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And now - the end is near.........

31 Why do you blog?

Primarily I started this Lj because I was interested in the Buffy fandom and I think I found a fanfic that linked to Lj, so I decided to explore. My journal was created on 25th February 2005 and my first entry was 27th :)

I always kept a diary when I was younger, and I suppose this is rather like that. I rarely do it, but very occasionally I have made private posts that I don't feel I want to share with everyone, but I want to record something. I like that I can go back and read entries, and I really like the tags (although I'm not very good at remembering to use them!). It's been lovely to be here for so long, and I genuinely feel I've made some real friends both online and in RL!!
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30 What's in your make up bag.

I have very dry skin which is pale and prone to freckles, so I have always worn make up of some description to protect it - particularly from the sun. When I was about 16 I started to wear tinted moisturiser with a hint of colour that also had sun protection built in. Since then I've always worn at least that, and usually mascara (I have pale eyelashes) as a minimum.

When I started working up in London just before the beginning of the 1980s I wore blusher as well as eye shadow as working just off trendy Oxford Street and Regent Street in BBC Broadcasting House I wanted to be fashionable. Over the years I have tried to keep my make up fairly 'natural' in appearance, but I do still like the protection it gives my skin.

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My make up bag doesn't really contain any make up although I do have a small sample sized powder foundation which was handy for touch ups during the very hot summer we had, and always has a lip salve. The rest of my make up bag holds painkillers, plasters for blisters, a needle and thread kit for emergency repairs and a small mirror. I do think I might have a lip gloss still in there too! :)
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29. Where have you travelled.

Not very far really as we don't tend to take holidays abroad very often.  I have been to:

  • France - Calais, Paris, Boulogne

  • Greece - Athens and the surrounding areas

  • Austria - Vienna

  • The Netherlands - Amsterdam and the surrounding areas

  • Norway - Bergen, Stavanger

  • North America - New York, Boston, Charlston, Orlando

  • Scotland - Glasgow, Stirling

  • Wales - Aberystwyth, Swansea, Breacon Beacon canals

  • England - all over the place! Pretty much all the southern counties, and up towards Yorkshire and out to the East.....

That's about it really!

I'd like to travel around more of the USA, and would love to go to Australia and New Zealand.

In other news we have just been out to buy Eldest Cee a new bed and mattress.  My credit card needs a little lie down now.....
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I'm not entirely sure why I missed yesterday, apart from being knackered when I got home, so here are two days in one.

27. Post your favourite recipe.

Carrot and ginger soup - a great way to use up a glut of carrots, and brilliantly quick an easy to make.
Details.. )

28. What are you looking forward to?
Getting Eldest Cee comfortably settled in his new home. He has delayed the start of his new job until 21st, and we should hopefully have the keys and be able to help him move in from next Friday. It's an unfurnished place, so he really needs EVERYTHING, as his student accommodation always had furniture even though he had to have crockery, cutlery and linens.

As it's a studio flat he has a separate kitchen and bathroom, and one very big main room with LOADS of storage, so once the bed is in there he should have room for some shelving and a desk, but not much else! I've yet to see it, but we do have dimensions for calculating what to take down, and with any luck a friend of mine is going to lend us a van.

I shall miss him terribly, but these days it's so easy to keep in touch and I'm so pleased he is going to be settled.

Happy Friday all!
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26 An old photo of you.

I have a couple for you. Here's me at the photographers being immortalised aged 3. I think I was bored, I don't really remember....!

3yr old Karen

An here's me at 27 when I won the chance to have a makeover in a magazine. I had to send in a photo and got picked for a hair revamp. Lookit the 80s style!!! Also that original photo of me is how I turned up as they said don't do anything to your hair - how naive was I, normally my hair didn't look quite so idiotic.

27yr old Karen

The one and only time I've worn Ally Cappelino...
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Oops - missed one yesterday because Eldest Cee finally has somewhere to live in Brighton and we celebrated with champagne which had to take priority over Lj (sorry!).

24. Your favourite childhood book.

I absolutely loved Dodie Smith's "101 Dalmations". It was serialised in a magazine my parents used to buy me when I was around 8 and I read it over and over again. I loved that it was set in London, that there were some superb characters and adored the story. What a disappointment the Disney film was!! My first realisation that 'artistic license' meant vaguely taking the story and changing almost everything!

