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It's quite overcast and humid but much cooler than it has been, so I am a lot happier.

Yesterday's belly dancing was great fun and I was told I was very brave to have a go at dancing in front of an audience (especially as I was dancing with our teacher) but I really enjoyed it and it was over in a flash.  The audience consisted of lots of mums with children which was fun as all the children joined in with the clapping when N was doing her exhibition dance on her own.  Sadly I have no photographs but that's OK. Happy thing for this year so far is 26 is performing! :)

Youngest Cee finished his five month contract yesterday and is quite sad about it.  However there are applications to be written and he's knuckling down to do that.  He wanted to take a cake in on Friday for his co-workers and so I made a very alcoholic Jamaican rum cake which apparently went down very well.  In fact hardly any came home with him so that was good.

This weekend we are clearing out more junk but it's actually getting quite manageable now.  The house is looking quite streamlined! Later I will be making bread which I always enjoy doing. So happy thing 27 is making bread :)

I've also booked an outing with [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain to attend a Victorian Mummy Unwrapping party in October which is something to look forward to!

Happy Saturday all!
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It's really hot over here in the South East corner of the London suburbs!  My back garden outdoor weather station thermometer is currently reading 35C/95F.   Considering last week didn't get much above 20C/68F this is quite a contrast.

Mr Cee has stayed at home as he is still feeling unwell and coughing up a lung every now and again.  I'm glad he has been here as we have had several phone calls this morning and at least we could discuss what to do straight away.  Under the cut as it's really for me to record what happened and tedious for others...

A morning of 'downs'.... )
However, this afternoon there was an UP moment as I received a parcel through the post from [livejournal.com profile] frances_lievens containing Belgium chocolate!  We 'met' through Lj, but she's not often on this site anymore and we tend to communicate through Twitter where I was bemoaning the likelihood of chocolate prices increasing in the UK (you've guessed it) because of Brexit.  She very kindly sent me a selection of yummy chocolate which was EXTREMELY welcome today and has cheered me up no end.  So happy thing number 25 is the generosity of online friends :)

Also I promised some photos of my air plants to [livejournal.com profile] christopher575 as several of them are flowering, so one more cut for some photos!

Air plant flowers )
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I haven't updated for a few days this is mostly because:

  • Sorting out stuff is still an ongoing project.  However, it's is very satisfying and I have found some things I didn't know I still had!  I have also been using Momox.co.uk to sell old Playstation games and the boys old school and university text books.  It's surprising what some of the things go for - sometimes they only offer 12p for a game, and for other games they offer over £10.  The same for the books - it's all very strange, but at least we are making some money back for all the hundreds of pounds we spent on buying these things over the last ten years.

  • Mr Cee has a horrible cold, which means he is coughing and sneezing.  He's sneezing even more than when he has bad hay fever, which he has had over the last few days as the pollen count has been ridiculously high.  Poor baby!  I don't think he will be going to work on Monday.

  • We have been putting some items on eBay - bunk bed frames, Jackie Chan Adventures collectables, my grandma's old Singer sewing machine from the 1970s (weight a TON, but still works fine).  These are all happily being bid on.  I have some more Horrible Histories magazines to put on there.  Say one thing for my boys, they really took care of their stuff which is great. Happy thing 24 for this year is eBay!

  • It's been hot (relatively for the UK at around 27C) and is very humid - I hate high humidity.  Apparently we are set for even more humidity for the next week with thunder storms and we are likely to have temperatures up into the 30s.

  • Youngest Cee is applying for lots of contracts - there's an internship he is absolutely right for, and I really hope he gets as far as an interview.  Trouble is, he's up against a lot of new graduates now..... :(

So that's about it for me.  I must admit I am getting a bit stir crazy occasionally...
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I ordered some summer trousers for me as they were in Long Tall Sally's summer sale and I can't get trousers long enough for me from many places. They arrived over the weekend and I've only just got around to trying them on.

