some interesting things planned already! If you'd like to come, keep the dates free, if you want to present a talk/discussion/presentation let the committee know :D At the very least - spread the word amongst your f-list please?

  • Memeage question 10: do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach? Probably all three during the night although I usually lie on my right side when I'm reading a book (probably because the bedside light is that side) and then end up on my left side to drift off to sleep.

  • I the NHS - I've been to the dentist and had a check up and a clean and polish! My dentist says my teeth are very good and I don't need to come back for another 6 months. I love the NHS because that cost me less than £20. If I'd been at my old (private) dentist I would have had to shell out at least £55 for the check up and £25 for the clean and polish. Affordable health care FTW!

  • My belly dance teacher has posted the video of our routine on Facebook. We look good! No, I'm not sharing..... ;)

Meme day 6

Mar. 19th, 2017 07:10 pm
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6: Do you keep plants?
7: Do you name your plants?

I'm going to do these two questions together because I can! Yes I keep plants both inside and outside the house. I'm a firm believer in the power of plants in the house helping to clean the air and make the atmosphere much nicer. There is lots of information about this but this article is the best I've found recently to guide you to why they are beneficial. Certainly I'm a huge fan of those plants who increase oxygen in the room overnight and I need to get a couple of snake plants for the bedroom as we are heading into hayfever season for Mr Cee and the plants help him sleep. However, they are plants and therefore do not require names IMO *g* After all, they are not going to come when you call them....

In other news the dance show was really good fun last night. We had an hour's travel to get there and Mr Cee acted as chauffeur so we kept the number of cars to three for the 12 of us travelling to the venue (some friends and family came to support us!). The show was a mix of traditional belly dancing (the four of us and our teacher) and bellyfunk which is a mix of lots of different styles along with belly dance moves. It was very interesting and showed that belly dance is not restricted to just dancing to Middle Eastern music or traditional costumes (there were costumes based on steampunk, flamenco, ballet and more). Unfortunately the lighting was terrible, so I'm hoping there will be some good photos I can share from others as ours are pretty awful.
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The good news is that our dance was very well received and we had some lovely compliments from the other (far more experienced) dancers.

After the show there was some delicious hot Moroccan food - we had chickpea and lentil tagine with roasted vegetable cous cous followed by Moroccan fried dumplings and ice cream (there was a meaty alternative as well). Yum! After that we all joined in with the freestyle dancing at the end until it was time to come home. The journey back was uneventful and we finally got home around 11.45 - I slept well!


Mar. 18th, 2017 12:45 pm
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Yesterday we went and collected my new Smart ForTwo car. It's lovely (see icon) and has a lot of gadgets I have to get my brain around. It's slightly larger than our old one as they added a couple of inches to the width the last time they remodelled the car. It's very comfortable to drive and we're really pleased with it. As the car is made by Mercedes you get the Mercedes 'treatment' when you collect a car including having an 'unveiling' *snort*. I expect this is justified if you are buying one of their top end cars, but seems a bit silly for a teeny car.  We were given quite a few freebies this time because this is the third car we've bought from them. This included a lovely bouquet of flowers, a travel mug, a key ring with one of those tokens for the supermarket trolley and a Mercedes picnic basket which is rather nice. None of your plastic plates for us anymore LOL!

Photo )

Also the Friday Five turned up after I'd turned off the computer yesterday so under the cut for those questions.

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I also have the next one in the 100 questions to answer...

5: Are you self-conscious of your smile? Not really - I think it's a shame I have wrinkles as a result of my smile but it doesn't keep me up at night. I also don't like that I have a tooth that is filled near the front that looks discoloured as a result of the filling. I may talk to my dentist next week at my scheduled appointment and see if he can do something about that.

The dance show is tonight, not that I'm nervous as we know the routine, and as we are second in the running order we can enjoy the rest of the show once we've danced which is good.  I'll hopefully be able to post a few pictures in the next few days.

Happy Saturday!
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Time for [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive questions which are quite hard for me to answer.

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I can't believe it's Friday already! I didn't go to Pilates today as one of my very oldest friends was made redundant on Wednesday and she came over for a heart to heart and many cups of coffee this morning.  She lost her Dad at the end of last year and she was living with him for several years, but the house has to be sold as part of Estate and the proceeds divided between her and her two siblings. She was just starting to look for properties as she will have to apply for a mortgage once the paperwork for the Estate is all completed (it's taking ages!) and then the redundancy has happened which has ruined all her plans. It's such a difficult time for her, so I'm glad I was able to be a shoulder in time of need!

