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I have been exploring and today I found Paul A Young's shop nearby. This is BAD! He is a master chocolatier and Mr Cee and I were introduced to his hand made chocolates at the chocolate week exhibition we went to where we tried his marmite truffles ..

I am trying not to be over indulgent but how could I resist salted caramel in a hand made chocolate bar??

It's tiny and cost £6.95!!!!!!!! (shut up - I KNOW!!!)

Totally wonderful though.....

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Saturday was a housework day - all the doors and windows open and lots of dusting. I decided to rearrange some of my ornaments and moved my bowls of collected eggs into the main living room.

They have been in the hallway for ages but its time to have them more visible. I've collected the eggs over the years and are made from lots if different materials from glass, papier mâché, wood and precious stones to meteorite!

Sunday paper dollies! Monday feet! )

Sunny today but cold! We may have sleet on Wednesday!!! So different from last week!!!!

366 meme

Mar. 30th, 2012 06:52 pm
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Well it's been a lovely sunny week so I've been out and about taking photos!

The week culminated in this photo - this is pest control (in our case pigeons) in Islington in London;

Isn't he gorgeous? He's a juvenile buzzard, and he doesn't so much catch the pigeons - more flies around and stops them settling down to roost!

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It's Friday and the weather is supposed to change tomorrow and be more like it should be in April (it's been really warm - I'm in sandals!). Have great weekend everyone!!

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I've had a techie challenged week or so, so I lost a lot of photos I'd taken because my sim card in my phone stopped working.  This was annoying...

The photo meme has had to have an enforced hiatus as a result.  So photos 51-57 are under the cut.

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This week wasn't a total techie waste though.  Mr Cee bought me an iPhone 4S and has taken my iPhone 4.  Apparently this means we will probably buy the iPhone 5 at the end of the year, and trade 'down' again (and eBay the iPhone 4).  I am pleased with this as it means I have a much better camera on my phone :)  Also - I feel totally spoiled! LOL!

Also [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni meme'd me.  I commented on her post and she gave me the 7 following words/phrases to write about which were: commuting, craft, perfect getaway, subtitled films/TV, favourite students, knitwear, delectable.  If you want to join in, mention it in comments and I'll do my best.  

Under here to spare your f-list )Well done for getting through all that if you did!! Virtual cookies to you all! :D

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Sooo - catching up again on the photo meme after a short hiatus, so I'll just continue the numbers from the last post.

days 48, 49, 50 & 51 )

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Yesterday's photo is my cross stitch embroidery - finished except for a slogan. No idea what to do in the space - any ideas anyone? I thought of 'made wyth mine own hande' - but that's a bit twee??

Today's photo - blue skies!! )

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Today I decided to try a 'gel' manicure. I have a professional manicure once every 5 years or so - and my nails were a disgrace! This was highlighted yesterday when I went to London to 'shadow' my new job and the woman who is doing it at the moment had wonderful nails which put mine to shame!!

These are not false nails, they are a gel nail polish which is dried using a UV light and are supposed not to damage the nails and last about 2-3 weeks without chipping!! They also dry instantly, so no hanging around.

Ignore my 'old lady' hands!!!

more about the new job )

In other news - Mr Cee got a very nice half yearly bonus, so I see more gadgets in my future \0/

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Yesterday was a tidying day. I was 'helped' a LOT! This is Tippi - isn't she cute? She likes empty boxes.

Today we're watching the Buffy greatest episodes. Lady is unimpressed:

366 day 41

Mar. 2nd, 2012 01:35 pm
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Mr Cee has taken Youngest Cee up to London as he has to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy. This is the continuing problem of POTS and trying to find something to help him feel better *sigh*.

So to keep my mind off it I've been tidying our spare bedroom/office. This is my (now) organised fandom shelf :)

under the cut for close ups )

366 day 41

Mar. 1st, 2012 06:18 pm
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Sorry, there is another photo of Zero for today! He's discovered that if a human removes a drawer from somewhere or opens a cupboard door it means there is a cat-sized hole to investigate!!