25. Your 5 favourite blogs.

I don't have five blogs as such, but I will list my 5 favourite websites:

  1. The Bloggess is a fan of Doctor Who and Sherlock and has a wicked sense of humour.  She also likes taxidermy animals and has written a book that made me laugh out loud on the train (embarrassing!).  Jenny Lawson ladies and gentlemen.. go read and laugh.

  2. Wil Wheaton has a blog.  I rather like his musings and you can RSS it so you can read it through the Lj friends page.

  3. The Dilbert website is extremely silly and sometimes is just so much like my office it's scary (apart from the cubicles!).

  4. TV Theme Music and Songs - I really like dipping into this website.  So many memories from my younger years.

  5. And of course Lj (cheating here, but it is still one of my favourite places and I do visit every day either through my phone app or my laptop)

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23. Your dream job.

This is a really tough question because I have several things I'd really like to do - but if I was able to I'd like to buy and renovate houses and sell them on. Of course this would mean I'd have to have an infinite amount of money and huge team of people to work for me so, so it's unlikely. :)

In other news - we are down to one possibility for a place for Eldest Cee to live as his first choice went to someone else. We should hear Monday. This is not helping my nerves about getting him sorted out before the 14th when he's supposed to start work! He may have to ask them to postpone his starting date.

Oh dear - I thought all the stress would stop once he'd found somewhere to work....!!!

Off to our local Chinese restaurant where they have a buffet on Sundays to celebrate Eldest getting the job. This maybe his last Sunday at home! Eeeep!!

In other, other news Youngest Cee sent me a photo of his first attempt at making a cottage pie, which apparently was yummy (and he made from scratch which is great). He was very proud of it! I have a chef in the making!
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22. The best thing to happen this year.

There are a whole lot of good things that have happened this year, but it's difficult to say just one was the best.  Work has been a bit up and down this year, but I certainly enjoyed using my old skills and being a moderator this year - it was great to be 'out in the field' talking to people about stuff I really know about and being able to offer advice and guidance.  It was a juggling act as I was essentially doing two jobs at the same time, and it means I worked very long days for a few weeks, but it was satisfying and was rather well paid (which can't ever be bad!).
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21. Your 10 favourite foods.

Oh dear - this is so difficult when it's a little while until dinner is cooked and you're hungry *tummy rumbles* OK -

1. Freshly baked bread
2. Butter - I don't use it much, but I do like unsalted butter occasionally
3. Buffalo mozzarella cheese - but only the really best which has wonderful flavour
4. Freshly baked scones, clotted cream and fruit preserve (English tea!)
5. Pasta
6. Home made cake
7. Garlic bread
8. Vegetables - this is my favourite time of year as root vegetables are plentiful and the weather suits vegetable stews and casseroles.
9. Bacon sandwiches
10. Chocolate (of course!)

In other news we are still waiting to hear back about the studio flats Eldest Cee saw yesterday.  Ho hum.

Happy Friday!
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20. A difficult time in your life

There have been quite a few unfortunately, but most recently the two years it took to firstly diagnose Youngest Cee's Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and then come up with some kind of treatment/lifestyle adjustments. The worst part was when they started to test for life shortening illnesses which was very stressful. Not least because Mr Cee and I had to be so positive and encouraging for YC all through it and he was trying to cope with the end if his school years (and  was desperate to get to University).

Fortunately, apart from a little wobble last year when he first started University which lasted a couple of weeks, he's pretty much back to his old self.  We saw him 'turn the corner' about half way through last year, and his old confidence is back and he is really happy.  I'm so glad it turned out to be something that young people can 'grow out of' and in his case relatively quickly.

In other news Mr Cee and Eldest Cee have been down in Brighton all day looking at places for EC to rent.  He starts work on the 14th October and so it's a pretty tight timetable to get somewhere for him to live.  He'll have to start in a little tiny bedsit (or as the letting agents like to describe them - "Studio apartment" LOL!) as Brighton is quite an expensive place to live.  I'm hoping they've seen some fairly decent ones today - when EC sent me a text to say they are are on their way back in the car, he said they'd seen two nice ones and will have to wait to see if they can get one.

