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30 days, which I didn't manage to do consecutively, but I did manage to cover all the questions - so it's time for the last one which is One thing you are excited for.

No surprise that it's moving house. I'm pretty excited about that. We went to see it again last night as there were a few things the builders had said were finished which we weren't convinced about.  Turns out there are a couple of things still to do and they have managed to scrub the stainless steel sink in the kitchen with a scouring pad better suited to much tougher jobs and so they have scratched it down to the base metal!  So there's a short list of things that need to be done, but we were confident that these will be finished and have organised our surveyor to do their bit and report back.

Our buyers are coming round tomorrow morning to measure up windows and to look at some of the white goods we are hoping to leave.  We've asked for a minimal payment for the 'fridge/freezer, cooker, washing machine and dishwasher as we have all those in the new place and don't need to take them with us.  Hopefully the buyers will want to have them, otherwise we may have to give them away to a charity as electrical goods are really difficult to sell.

It's Friday and I should be tidying up, but I've scrubbed the items we want to sell, and the house is reasonably tidy.  My friend who was coming round for coffee this afternoon has cancelled on me - it's grey and miserable again today so I am going to go and make more glass stuff as it's relaxing. I have no idea what to cook for supper tonight, but there will be wine as it is the end of the week.

Happy Friday all!
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The night of your 21st birthday (if not yet 21, the last birthday you had).

Well, I am very definitely over 21, and I can't remember the actual day of my 21st!  I do remember I was dating Mr Cee as as both our birthdays are in November we had a joint birthday party at a local Rugby club.  My parents were very trusting and left us all to it! We had a bar and a friend acted as DJ.  It was really good fun - there were about 70 of us!  Mr Cee's university friends came and they had all clubbed together and bought us a really huge grizzly bear toy which we named Hercules after a grizzly bear who escaped during filming of a commercial in Scotland and was missing for a time.  We still have him!
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The word/phrase you use constantly.

Interesting one - and I have noticed that on here I use 'in other news' rather too often (sorry!).  When I'm speaking I tend to use 'really?' a lot which I know can be annoying.

Anyway! Today is the first day of summer - although no-one has told my bit of the UK and yesterday we had a month's worth of rain in one day, and today it is cold, with outbreaks of torrential rain and really strong winds.  I don't know if it was the wind outside last night but I woke up at 3.30am and couldn't get back to sleep so I went and read my book in the spare room and after I'd finished that I got up and came downstairs and fed the cats at about 4.45.  So I'm feeling a bit dead now....

A friend came round this morning and we had coffee which was nice. I gave her my old stand mixer (which had hardly been used) and she has ordered a couple of small terrariums as presents for family... my little 'business' is growing!

Moving news - our buyers should have their mortgage offer confirmed next week.  The builders have reported back to the owners of the house we are buying and have said they have finished all the building work.  However, we have been past the house and can still see things that are not finished (grrr!).  So we are going to meet the Estate Agent there tomorrow afternoon and check it over and then get our surveyor in to look in more detail.  If there are still unfinished things we will be negotiating a reduction in the price as we don't want it to hold up the sale.


In other news *g* today's word is groak*.  This means to stare longingly at someone who is eating in the hope they will offer to share their food. Doesn't work in my house....

*c/o the QI elves
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What you wore today

Well I am currently wearing:

Purple flowery socks
Black jeans
A black/purple and cream lightweight tunic sweater
A warm purple cardigan
And of course underwear!

Layers because I am going over to a friends house for coffee. She is a new friend so I haven't been to her house before and I don't know whether it will be warm or cold. She is moving soon which is a shame as I doubt we will keep in touch - I met her through my glass class and she won't be coming any more once she's moved as she will be too far away.

I don't really understand why she is moving as she is not downsizing - she's moving out to the countryside into the middle of nowhere into a place with an enormous amount of land. ETA: Actually I found out that was her husbands idea, and he has now seen sense and instead she is moving to a much more sensible slightly smaller house and garden which is lovely and slightly closer to her grown up children but further out from us in Surrey in a village.  She is even still thinking of coming to glass class as she can (as she said) make a day of it and meet friends or go shopping in her old haunts before going home \0/
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Things you'd say to an ex

Good grief - what does this mean? What would I say to them now??  I dunno!!  Long time no see?  I haven't seen anyone I used to date for over 34 years, and I never dated anyone 'seriously' before Mr Cee, so actually I'd probably not recognise anyone I used to know from that long ago.