So far we've lost him down the back of the kitchen saucepan drawers, inside the DVD cupboard, inside the dishwasher, and today he discovered the merchant's chest in the hall:

366 day 40

Feb. 29th, 2012 05:56 pm
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Thank you to everyone who has commented on my last post! I'm still feeling really happy about being valued by a prospective employer (so unlike my previous employer!!).

For the photo meme today I give you Zero watching an App on my Galaxy Tab called 'crazy cat' which amuses him for ages when I put it on for him. He doesn't actually try to 'catch' the virtual mouse - but he is fascinated by it whizzing all over the screen! I rather like the spooky eyes he has reflected in the screen LOL!!

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I haven't heard about the job interview, and as they want someone to start next Monday I'm assuming that I've not got the job :( I've emailed for feedback, but job hunting begins in earnest from next week :) ETA just got a phone call - I'm going to be called tomorrow about 'options'... Oy!!

Anyhoo - I'm enjoying my free time, and today I went to a local large shopping centre to spend the day with [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh which was very enjoyable. We talked, had lots of coffee, a delicious lunch and shopped. [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh was looking for a 'useful' bag for her holiday so we looked in ALL the bag retailers including this one which looked quite hopeful:

So we went inside only to find that a much smaller version of the bag (which isn't in this picture but was about half the size of the one on the right) was £490!!!!!!!!

more about the day and a photo for yesterday )

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I bought a new perfume a little while ago and have been very pleased with it. Not only because it's a very pleasant fragrance, but also because the company donate to Oxfam for every purchase (see here). However the bottle I have is a little big, so I was very pleased yesterday to find a little bottle to carry around with me:

Today's photo is showing the progress of my sampler. I'm really enjoying it and it won't take too long to finish I think. Under the cut to spare your f-list.

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Also I have dragons!!!! Thank you to everyone who has gifted me with a dragon - not sure how they will get on with the cats mind you.....

366 day 35

Feb. 24th, 2012 06:21 pm
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Today I had to go up to London for my interview - which was long and gruelling (1 hour of questions to a panel and then two tests for an additional hour!). I have no idea how I did - and I won't find out whether I have the job until Monday.

I had to travel on an overground train and then the underground (it's not a bad journey 45 minutes). The underground station is called Angel - and I always hear those girls in the TV show in my head when I arrive there (mmmm... An-gel!). LOL!!!

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I have only just been able to make the bed because a certain cat has been snoozing all morning!! Tiger is comfortable - the bed is covered in cat hair! I think he is making me pay for not ever letting him sleep on the bed with us .... (he's quite happy in the kitchen with his snuggly bed and cat door to the garden!!).

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Although I'm not at work, somehow I've been very busy! So a belated catch up picspam from me to put me back on track for this meme! Under the cut for bras, plants, Dr Who and other stuff.....

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I've been quite busy , so I completely forgot to post photos!!

Under the cut for the last two days and today.

Embroidery progress, new music and a new bag! )

Tomorrow is Eldest Cee's 21st birthday so Mr Cee has gone to pick him up from University to spend the weekend at home. It'll be lovely to see him briefly!

366 day 24

Feb. 14th, 2012 03:37 pm
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As promised a photo of my new bead for my bracelet:

close up )

I have a couple of coloured beads too - but I find I rarely get around to changing what's on there as it matches more outfits :)

366 day 23

Feb. 13th, 2012 05:42 pm
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What is it about cats and bags?? Just unpacked the shopping (despite the bag - not Ikea, I'd been to the supermarket), and when I turned around....

Zero is so silly!

366 day 22

Feb. 12th, 2012 07:22 pm
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Tiger doesn't like Zero, but they seem to have reached an 'accord' ....

Another cold day today, but it is supposed to get warmer tomorrow. It has been a lazy day today with many cat snuggles :)


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