I'm hoping for good weather over the weekend as Mr Cee has bought some fence panels for the dividing wall between our front garden and next door's. We have a space which at the moment is rather wasted as it's not large enough for a car to stand on, but as it is the old base of the garage it's cement/paved and covered with gravel at the moment. I want to make a courtyard garden as it's in front of Youngest Cee's bedroom and will make a nice outlook for him and bring a bit of colour to the front of the house.

Sunday we are having a rehearsal for our belly dance performance in a week's time here as we all need the practice!

Also - my white camelia has come out - it's it pretty?

Later there will be home made lasagne and wine :)  Happy Friday all!
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The questions are up for [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive so here are my answers under a cut:

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That was fun!

Belly dancing yesterday evening was quite challenging and last night I was really tired as I'd also been for a long walk with a friend during the day. I ended up sleeping in and having over 10 hours sleep - I must have needed it! I went to Pilates this morning, despite not really feeling like it, but I enjoyed it when I got there and I certainly think it's a good stretch for core and well used belly dancing muscles.

Tomorrow we are visiting Eldest Cee to celebrate his 26th birthday! We are taking him out to lunch and then he's requested a trip to the cinema to see John Wick 2. We haven't seen John Wick 1, so that's on the agenda for tonight as we found it was really cheap on Amazon Prime downloads. Youngest Cee is not coming with us as he's meeting a friend so he can enjoy having a day on his own.

Happy Friday all!
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Looking for some positive things from this week...

  • OFSTED (school inspectors) visited our stained glass class on Tuesday and our teacher emailed us to say the inspection went well. This is good as it means the centre will receive the promised funding they need.

  • [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh collected her fish stained glass yesterday and we had a nice catch up chat which was good.

  • My belly dance troupe are booked to dance at another show at the end of March and our belly dance teacher has added some complex moves into the routine. Thank goodness she has videoed them and posted them in our little closed group on Facebook so I can watch and practice. Training tonight could be interesting!

  • The promised snow (which was only going to be a mere flurry according to all the weather forecasts) has not materialised. I imagine we might get a bit of sleet later, but nothing to worry about.

  • Mr Cee had to work most of last night (from home) which means he hasn't got a lot of sleep but is also means he is at home finishing the job today and will have tomorrow as a day off in lieu.

Good things :)


Jan. 27th, 2017 05:46 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive haven't posted any questions yet - this maybe a time difference thing so I might have to answer the questions tomorrow.

Anyway - it's FRIIIIIDAY and today has been busy, so bullets:

  • This morning I went to a Pilates class run by my belly dancing teacher. I am determined to tone up my tum if I'm going to be showing it off dancing so I thought I'd give it a try. It was good but I didn't find it very challenging. At my belly dancing class our teacher adds half an hour of Pilates stretches at the end of the class which is fab. Yesterday we did a few different exercises I hadn't done before. One of my classmates came up afterwards and said she was astounded I could do the moves as her Pilates class had struggled with this particular stretch and had take a few weeks to master it. She could not believe how flexible I am. This was confirmed at the Pilates class this morning, I hadn't realised how flexible I am - but I've always been quite athletic and had flexible joints. It's not until I saw others around my age struggling that I was made aware of it! Which is good! I shall keep at the Pilates as I may find it improves my tone and as it's not difficult - I don't even break a sweat :)

  • I rushed home and grabbed a quick lunch with Mr Cee who has had today off to do more electrical installation work on my glass studio (still not finished - boo!). He then dropped me off at my hairdresser as I had an appointment while he went grocery shopping.  My hair is now FAB-U-LOUS DAHLINK.

  • On the way home we stopped off at my ex-neighbour's home to pick up some cat litter a friend of hers no longer needs and we were invited in for a quick coffee and some homemade cake (yum).