It's a really dreary day today which is typical for the Spring Bank Holiday Monday in England, so I am sorting through stuff. I am very pleased that I have clothes that are too big for me that are going to a local charity shop/clothes bank and clothes that I didn't think I'd get into again are fitting me perfectly.  Yay! \0/


May. 29th, 2016 08:43 pm
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I completely forgot the meme yesterday and there is a certain irony in that as the question for yesterday was: Something you miss *g*

Sometimes I miss working as I liked having a bit more routine to my day, but then I come to my senses.... *chortles*

Today's question is number 25: Four weird traits you have

Under here... )

The reason I forgot the meme yesterday was that I travelled into London to attend a cheese making class.  It was really good fun and was held at Hackney City Farm which I've never visited before.  Here's a view of the farm courtyard.  There is a field with other animals in to the left and lots of chickens, ducks, donkeys, goats etc looked very happy there.  It's great that there is a little farm for people in the heart of London!

However, I was not there for that instead I learned all about how to make mozzarella, halloumi, mascapone and fresh butter.  It was really interesting and was run by Louise Talbot from Cutting the Curd who was an excellent teacher and gave us lots of information about the theory behind cheese making as well as lots of practical demonstration and we got to do some hands on stuff as well.  I was really impressed and enjoyed it.  I came home with samples of everything we made and one of her cheese making kits as it had some things in that I haven't got.  We also had delicious home made lemon drizzle cake with the fresh warm mascapone half way through the afternoon which was devine!!  A really fun experience and well worth booking if you're able to get to one of her workshops (they are held all over the country!).

Happy Sunday!
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...of this meme!  Question number 23: A family member you dislike. What a very odd question! I suppose I've disliked several of my family members over the years - there have certainly been times when I've disliked my children! Usually when they were babies and threw up all over me, or were ill (I'm not a very good nurse to anyone including Mr Cee! LOL!).

But enough of that - I've been trying to do glass related things today as although the house needs a major clean my back is still a bit twingy, and I don't want to upset it again.  I did go belly dancing last night but the hip and back movements and stretching afterwards were lovely and really loosened it up.

However, I have not been very good at concentrating as Youngest Cee travelled down into Kent to do a tandem parachute jump today (he took the day off work) and I've been worrying about it all day.  Yes, he may be six feet five and a half inches tall, but he is still my 23 year old baby and he decided he wanted to do this as he wanted to challenge himself.  I am very proud of him as he's not had the best of health over the last few years (he was diagnosed with POTS which had some fairly major implications on his health and well being between the ages of 17 and 22), but he was determined to go by himself and do it!  Unfortunately he didn't jump until 3.30 as all the morning jumps had been cancelled due to low cloud so it pushed everyone's slot forward so there was a bit of waiting around as he got there at 1.00. He enjoyed and thought it was very pretty coming down over the Kent farmland from 12,000 feet (with 45 seconds of freefall) on a lovely sunny day!  Personally I'm just glad he's back in one piece!! *relieved mother*

In other news - lookit the pretty air plant that arrived in the pack I ordered from the nursery!! It's sooooo pretty!!!!!!! It has a flower!!! (under the cut, clicky for bigger)
Photo )

Tonight there will be alcohol and curry, then tomorrow afternoon I'm going to do a cheese making course at Hackney City Farm.  I am hoping I will finally crack how to make mozarella which is a bit hit and miss - I shall report back!.  The rest of the long weekend will involve more clearing out of 'stuff'.

Happy Friday!
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Your morning routine

Under here )

In other news I'm getting on with making terrariums and I think the air plants look fabulous in them (bigger with a clicky).  I have a couple more that are nearly finished and I'd like to make three or four more just to get enough to sell along with some other stained glass items I'm taking to the craft fair in July.

In other news the surveyor came to inspect our house for our buyers this morning and we got "green ticks for everything", so hopefully that means they won't have any trouble getting their mortgage finalised.  It's all moving forward.....
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Today's question is number 21: Your zodiac/horoscope and whether you think it fits you.