They are too big!!!! This means that I have gone down a whole size in clothing since the last time I bought summer trousers from Long Tall Sally (around 3 years ago). So I've ordered a smaller size and can send these ones back.

Happy thing number 23 for this year :)

Moving news - things are still plodding along.

Irritating stuff.. )

However, we are finally seeing the end of the tunnel as far as emptying the loft space and cupboards is concerned. I've spent the morning sorting through yet more books - children's ones this time and have more things for local charity shops. Phew - the light at the end of that tunnel is getting closer!
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Yesterday Mr Cee and I went to London on an Art Deco walking tour.  It was chiefly along the Strand near Charing Cross and the Aldwych where both Mr Cee and I have worked in the past, and even so there were buildings we had never really looked at before so it was very interesting.  Under the cut an image heavy walk through:

Deco, deco, deco.... )

I hope this all works as for some reason the Visual Editor (usually so well behaved!) has been mucking me about in this post!

Also - this is happy thing number 23 for this year which is good!
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Good grief the last time I did this was here on the 6th of April!!

OK I am definitely putting under a cut the books I've read since then as no-one needs that cluttering up their f-list...

Read more... )
What I am reading now:
The Unexpected Gift of Joseph Bridgeman (The Downstream Diaries Book 1) - Nick Jones: I have been pleasantly surprised by this book. I can't really give much away about it apart from saying it involves time travel, but I'd recommend it so far. I'm about three quarters of the way through and I really have no idea how it's going to end. Written in the first person, but don't let that put you off. I'm hoping for a further series (and am encouraged by the 'Book 1' reference).

What am I reading next:
Nick Jones has written two more books, and I may be tempted to try the first of those particularly as it's currently free in the Kindle store: The Whisper of Stars: A science-fiction thriller (Hibernation Series Book 1). I also have the last in the series of the Odd Thomas books (book 7 - Saint Odd) and I would like to know how Dean Koonz ends the story.

In other news the house move continues forward. Our solicitor expects us to be moving around the first week of August, so I'm hoping that will be the case as it's not that far off and I'd really like confirmation of dates soon! The sorting of 'stuff' continues....

Unfortunately Zero has a recurrance of the eye infection he got last year which the vet now thinks might be an allergy to something at this time of year. Of course this means eye drops three times a day and he's a little scamp and keeps hiding from me as he HATES having them in his eye. Poor baby :(

Happy thing for today (number 22 for the year) is learning things. Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] curiouswombat's post about the flower festival in her neck of the woods I have signed up for a five week "Spring Flowers" floristry course in April of next year. They also have a longer course if you want to learn how to make your own designs, so I might do that if I enjoy the short course.
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Happy thing number 21 for this year is selling stained glass things.

I managed to sell quite a few items at the open garden event today and the weather was kind which meant there were a lot of people out and about visiting the gardens.  I sold lots of the little items I had made such as suncatchers, but sadly not as many of the terrariums as I was hoping.  However, several people took my card as there had been plants, cake and refreshments at the other gardens so when they got to where I was they didn't have any money left.  So I might get some follow up next week and even if I don't at least there has been some interest.

Of course there was one person who thought what I was selling was expensive, but generally I think I pitched the prices just right - thank you oh f-list!

I'm really tired now though and also very hungry as we had brunch at 10.30 and I haven't eaten anything else since - fortunately Mr Cee is a wonder and has made vegetarian lasagne which has just gone into the oven.


Happy Sunday all.
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[livejournal.com profile] uglybusiness has created a new community for her art work.  For those who do not know she is an amazing digital artist who also used to create artwork under the name Zugma from many different fandoms.  Due to personal circumstances (explained in her new community) she has not been around much in the last few years, but I urge you to watch her community to see all the amazing work she does.  She is uploading items slowly at [livejournal.com profile] latenightlight.

