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Yesterday was [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday so below the cut I've cross posted my entry for yesterday.

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Today it's sunny again, and even though it's forecast to be dull later I thought I'd take the risk and do some laundry. The first load is on the line and hopefully it's going to dry OK. I've had to water all the plants in pots on the deck as we have had several days now without any rain, so they were looking a bit dry. I've got some liquid plant food so they all had a treat which should be a good thing as they are all showing a lot of growth after all this sunshine.

Todays 100 question is: 30: Think of it: have you ever been truly scared? Oh yes - more than once. I don't like heights so I get scared if I'm near to the edge of anything high, although I can talk myself out of it if I'm given enough warning. I also don't like driving on busy motorways but again, I can do it if I have to.

Right - I need to get on with that butterfly if I'm going to finish it and as I've already vacuumed the whole house, dusted everything to within an inch of it's life and have put another load of laundry on to wash I had better get on!

Happy Thursday!
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My entry for [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday is under the cut as yesterday was the 12th.

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It was a good weekend as along with the above we managed to get a lot of stones out of the flower bed at the front of the house. Presumably it was a rockery of some kind at one point. Lots of crappy paving slabs and blocks, but also some rather nice large pink granite rocks which I shall save.

Later this morning I'm going over to see [livejournal.com profile] lilachigh's garden and have coffee. I'm hoping the promised sunshine will continue today as I've risked putting some laundry on the washing line outside. I shall pick her brains about plants while I'm there. I need inspiration as I'm really keen to redesign our back garden over this summer. It will be a slow process as it's expensive so I don't want to make mistakes!

Happy Monday all!
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It's [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday day - cross posted, so apologies if you've seen this entry before.

The morning started early-ish for a Sunday as Zero one of our younger cats decided we had been in bed for too long at 7am and started scratching at our bedroom door (the cats are not allowed in the bedrooms at night but have the run of the house/garden). Mr Cee got up and fed them and then came back to bed and we dozed until about 8am when there was much thundering as the cats (fueled by food) ran up and down the hallway chasing each other.

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It's supposed to be much sunnier and warmer today which is good. I am so tired of dull cold days!

This evening I will be meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni and [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain to attend The Secret Journey with Doctor Dee at LIBRARY (which the owners describe as a hotel, restaurant, private members club and wellness hub). Should be fun as you can't usually get to see inside unless you attend an event or become a member :)
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Yesterday was the 12th, so my first entry for [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday is under the cut....

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The snow has frozen over night so we still have quite a lot of it outside, and the roads are treacherous. Mr Cee is working at home today and was going to take Youngest Cee to the station for work (as he's feeling much better), but he couldn't get the car out of our steep driveway so YC had to walk.

Today has been really productive so far with all the carpets and rugs vacuumed, the kitchen cleaned and tidied, the breakfast out of the way all by 7.30am :)  I shall made some bread as I'm indoors and today feels like a good day to experiment with some new recipes. 
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My entry about what I did yesterday is under the cut.

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This morning I have been unpacking boxes and sorting out my glass studio.  There is still quite a lot of organising to do so I'll have to do some more tomorrow.  It's good that there is plenty of storage in there now, and I've been able to set up one side of the studio with all the glass making bits and pieces and the other side has lots of other arty materials such as paint brushes, canvasses, dolls house items waiting to be made and other fun things.  It's nearly there!  I shall take photos once it's sorted out a bit more.

This afternoon I'm just tidying up the last few things in the study and it's looking good in there too.  We've moved things around and I have a blind and some cushion covers on order which will pick up the yellow of the sofabed and bring the whole room together.

Mr Cee and Youngest Cee have gone out to look at a car which YC is interested in buying - his current car is getting to the expensive age and as it was a hand-me-down from us it's about 12 years old now and he really needs something reliable.  I'm hoping that when they get back they will sweep up some of the leaves from the front of the house as we are in danger of being buried!