Good thoughts appreciated!

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19. What do you collect?

I don't really have 'collections' as such, but I occasionally collect on a very small scale (I have some china thimbles I've collected over the years for example).

However I do like collecting 'eggs'.  This started out when I bought some from a shop in Norway made from different local minerals which are specific to the Bergen area.  Then it kind of grew.  I now have ones made from different types of stone, glass, jade, amber, wood, pottery and even one made of meteorite (which was horrendously expensive!).  I display them in a couple of wooden bowls (I love wood!).

This is one of them (click to see full size).  The shiny white egg on the top is from Canterbury and is a type of crystal cut into an egg shape.  If you look through the bottom you can see through the whole thing, but I love the way light is 'trapped' inside it:
If you'd like to know more, do ask in comments!
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Ooops! Catching up again (and at work!!) ;)

17 Most proud moment.

That would have to be Eldest Cee's graduation ceremony this year. I am so proud he got such a top ranking degree and that he's worked so hard - I was bursting with pride when he got his results and the ceremony was lovely.

18 The meaning behind your blog name.
The first part is a corruption of my RL first name. Few people actually call me that, but I do have one friend who did (I was allowed to call her Shaz as her name was Sharon but no-one else was!). The second part is the phonetic spelling of my last name initial. I rather regret having the underscore, but I was getting desperate to find a name when all the ones I tried were not accepted! Still, it's not too bad.
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15. Timeline of your day

Well it was Saturday so my day was not very typical as the weekend tends to be either incredibly hectic or rather dull! This weekend I'd class as rather dull...

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16. What's at the top of your bucket list.

I don't think I really have one, but I would like one day to go and see the sky at night where there are hardly any cities to spoil the view with light pollution. I'd also like to have someone who could explain what I'm seeing too, so if Professor Brian Cox were available that would be fab. ;)
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14. If you won the lottery.....

Well, I'd have to DO the lottery to win it, but OK...also it doesn't specify how much I'd win.... *meh*

  • set up a trust for each of my boys OR buy them a house/flat each (because I don't think they'll ever be able to get on the property ladder)

  • a road near me has bungalows in, and I've had my eye on one for a long time, so I might buy a bungalow for our old age OR I might build a new house OR I might get into property development, because I've always fancied that.

  • Mr Cee and I would give up work \0/

  • Mr Cee and I would definitely travel - in style, no more economy seats on planes which are TOO SMALL for tall people :)   My boys might also be included if they wanted to travel too.

  • Of course there would be gadgets somewhere in there.

  • I'd also quite like to invest in my old stables which needs a lot of tender loving care and could do with a cash injection.

Ah - I can dream....

In other news Eldest Cee has chosen his new job in Brighton which sounds ideal, and is currently looking for somewhere to live.
My meeting about my job went well and I have some positive resolutions to issues I'd been concerned about.

And it's FRIDAY! Happy Friday everyone *raises glass*
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13. What is your earliest memory.

I was 4 - I was in a ballet show so my grandmother made me a 'harem' outfit and me and several other tots skipped at round the stage. I don't remember much about the show but I do remember getting dressed in the changing room. I also remember there being a pop band in stage afterwards and 'dancing' instead of sitting in the audience with my mum and grandmother. This was back in the 1960s so I have no idea why it has stuck as a memory.

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12. What's in your fridge.

Oh - that's dead easy - lots of food! LOL! Seriously - you really want to know what's in my fridge?

Okay then...... )

In other news Eldest Cee has been all over the place for job interviews and has a front runner so far in Brighton near where he went to University, but he's not decided yet (that's why there's champagne in the fridge) as he's making sure he's not rushing into things and will decide next week.

In other, other news - Youngest Cee is doing well back at University in Portsmouth.

In other, other news - there are changes afoot in my job ... again..... ack! Meeting tomorrow, so that might be good or bad (not sure yet!).  Ho hum...
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11. List 15 of your favourite things.