Happy thing 21 for this year :)
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I realised that I'd abandoned the 100 happy things meme which I started at the beginning of the year.  Mostly this was because there were some more interesting 30 day memes, but I think it's time to get back on board with looking for happy things to post about.

I got to number 19 on 7th April and I have several happy things in this post (bullets for brevity):

  • I have finished all the stained glass items I wanted to make for the craft stall on Sunday.  Apparently there were over 100 people at the Open Garden event last year, but the weather looks a bit dreary this year.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Youngest Cee is home from Paris, France.  He and his two friends had a good time - he says the highlights were the wonderful food and wine, the sightseeing and watching the football.  He's got quite a tan as the weather was lovely most days with 31C temperatures.  He thinks it's cold here (it is, today is only 17C).

  • Youngest Cee has had to go back to work today even though he is quite tired from travelling yesterday.  The reality of only being on a temporary contract with very little paid time off!  He has had his contract extended another month until the end of July which he is pleased about.

  • I have volunteered to be part of the next Oriental Express show in London in November which means belly dancing on stage, in front of lots of people (!). At the moment there are only two of us from our class who have volunteered, so that could be interesting.

Good things which I shall put together for number 20 of my happy things this year.

In other news the house move is still progressing.  The drain survey we had done last week turned up a blockage which has now been cleared - we have paid for it at the moment, but the cost will be reimbursed by the vendor.  Our solicitor is waiting for documents from the local council regarding the original extension to the house which she needs to see.  She is chasing the council, but they are being very slooooow.....
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I am enjoying my new expanded f-list.  It's lovely to read snippets of everyone's day and to realise that although we are united in a common language, our daily lives and cultures are often very different!

It's a very changeable week here in the UK.  After all the lovely sunshine last week we are now back to sun and showers with occasional hailstones and cooler temperatures.

A couple of garden photos )

I'm stuck in the house today as I'm waiting for the old PS3 games to be collected by Music Magpie.  Unfortunately they can't give me more than an 8am-8pm 'window' which is annoying.  I have found another box of games which I've priced up using the site.  It's clever as you can price up items and then save them rather than going ahead with selling them.  They will honour the price quoted for a couple of weeks which is handy.  The ones I'm sending off today, along with the PC games I have sent to Momox (Music Magpie won't take PC games) will generate quite a bit of money - more than I was expecting, and certainly more than if I took them to a local games exchange or a boot fair.  If I go ahead with this new box of games as well we should be about to give a nice cheque to Eldest and Youngest Cee and it gets rid of more clutter :)

I'm going to go back to trying to find something positive to say throughout the year using the 100 days of happy meme.  I think my last entry in this meme got me up to number 18.  So number 19 is "decluttering and making money in the process"! :D

ETA: The sign up post for [livejournal.com profile] writerconuk is now up here.  I won't bore you (yet) with why you should go.  But be prepared for some nagging......

Day 5

Mar. 11th, 2016 09:55 am
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The 30 day meme thing is Five places you'd like to visit

  1. I'd like to see the stars without any light pollution (I've posted about this before), so anywhere that would be true in the Northern hemisphere would be great.

  2. I'd love to visit New Zealand and maybe see the Southern hemisphere stars and all the lovely scenery.

  3. Hong Kong - because it's such a different culture from the UK.

  4. I'd also like to see the Northern Lights in Tromsø in Norway. I love Norway and we didn't take advantage and travel far when we lived there.

  5. I also love my own country and would like to explore more of it.  We've pretty much visited a lot of the South of England and I'm so lucky to be close to London to see all the sights there, but there are so many more historic houses and places of interest that I haven't seen yet.

In other news - it's Friday!  Today::

  • I shall keep moving as my muscles are protesting a little bit from last night's belly dancing class.  Our teacher has changed the class from an hour to an hour and a half so we have 20 minutes of stretching at the end, and I'm feeling a little sore.

  • I will be attempting to make mozarella cheese from scratch.  I've only done this once successfully!