I am afraid I don't believe in zodiac signs or horoscopes as I don't believe the stars influence one twelfth of the population of the world. Also Mr Cee and I are the same sign and we couldn't be more different *g* If you do, I can accept that, but it's not for me (of course I'm a Scorpio, so I would say that.... )

In other news today I went up to London with a couple of friends to see an exhibition called Pre-Raphaelites on paper and consisted of many lovely drawings on paper created by artists from the Pre-Raphaelite era such as Edward Burne-Jones, John Everett Millais, William Holman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Poynter. It was held at the Leighton House Museum which is a wonderful place built by Lord Fredrick Leighton in 1865. The amazing house was built to suit an artist (Lord Leighton was a prolific artist and we saw some of his work too) and so it's full of light and wonderful interesting architecture.

The beautiful drawings were also lovely and we spent a couple of hours drooling over the pretty stuff. We weren't allowed to take photos but there is a very short video guide of the exhibition including a look at the house as some of the drawings under the cut.

Embedded short video )

It was a good day and we had a delicious lunch in a vegan restaurant (we even tried the 'cheesecake' which was disappointing really, but not unpleasant) before coming home. I like days like this :)
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Today's question is: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what your initial thought is.

My initial thought is "that is a really long question..."

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In other news my back is a little better - I don't feel the need to walk around rather than sitting down which was good as I got to go to my stained glass class this morning. It's the last one before the half term break - which is lucky as our poor teacher has broken her foot which is why last week's class was cancelled. It's not a serious break, and she can put weight on her foot, but she could do with next week being a break from teaching poor thing!

Our house move is progressing - the surveyor from our buyers wants to visit on Thursday morning for a valuation survey. We can't have our surveyor visit the bungalow until the last few things have been finished by the builders. Mr Cee is on the case!
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This is a tough one!
Under here... )

In other news - it's laundry day and I was just bending down to pick up something from the clean laundry to hang on the washing line and something in my back went "TWANG!".  Excruciating for about 15 seconds and still painful.  Fortunately I managed to go out and get one of these thermal heat wraps for my back this morning which is working wonders.  Getting old sucks....

However, I have had a friend get in touch and commission me for two sets of terrariums for her mum and her sisters birthdays.  So first sale! :)
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Your favourite colour and why? (spelling corrected as I am English *nods*)

I suppose this depends on whether I'm wearing the colour or I am decorating a room. For wearing and for accessory items I rather like purples and I have a lot of black/grey clothing. If I'm decorating I like warm colours like buttermilks, moss greens and burgundy. My current house has a lot of those colours and tones. This is why I am itching to warm up the new house and inject some colour as it's all white and grey. I am so pleased the main living areas have a warm light oak floor!

In other news I have been finishing two terrariums.

Photos )

We've had a really busy weekend sorting through the garden shed. We have rehomed several things including a whole box of children's musical instruments I used when I was looking after children at home. They have gone to a newly qualified Registered Childminder which is really satisfying!

In other news Mr Cee and I went out last night to a nearby teashop which is trying to expand their business by holding evening events. Last night was a Turkish themed night and we had a very tasty dinner of a starter of home made hummus and tzatziki with roasted vegetables and pitta bread, followed by moussaka then baklava with cinnamon icecream and finally coffee with turkish delight. It was really lovely and the food was really good (all organic ingredients) and all prepared on the premises.

Then after we had eaten my belly dancing teacher arrived to give a belly dancing demonstration which was the reason I wanted to go. She had virtually no room to dance, but she did four dances and I am amazed at how she can move her body!! Mr Cee was impressed :)

More photos... )

It was a really good evening and we will look out for other events as I think it's really important to support local small businesses. They apparently do quiz nights which could be fun. Plus we walked down to the teashop and as that was a 45 minute walk the meal was zero calories (that's what I'm telling myself *g*).

I have made a crunchy topped lemon cake which is cool enough to eat now so I think a slice might be in order! Happy Sunday :)
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[livejournal.com profile] curiouswombat came up with a fun thing.  Under the cut...

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30 days meme has reached the point when I did question 16 out of order, so I'm on to question 17 which is A quote you try to live by.  I've always love Maya Angelou's quote:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Also I have air plants!  I am hoping to sell them along with the terrariums I've been making.