  1. Kitties! I love my kitty cats! I can't imagine life without a kitty in the house.

  2. Family - my boys and Mr Cee (cheating here!)

  3. Coffee - I love a good cup of coffee and it has to be good quality and never instant...! I don't drink a lot of coffee a day, probably only a couple of cups a day.

  4. Wine - we don't drink a lot (and rarely outside the weekend), but I do love a good glass of wine.

  5. Cocktails - they remind me of [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk :)

  6. Gadgets (natch!).... I may have accidentally ordered myself an iPhone 5S and am tapping my foot until it arrives in October (ack!)

  7. Cooking - I do love it, and I don't have much time to do it, so Mr Cee does a lot of the cooking in the week (he gets home two hours before me!).  However, I like to cook and especially to bake (I make a killer blueberry muffin!)

  8. Architecture - I know absolutely nothing about it, but I love looking up when I'm in London - some of the beautiful surprises you see are wonderful.  Same with most cities really ;) Skylines.

  9. Make up - I'm such a sucker for girly stuff, I have gazillions of nail polishes and at the moment I have 3 mascaras on the go. Three....! I have no idea why.

  10. Horse riding - I miss it terribly, but it is SO expensive and in the end I decided I just couldn't justify the cost, and I really didn't have the time anymore. I did love grooming the horses though and the challenge of riding and doing all the fancy dressage stuff.

  11. Tivo - our TV provider brought Tivo in last year, and I love it.  It's so easy to use, records anything it thinks we might like (we've discovered quite a few new suggestions as a result) and I like how simple it is to use.  Virgin Media also gives you loads of HD channels free which is a bonus on our large family HD TV (pretty!)

  12. Kipling handbags.  They are expensive, but incredibly practical and light and they WASH!

  13. Hobbies - I like knitting, embroidery, painting/drawing (virtually and in RL), anything 'crafty' really.  I used to do a LOT with the children.  I need more weekend these days....

  14. My home - it's comfortable and has lots of space.  There are some bits I don't like, and I would love to design and build a house, but as it stands, it's good and we have enough room in a quiet road, close to some fantastic public transport, but close to the Kent countryside (10 minutes by car).  Best of both worlds really.

  15. My bed - it's 6 feet wide by 6'3" long.  It's incredibly comfortable and as we're both taller than average is means we have lots of space.  I miss it when we stay in hotels :(

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10. Your best physical feature

Hmmm - tough one really. I think I will say my height. I do like being tall, although there seem to be plenty of women taller than me in London these days! The disadvantages (difficulty finding some items of clothing to fit, always standing out in a crowd, always playing the male lead in plays at my all girls school, rarely wearing high heels on a blind date....) are outweighed by the advantages (never feeling overwhelmed by a crowd, always being able to reach the high shelves at the supermarket, people's view that height equals authority).

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7. Your pet hates

People being inconsiderate

This includes parking across 2 bays in a car park, or in the parent/child bay or the spaces reserved for disabled people.

It also includes people who have terrible headphones and their music so loud you are disturbed.

Or yelling down the phone.

Or texting/emailing when walking and being completely unaware of other people trying to walk along the pavement/down steps...!

Or checking their phone during a meeting.

Basically having some manners when using a damn phone!

Yup - and any other inconsiderate things! I'm sure I could go on.....

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6. Your senses right now.

Sight - looking at my iPad downloading the new iOS7. My phone has already done this, and I'm quite liking the new design. It's pretty! I want all my icons to be the same style though */OCD*

Smell - I can smell paint because Mr Cee is painting the woodwork in the hallway. We both have the day off today and we're off to London this afternoon for a historic walk, so he's painting the second coat on the skirting boards and door frames, fortunately it's low odour paint. The hallway is nearly finished! \0/

Taste - slight taste of toast and coffee from breakfast as I haven't cleaned my teeth yet *lazymorning*

Touch - keyboard (duh!), and soft snuggly winter dressing gown (not dressed yet! I love days off!)

Hearing - it's very quiet, aside from Mr Cee moving around the hall, and Tiger the cat gently snoring next to me. I can just about hear the tumble dryer which is drying clothes I set to wash overnight (too much risk of rain to hang them outside today!).

That was fun!

I really should get dressed now.... ;)


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