  • When we got home Mr Cee volunteered to make dinner (tomato and pepper pasta bake - yum) and I have been playing with the Sims 4 which is fun. We shall be having this delicious meal with wine later... :)

All good stuff!  Happy Friday folks!
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Also - I don't appear to know what the date is as I posted the Day 18 answer for the December meme yesterday.  I really should know as I'm putting items on my advent calendar tree so I should have worked it out *head/desk*. To compensate I am completing the one I missed, which is: Day 17 → something that made you happy this year.

Lots of things made me happy, but the biggest thing was accepting an offer on our old house and getting the moving process underway, closely followed by moving and deciding around a week afterwards that it felt like we had been in the new house forever.  A good feeling.


Right - under the cut are some photos of the new completed tiling and a very messy kitchen and a photo of the stained glass mirrors I made.

A few photos )

In other news we danced at the belly dancing Christmas party last Thursday and I forgot to say it went very well.  There were around 85 people in the audience and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Our troupe have been invited ot dance at a show in Surrey in March which is exciting and our teacher will be putting on a show of her own in October for which there will be paying customers! She wants us to perform a few dances so it sounds like we will be learning a lot of new things. 
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Day 15 → something that made you laugh this year

I don't think I can narrow it down much as I'm a fairly cheerful person!

Mr Cee makes me laugh a lot and that's nice as it means we have a really good relationship which is pretty awesome after over 30 years together!

I laugh a LOT at [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk each year. Cry with laughter actually.

I do have a lot of good friends and we spend many hours laughing at stuff on a regular basis for which I'm very grateful.

In other news it's our belly dancing Christmas party this evening. Our troupe is performing two dances for the audience. Last year there were around 80 people who came as there are other dancers performing at the party. I can remember one dance as it's the one we did in London, but the second dance just won't get into my head! I am drilling it all day today as fortunately I have a video of our teacher demonstrating it. Hopefully it will be OK by this evening! *crosses fingers*
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Day 13 → talk about hobbies this year

I'm afraid I have probably talked about these far too much all year - belly dancing, stained glass making, and a little bit of dolls house building. So it's been a busy year for hobbies which pleases me.

Belly dancing - of course we had the London show which went well and we have our Christmas party on Thursday evening where there will be guest dancers and we will perform two dances to the 100+ audience which will be fun. It's quite informal which is nice.  The belly dancing community is very welcoming and very enthusiastic in their applause and whistles and clapping during a performance.  It is very encouraging!

Stained glass - I've had my last class today as we break up now until after Christmas.  It's a very enjoyable hobby and my classmates are all lovely.  We had our Christmas meal out yesterday which was nice.  I do enjoy creating things too, so it's been fun and I have sold a few items this year which is also good.  In the New Year I shall try and get more organise and set up an Etsy shop to make a few things to sell as it's a good hobby and fun to do and I might as well try and cover a few costs!

Latest creation for a friend... )

Doll house building has taken a back seat at the moment, although this year I bought the basement kit and assembled that. I've also been looking at the ideas for using the air dry 'clay' to make items such as flowers etc.  When my studio has permanent power and heat (which has been put on hold while we tile the kitchen) I shall move it into there and try to finish it.

I haven't been sleeping very well the last few nights - I have no idea why.  I'm hoping that I get some uninterrupted sleep tonight.
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Day 08 → talk about games this year

I don't play Playstation or PC games any more - although I might dip into the Sims very occasionally on the PC, they are time wasters and I just can't get that enthusiastic about them.  Games on my phone and iPad however are a different thing.  I am playing Covet everyday (a fashion/styling game) which is quite good fun.  I also like Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Jelly on my iPad.  Occasionally I'll also play Cookie Jam.  As all of those limit how long you can play for I don't spend more that about 10 minutes a day on them, usually when I'm having a coffee break.

In other news - follow this link to find out nine reasons every woman should take up belly dancing....Some interesting reasons there! I have definitely toned my oblique muscles up over the past 18 months.
I've been out for a Christmas lunch with a couple of friends today and I definitely need to go to belly dancing tonight to burn off those calories!!

If you don't fancy that - there are some ideas for rather lovely ways you can enhance vodka and rum to turn into presents or just spice it up for your own consumption here. I'm tempted by the Clementine flavoured rum....
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So now we can 'heart' a post.  I am actually quite happy about this as sometimes I just don't seem to have the time to write anything significant, and it's nice to be able to acknowledge that someone has taken the time to post something.  I suppose it's the equivalent of the thumbs up on Facebook/Messenger (which I still loathe, but I have to use to keep in touch with my belly dancing group).  The only annoyance is that you can't do it through the Lj App.