Photo... )
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But first, question 15 of 30 Three pet peeves

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So - on to my question.  Married ladies who had a fancy wedding with a glorious wedding dress - do you still have your dress?  I have just come across mine, and I have no idea what to do with it. Do I keep it??  I don't have daughters and I doubt any prospective daughter in law (if there ever is one!) is likely to want to wear my old dress.  It's nothing particularly fancy, but it's only been worn once *g*.  There's no antique gorgeous lace that could be saved from it, or anything special that I could remove and keep.  I'm inclined to take it up to one of the charity shops and let them sell it.  At least someone would get some use out of it (I found a photo!)


In other news it's Friday!  Tonight will be home made pizza - I'm going to make fresh bread dough for the base as it's scrummy.  The rest of today though will be spent glass making as I need to build up some stock for this craft fair.  It's a slow process making things though.

Happy Friday all!
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For those following - this is the original meme list.  Today's question is: Your life in 7 years

I shall be scary old by then!  Eeep!  I still won't be eligible to claim my state pension, and I am assuming I probably won't be drawing on any of my private pension schemes, but that might depend on whether Mr Cee wants to take early retirement from his job (he can retire at 60).  So let's make a 'pie in the sky' list -

  • I shall be very settled in our bungalow home.  We will have added the utility room and put in the sun tunnels a couple of the rooms need to brighten them up.  I will have a purpose built glass workshop in the garden.

  • I shall be making money from the stained glass items I sell online and at craft fairs (I can dream!)

  • Youngest Cee will be living not too far away in his own place that we will have helped him to decorate and update.  Eldest Cee will have bought a new place.  Both boys will be happy and have jobs they enjoy.  It would be nice if they had significant others (or even their own young family) but as long as they are happy I'll be happy.

  • Tiger the cat may still be with us (but he'll be 20 years old by then, so I doubt it!). I am sure the other three will still be with us as they will all be 11.

  • If Mr Cee has taken early retirement he may be working as a consultant.  We will have celebrated our Ruby wedding anniversary.

Well that all sounds OK.  I wonder if Lj will still be around so I can check this.  In fact, I wonder what will happen if Lj goes?  I have so many entries on here that reflect things I have been doing since I started the journal back in 2005 - good grief I'd hate to loose all that!  I found some of my written diaries I used to keep and spent about 40 minutes looking through them yesterday reliving old events and recalling people I used to know back in the day.  I'm glad I am keeping a journal here too.

Today is a glass making day I think as it's dreary.  There will be belly dancing class later :)
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Your commute to and from work/school etc That's an easy one as I don't have a commute any more! YAY!!!!!!!

I have had various commutes over the years though.  Since I've been living in this house I've had three jobs. One was working at home as a Registered Childminder looking after my children and other people's children so my commute was very short.  Then I worked at my local Further Education College and that was a short drive of 15 minutes.  I would love to have walked it, but unfortunately I always had bags and bags of lesson resources and marking to transport so it wasn't really an option.

The last job I had I was working in Islington in London and to get there I used to leave at 7am and get a train to Luton from Orpington station which I walked to (15 minutes).  The train journey took 40 minutes and I got off at Farringdon in Islington and walked 15 minutes to my place of work so a total journey of 90 minutes.  On the way home I went a quicker way by taking the tube from Angel station (always used to make me think of Monopoly!) to London Bridge and then catching a train home to Orpington.  Mr Cee used to pick me up quite often from the station, so a total of an hour.  I didn't travel that way on the way in as the Northern tube line was always so crowded that I had to stand (and it was hot), so it was more pleasant to sit on a train for longer.  In the Spring and Summer I used also travel around to various colleges in London, and as far as Portsmouth to verify work at the half yearly and annual moderation.  That made my day very long.

I don't miss the commute at all, and now whenever possible I walk everywhere locally (unless I'm getting a lot of groceries) and I feel so much better for it.  In fact I've lost a lot of weight since I stopped working. I found some clothes from my working days during this morning's wardrobe clearing and and was incredibly pleased to find out that a really expensive jacket that I couldn't wear for a long time now fits me perfectly \0/

In other news I had a bit of a melt down this morning about the move - nothing major, but it's two weeks since we agreed sales and we'd heard nothing since.  Fortunately Mr Cee had a call from the Estate Agents late morning saying everything is confirmed and all solicitors have been informed and things are starting to progress.  Phew!!