Happy Sunday all! :)
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It's monthly diary day at [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday - under the cut for my day today.... It's been a fun day for three of the cats :)

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So Monday was mass observation day and under the cut is what I got up to which was cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday

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Today will be spent sorting through more things as we have most of the stuff out of the loft now.  There are some more playstation games which I'll see if Music Magpie or Momix want to pay money for otherwise they will go up to the charity shops.  I have to stay in anyway as there are several things that are being delivered today that need signatures and there's a ton of laundry to do....

Right - I'm off to see if I can find Zero and give him his eyedrops - hide and seek with cats!
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The [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday runs every 12th, so I am late posting what I did on Tuesday, but for those who don't see those posts my day is under this cut.

I have had a busy couple of days, so this is a little late, but under the cut is my 12th entry for this month.

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Yesterday was another busy day.  I spent the morning first making some Queso Blanco (a Spanish soft cream cheese which is really easy to do!) then in my garage glass 'studio' as it was finally warm enough to cut glass in there (glass doesn't like the cold - it won't cut well), so I had a go at finishing another little glass cat and also a little terrarium.  Photos under the cut.

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In the afternoon a couple of friends and I went to a talk in a local tea shop about a local Priory that has been sold off by our local council.  There is a charity trying to bid for the lease and they were explaining what they want to do with the building.  It's a listed building and dates back to the 12th century but has been extended into a modern 1960s built annex.  The idea is to have craft fairs and weddings as the original building is rather lovely inside.  It's all boarded up, but we walked past on our way home:

It needs some sympathetic restoration to make it pretty again, and I hope they manage to get the funding to get the lease and put into place their plans as they have some good ideas.  We were tired when we got home but I managed to persuade my friends to take some of the cheese as I've ended up with about 900g! :)

Today I shall start my stained glass lamp I think as it's fairly warm again (15 degrees), and tonight is belly dancing.  
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I belong to the community [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday and we post an entry about our day on the 12th of each month.  My entry for yesterday is under the cut for those interested.

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Now on to the 30 days meme! Day 7: Do you read? What are your favourite books?

I think I'm amazed that anyone would not read books for pleasure but I remember a discussion at [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk last year about some research into how people read fiction and whether they can visualise the story or just read the story without having images in their head at the time.  I've always read and 'constructed' a world as I am reading (down to what I think characters might look like), but it was interesting to talk to friends who said they don't do that.  Isn't the brain weird!  I suppose that might change how people view reading in some cases.

Anyway - I digress!  Yes I read.  I suppose 'favourite' means that I might go back and reread a book?  In which case I have to include the Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyles' Sherlock Holmes books as they are something I will return to again and again.  I also really enjoy Jim Butcher's Dresden books and will reread those when a new one is due out as there's quite a large gap between books and I forget what happened!  Same with Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London series.

However, I have very wide tastes when it comes to reading and I will pretty much read anything.  I like scifi and fantasy, I like detective 'who done it' books, I like humour and I also dip into autobiography every now and again. I used to read a lot of Stephen King books, but I found the later ones quite disturbing, so I've stopped reading horror for the time being.

Hope that answers the question! :)

Right - a quick tidy around the house is required before the next house viewing at 12.00!
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Firstly - thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to comment about my house details.  Mr Cee and I had a long discussion about it today and we have decided to paint the cupboards in the bedroom so they are a uniform colour (we had left over paint, so it didn't cost anything!) and this morning we went and bought some really bright and cheerful plants for the front of the house.  Mr Cee has spent this afternoon cleaning the driverway in the pouring rain!) so that looks a lot brighter, and I have been painting.

We have also decided to take some better photos of the house as we think the wide lens really made some of the rooms look odd and the garden looks a lot shorter than the 70 feet it actually is.   When we had the house on the market last year we had two different Estate Agents who photographed the house, so we shall look through those photos and base some of our new photography on some of those better shots.  We've also got some suggestions for rewording the information on the site, as your comments highlighted some of the confusing way the agents had worded that and at the same time we'll add some information about the solar panels to make those more appealing.