Anyhoo - it's been one of those days when things have been very hectic chez the Cees.  My garden hobby room has been built!! The two lads who built it started work at 7.50 having driven for 3 hours to get here from the Midlands.  They finished just as it was starting to get dark at 3.45.  I have taken some photos but the final photo is too dark, so I shall post that another time.  I am very pleased with it as my stained glass class started up again yesterday and I am very keen to start to produce things at home again.  I need power and lighting and some heating (it's getting cold!) and to install some work desks, so I have to be patient until Mr Cee can put all that in for me.  I'm thinking one work area for glass and another work area for the dollshouse and other crafts *excited*

We also now have a Smart gas meter to go along with our Smart Electricity meter.  The gas meter couldn't be installed at the same time as the electricity meter as there was a mistake on our gas account (we get gas and eletricity from the same provider) which has now been rectified.  I can now choose a day at the weekend when I have free electricity all day (which is cool), and I have a gadget which tells me how much I am spending on both fuels every day (which is scary!).  Also the meter sends data so we have accurate bills each month.

Then there was the Amazon delivery, and the pick up of something that was being sent back, and the shopping that I needed to do... and I needed to bake some bread (which smells lovely) and Mr Cee was working at home, so it was very busy!

This evening I am going to my belly dance teacher's house for a rehearsal for the dance show at the end of the month which is getting scarily close! There are four of us who will be performing (on our own) for one dance.

Tomorrow I am seeing Ab Fab with some friends which should be silly and fun.

Happy Wednesday!
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This morning I went down to my local town and took part in the short belly dancing class my teacher runs at a local gym.  It was good fun and as I walked the 2 and a half miles down and then danced for 45 minutes I burned ALL THE CALORIES *g*

I am bored today - there are still things to sort out but until we have firm dates for everything I have no incentive.  I'd like to be making some stained glass stuff, but I need to pack it all away soon, so it's off limits and I've not made anything since June *twitches*

So [livejournal.com profile] debris4spike has a good meme thing I thought I'd do to pass the time..... under the cut for those not interested.....

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Right - this isn't getting dinner started so I must away!
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It's quite overcast and humid but much cooler than it has been, so I am a lot happier.

Yesterday's belly dancing was great fun and I was told I was very brave to have a go at dancing in front of an audience (especially as I was dancing with our teacher) but I really enjoyed it and it was over in a flash.  The audience consisted of lots of mums with children which was fun as all the children joined in with the clapping when N was doing her exhibition dance on her own.  Sadly I have no photographs but that's OK. Happy thing for this year so far is 26 is performing! :)

Youngest Cee finished his five month contract yesterday and is quite sad about it.  However there are applications to be written and he's knuckling down to do that.  He wanted to take a cake in on Friday for his co-workers and so I made a very alcoholic Jamaican rum cake which apparently went down very well.  In fact hardly any came home with him so that was good.

This weekend we are clearing out more junk but it's actually getting quite manageable now.  The house is looking quite streamlined! Later I will be making bread which I always enjoy doing. So happy thing 27 is making bread :)

I've also booked an outing with [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain to attend a Victorian Mummy Unwrapping party in October which is something to look forward to!

Happy Saturday all!
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Firstly the PHEW!:

The Bastard First Timers(TM) have accepted the full £15,000 drop in price (they held out for it!).  It's been a bit of a long winded affair which is explained under the cut (mostly for me).

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The next stage is that the people who have applied for mortgages (the BFTs and our buyers) have to just get the go-ahead from their mortgate providers regarding their mortgage offers.  This shouldn't be a problem as it will be lower than they have already been granted, so with any luck we should all be signing and exchanging contracts early next week.  We really want to lock these BFTs into the sale so they can't wiggle out of it, but fortunately our solicitor is aware of all this and as she only lives in the next road to us she's going to drop the paperwork in to us as soon as it needs signing so things can move as quickly as possible!