Entry 12

May. 17th, 2016 05:01 pm
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Two words/phrases that make you laugh

This is a tough one!  Mr Cee and I were discussing words and phrases that WE hear when someone mentions them on the TV or radio yesterday.  For example anyone who has seen Young Frankenstein will never be able to hear the song Puttin' on the Ritz without the 'monster's' rendition of that line in the song going through your head (for those who haven't seen that movie - it's completely off key!).  An advert on the TV is using the song at the moment and so we often sing along like the monster does.... yes, we are nerds and it makes us laugh.

There are loads of phrases from films that we quote actually - we're probably quite annoying...

I do think the word 'moist' is amusing.  I have no idea why though! LOL!

In other news my stained glass class was cancelled today so against my better judgement I went up to Camden Town in London to the stained glass supplier there and bought some more glass to play with. I'm having a fun time making lots of things to sell and there will be photos when I've got a few things sorted out.  It was much better than going through more boxes of stuff which I shall do again tomorrow.

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Your current relationship; if single, discuss that too.

Well I've discussed my relationship with Mr Cee many times here on Lj, but I'll go into a little bit more depth under a cut as it's not required reading...

Read more... )

In other news some of my garden is bursting forth, and my white lilac is looking pretty (double and triple flower stalks on some branches):

The three cuttings I took last year have overwintered and are looking good so I will be able to transplant those into the new garden.

There are bees buzzing around the flowers in the first photo.  Our local beekeepers are looking into the idea of householders 'hosting' a beehive in their garden which the beekeepers will tend and harvest.  For allowing this the householder gets some honey.  I've put myself down as an interested householder as it would be fascinating to have bees without the worry of having to look after them in our new garden.

I forgot to set my alarm this morning and Youngest Cee woke me up just before he left for work.  Ooops!  It's taking me a while to get going this morning, but I really need to do more sorting out!
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Question 9 of the 30 days meme is: Your feelings on ageism

Well, as I'm 'of an age' I think that there is ageism against women more than men. How many actresses are dismissed if they are the same age as the male protagonist in a film or TV show? I don't think this happens quite so often in the UK (although it's creeping in!), but from what I've seen it certainly seems to be something that is practiced in the US far more. I really dislike it when the central male character can be over 50, but his 'significant other/romantic interest' has to be half his age. Ack!! There's also an unrealistic expectation that women should be completely wrinkle free but the men can be overweight and crinkly...

I shall stop now, or this will be come a rant as it extends into the workplace too.

Anyway - today so far has been a very useful day as I've been going through the kitchen cupboards and getting rid of all the things I don't need. These include, but are not limited to things such as the gizmo that helps you cut equal bread slices on uncut loaves and the herb rack that I never use or the many bottles of stainless steel cleaner I seem to have accumulated over the years (most have turned to solid mush in the bottles). I've also been rather ruthless regarding my cookery books and those ones that I really don't use anymore will go to the charity shop.

However, there have been some gems found amongst the paperwork such as our first pay slips. I cannot believe I was paid just over £200 a MONTH! Good grief. We've also found the paperwork for the move to our last house. It took 6 months to move - let's hope it doesn't take this long this time!

Later we are going out with Youngest Cee to see Captain America: Civil War. We are going to try the iSense screen in our new local Odeon cinema as it's apparently in 4K and has a huge screen with amazing (according to their website) sound.

I shall report back tomorrow. Happy Saturday! :)
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I was too busy yesterday to remember to do this meme, so a quick question 8: A book you love and one you didn't.

This is hard as I love so many books, but it if I think about a book I go back to read a LOT it's got to be The Complete Sherlock Holmes omnibus (which is cheating really!).  I will often go back and reread stories from there.  A book I hate is a difficult one as I'm sure I'll be unpopular for saying it but I really didn't get on with the first book A Game of Thrones.  Just didn't like the whole style of writing or the story to be honest.... I've not watched the TV show or read any more of the series.  I know... I know..... *ducks and hides*

I'm switching a couple of days in this meme as yesterday was mass observation day on [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday so I wrote about my day and therefore I'm moving ahead to question 16 and will do 9 when I get to that day.  16: Bullet your entire day

Under the cut is my entry for [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday which covers this in a bit more detail.

Read more... )

As he had the very late night conference call and has another one at 9am this morning, Mr Cee is working from home today which is nice.  We have to drop copious amounts of paperwork into the solicitor later including proof of identity that we aren't money laundering (!), and we can get some groceries and pick up a parcel that wasn't delivered yesterday.  My life is so exciting...!

Happy Friday all.


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