All in all - I'm really glad for the input and so my happy thing number 9 for this year is the Internet because without that I wouldn't have been able to reach across to so many people and get some valuable opinons.

In other news, yesterday was [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday and I had a nice outing with [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain which I've written about and will reproduce here under a cut for those who are not part of that community.

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Happy Saturday all!
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It was the 12th yesterday so I posted about what I did for the day on [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday.  Under the cut is my entry if you are interested.

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While I'm here I thought I'd do the book meme thingy.

What I've read:
Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Shattered Empire by Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto.  A four part graphic novel.  I read this on my Kindle app as it has an interesting way of displaying the panels which really shows off the lovely artwork (and it was good).
Trigger Mortis: A James Bond Novel by Anthony Horrowitz.  Very much in the Ian Fleming style and an enjoyable romp.
Holy Island: A DCI Ryan Novel by L J Ross.  The plot for this was very well done and I enjoyed that part of the novel very much, however the 'romance' of the leading characters was written like bad fanfic which took the edge off the book for me.  It's a shame because it could have been so much better.  There's a second follow up novel and I'm tempted to get it to see if the writing improves, but I'm in two minds.

What I'm reading:
Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum.  Yes, the actor! It's a good read so far and I'm enjoying it.

What I'm reading next:
Not sure - I have Human Croquet by Kate Atkinson, but I also have The Maze Runner Collection by James Dashner and that might be fun.

Right, I'm on my own as Youngest Cee is off at a training day at one of the museums he is volunteering at and Mr Cee is at work so I'm off to catch up with Lj posts.... Happy Wednesday!
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I post to [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday when I can and yesterday was quite busy so here is my entry under the cut for those who don't see it there (with photos).

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I have failed miserably at doing the photo a day meme because somehow I've got really busy over the last few weeks.   However, my stained glass lessons and belly dancing classes have finished for the Christmas period, so I'm hoping to post a bit more.  We have our belly dancing Christmas party next Tuesday and our class is going an exhibition of the routine we've been learning which could be interesting as we still can't remember it.....!

I've also been making stained glass presents for friends.  I have made this one so far for a friend with a tortoishell cat and am in the process of making another one for a friend with ginger cats.  I think the design is quite fun and hopefully they will like them:

Happy Sunday all!


Oct. 13th, 2015 10:36 am
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My [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday entry for the 12th of October under the cut.

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I didn't get around to writing a post for [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday yesterday because I just didn't feel up to it.

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Youngest Cee is still tired today, but his lip is a lot less swollen.  I think he'll be a lot better tomorrow.

Today I have mostly been fighting off the cats as it's colder outside and they want to warm up their feet on people who are sitting down.  I have been finalising the quiz, the event programme and the art show for [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk which is only a few days away now (next Friday!!).  I'm really looking forward to it.
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Look at me posting three days in a row!

This time it's my entry for the [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday community, so apologies if you've already seen this there.

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Not very exciting, but this is what I posted over at [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday for yesterday.  Under the cut to spare those who have seen it there.

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This is my entry for the [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday - apologies if you've seen this before...

My day started very early as I woke up at 5.30 with the sun streaming in our bedroom.  I dozed for a while, but when Mr Cee got up at 6 I decided that I did not need to join him and read my book (currently re-reading "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" in anticipation of the TV adaptation which is coming to the UK soon) for an hour.  I got up at 7 and made the bed, got dressed, washed and ready for my day before heading downstairs for breakfast of granola and home made yogurt and a vitamin drink.

Of course as I was sitting eating my breakfast I had to fend of various kitties who wanted to lick the bowl, and ended up with one on my lap.  Fortunately my iPad was in reach and I could check Twitter, email and Lj.  After that I quickly tidied the kitchen and emptied and refilled the dishwasher before going back upstairs to clean my teeth.  I then packed up my supplies for my stained glass class and loaded up the car and set off at 8.50 to the class.