Secondly the EEEK!:

My belly dancing teacher asked me over the weekend if I wanted to perform the dance we have been putting together in our class to a group of mums at a local community centre.  Those who know me in RL will know I'm not exactly a retiring 'flower' so after thinking about if I knew the dance well enough I agreed.  I went to the additional belly dancing class I've been doing on Tuesday and afterwards went back to my teacher N's house to have a quick run through which was fine.  She's organised a pretty costume for me to wear which I'll pick up at our longer class tonight ready for tomorrow.

Mr Cee has tomorrow off because we have to go and take our Smart car for it's annual service and we'll go and mooch around Ikea in the morning and have a big cooked breakfast (yum!!), then he'll drop me at the community centre and hopefully I won't forget all the steps as there will be three of us performing the same dance, so mistakes will show!

I must be mad! LOL!
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So Monday was mass observation day and under the cut is what I got up to which was cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday

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Today will be spent sorting through more things as we have most of the stuff out of the loft now.  There are some more playstation games which I'll see if Music Magpie or Momix want to pay money for otherwise they will go up to the charity shops.  I have to stay in anyway as there are several things that are being delivered today that need signatures and there's a ton of laundry to do....

Right - I'm off to see if I can find Zero and give him his eyedrops - hide and seek with cats!
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I realised that I'd abandoned the 100 happy things meme which I started at the beginning of the year.  Mostly this was because there were some more interesting 30 day memes, but I think it's time to get back on board with looking for happy things to post about.

I got to number 19 on 7th April and I have several happy things in this post (bullets for brevity):

  • I have finished all the stained glass items I wanted to make for the craft stall on Sunday.  Apparently there were over 100 people at the Open Garden event last year, but the weather looks a bit dreary this year.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Youngest Cee is home from Paris, France.  He and his two friends had a good time - he says the highlights were the wonderful food and wine, the sightseeing and watching the football.  He's got quite a tan as the weather was lovely most days with 31C temperatures.  He thinks it's cold here (it is, today is only 17C).

  • Youngest Cee has had to go back to work today even though he is quite tired from travelling yesterday.  The reality of only being on a temporary contract with very little paid time off!  He has had his contract extended another month until the end of July which he is pleased about.

  • I have volunteered to be part of the next Oriental Express show in London in November which means belly dancing on stage, in front of lots of people (!). At the moment there are only two of us from our class who have volunteered, so that could be interesting.

Good things which I shall put together for number 20 of my happy things this year.

In other news the house move is still progressing.  The drain survey we had done last week turned up a blockage which has now been cleared - we have paid for it at the moment, but the cost will be reimbursed by the vendor.  Our solicitor is waiting for documents from the local council regarding the original extension to the house which she needs to see.  She is chasing the council, but they are being very slooooow.....
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Below the cut for an interesting comment on the Brexit stuff and the role of the next Prime Minister.

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In other news I went to a dance show in London yesterday. My belly dancing teacher was in it along with many other dancers who demonstrated some wonderful multicultural and fusion dances. I particularly like the fusion of belly dancing and Pacific Island dancing which was wonderfully elegant. I also loved the traditional Indian dancing which was beautiful.

Unfortunately no photos as I felt it would be invasive to keep turning on my phone, but there's a link to the show organiser's website with some lovely videos from last years show here which gives a flavour of what it was like.
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On Tuesday I went to our belly dancing class Christmas event which turned out to be an exhibition of belly dancing by our teacher and some guest belly dancers of different styles in the genre.  It was great fun, there was loads of food and around 40-50 people in the audience which made it very nerve-racking when it was our little troupe's turn to dance the choreography we have been practicing since we started learning in the summer.

More photos of the event under the cut but here is our little troupe with our teacher Naama (bigger with a click!):

More photos under here.... )

Yesterday was spend tidying, sorting and cleaning which as [livejournal.com profile] deborahw37 said, means that you alone know what you have done when you have finished.  Still, it was good to rearrange the cupboards and make sure I had all the necessary ingredients for making stuff over the Christmas period.  They all benefitted from a clean too which was satisfying.  Today I have delegated the sorting out of the understairs cupboard (which is a black hole where things go to die in our house) to Youngest Cee.  He is struggling a bit with the job hunting and needs to be kept busy - well, that's my excuse for not doing it.  ;)

Tonight Mr Cee and I are off to the Vaudeville Theatre in London to see Bill Bailey in concert (UK comedian and musician) which should be fun!

Happy Friday (1 week until Christmas day!)


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