The venue is quite nearby, but I have to pass two schools and yesterday they were also digging up the road in two places, one at the end of my road onto the main road and again about 300m down the road, so the journey took 30 minutes after all the stopping and starting.  Yesterday was my fifth class and I having completed the first mandatory project which gives us the basic skills, I am now creating something that I've designed myself and really enjoying the process.

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I have five more weeks of the class and I expect to finish the piece by then.  The class finishes at 12.15, so I made my way home again (which was much quicker on the way back).

I grabbed something to eat and then spent the afternoon sorting out my craft supplies and packing up more things in anticipation of our possible house move (no viewers yet!).  I got distracted as I found a lot of acrylic paints which I'd forgotten I'd got so I ended up playing around with some canvasses and sketching something to paint another time.  At this point I had a delivery of the Amazon fire stick we'd ordered for the back room TV, so I spent a little while setting that up.  It means we can have Netflix and Amazon streaming to that TV which we can't at the moment

Mr Cee came home from work at 4 and we caught up with our days.  The rest of the evening was spent having dinner and catching up with TV shows.  We went to bed early and read our books which was a nice relaxing way to end the day.
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My entry for [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday is under the cut for those who would like to see what I did on the 12th April and aren't part of that community.

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So today is the 12th March and it's time to record what I did today for [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday.

Today was spent on a trip out to visit one of the colleges I am a Lead Moderator for. As Lead Moderator I visit at this time of year to see how they are getting along as it's about half way through the academic year. If there are problems with anything now, they can be sorted out by the time the course ends in June so it's a good way of checking things.

Out and about..... )
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Cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday, so apologies if you are a member there too.

My 12th began quite early as the new-ish neighbours next door are quite noisy and I woke up when Mr NewNeighbour started up his loud motorbike at 6.30am and went off to work having had left it thrumming on the driveway for far too long a while.  I didn't have to be up, so I read more of A Million Years in a Day by Greg Jenner which is fascinating, funny and interesting all at the same time.  I'm finding I want to limit my reading time as it's so infomative, and I might have to read it again....

At 7.30am I decided I was being too lazy and so I got up, got dressed, made the bed and then headed downstairs for some breakfast.  All the kitties were asleep but all blinked at me and rolled over for tummy scritchings before falling asleep again.  I'd washed my hair the night before and left it to dry naturally so the next job was to get the hair straighteners out and sort out the rather odd haystack of hair before cleaning my teeth.  I decided to weigh myself as I am still trying to loose some weight and was pleased to find I'd lost another two pounds which was encouraging.

Our dishwasher and cooker were both scheduled to be replaced today as they were both on their last legs, but fortunately Mr Cee and I caught the end of the sales and managed to pick up replacements at reasonable prices.  Unfortunately that meant that last nights dishes had been left to soak as Mr Cee had disconnected everything ready for them to be taken away when the new ones arrived between 11.15 and 3.15.  My friend along the road had sent me a text asking if she could pop in to talk about Fitbit gadgets as she's planning to buy one and wanted to pick my brains, and that left a perfect amount of time to wash up by hand and give the kitchen a thorough tidy up and clean.

My friend and I had a good long chat and I showed her the difference between the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit Charge (I have the Charge, but had a Flex before), and she has decided to get the Flex.  She's not very tech-savvy, so we had a long chat about apps too and I showed her how to make the text on her iPhone larger as she can't see it very well.  It was nice to catch up.

Appliances annoyances.... )

At this point it was nearly time for the last one of the chocolate making course I've been doing for the past 3 weeks at my local College, so I grabbed a quick bite to eat and Mr Cee dropped me down at the College (parking is terrible, so he's been taking/collecting me).

Chocolate.... )

On my way out of the building I had a chance for a quick catch up with my former colleague.  It sounds like I got out of the College rat race just in time as it's not a very nice atmosphere there any more.  I was pleased my colleague was still employed, but she is doing a lot more than she used to do for no extra salary!

Mr Cee was waiting for me outside and I got home about 9.30, so I had a quick shower and I tidied up the house before going to bed fairly early as I wanted to read my book again.  Lights out at 10.45 as I was really tired :)


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