  • I need to have a look to see if I can remake some pillowcases I bought in a new set of bedding for Youngest Cee.  They are huge Oxford pillow cases and far too big for his standard sized pillows.  I can't get an alternative that matches the duvet cover, so I'll have to see what I can do with the sewing machine.

  • At some point I must go outside and sit in the garden and have a coffee break as it's lovely and sunny and relatively warm today (10C).

  • I must clean the house - just in case we have a viewing over the weekend (fortunately it's pretty tidy).

  • I will make a lasagne from the leftover bolognaise sauce I made on Wednesday so we can have that for dinner tonight.

  • I must see if I can fit in a quick look at the next online module of my Photoshop course.  I passed module 1 with 100% result which is pleasing (happy thing 18 for this year)

Happy Friday all!


Mar. 7th, 2016 10:07 am
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Well, this post certainly sparked some interest! Then there was a friending meme my good friend [livejournal.com profile] teragramm came up with and it all got lovely and busy on Lj again!

Alongside the 100 happy things meme which I am in the middle of doing I'd also do this one that I've seen around my f-list to encourage me to post a bit more.  However - I am rather stumped by Day 28 and not sure about some of the other questions (this is clearly for young whippersnappers).  Anyway I'll give it a go and it also serves as an introduction to several new friends who have come my way as a result of all this.

Day 1 - Write some basic things about yourself:
Under here for those interested.. )

Oh and today's happy thing (number 17) is Spring.  It's on it's way!!! Look cute baby narcissi in my window box and also at the base of my minature peach tree which is also starting to get some blossom:

Happy Monday!
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An unexpected gift!

On Tuesday one of my stained glass classmates gave me a surprise gift and this morning I have been setting it up in my stained glass 'workshop' in the garage.  It's a splash guard for my glass grinder which uses water to cool the glass as you use it and sometimes there is splashing when you are grinding the glass - this helps to keep the work area clean.

It looks like this:  and is called 'Mr Splash' (LOL!).

You sit the grinding machine inside the area and it also protects your eyes with the eye shield at the top.

Unexpected gifts are the BEST! :)
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In bullets for brevity:

  • It's a bright sunny day with a bitterly cold wind outside, but I'm in the warm in my house. Various kitties are enjoying sitting on our laps after they have 'killed' all the leaves and things blowing around the garden and need their feet warmed up.

  • Mr Cee made lunch today - roast chicken with all the trimmings followed by blueberry cobbler (yum!).

  • Youngest Cee has finished his first week at work and is loving it.

  • We had two viewings of the house yesterday but haven't heard any feedback yet.... so no-one is kicking down the door to buy the house yet *sigh*

  • We have found the ideal house for us (a different one from the one we were originally after).... but it's on the market and I'm sure it will be snapped up quickly - we REALLY need a buyer soon *double sigh*

  • We saw Deadpool at our new local cinema on Friday and enjoyed the off the wall humour. Very silly.  The cinema is really nice too, so we will be visiting again soon I'm sure.

  • I've been walking a lot this week which has been good for me.

  • A useful part of selling the house is that I am keeping it amazingly tidy and clean (not that I don't keep it tidy usually.... but y'know...).  So Sunday is relaxing which is my happy thing for today (number 14), sitting around with Mr Cee watching all the TV shows we have recorded and never seem to be able to watch when they are actually on in the week. \0/

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Today I received a notification that the new 7 screen Odeon cinema in my local town has an opening date, and for the first two days all tickets (including Prime seating) is only £2.  So of course Mr Cee and I decided that we'd go and see Deadpool because we are geeks and they are screening it there on the first day of opening.  It opens on a Friday so we have booked the 3.15pm performance which will hopefully mean that it is all adults as it clashes with school pickups.

We have also found out that for over 55s (we're only just there!!) have 'Silver Cinema' opportunities which means you get a flat rate ticket price of £3 and a hot drink and a snack before the performances which are usually in the morning.  This sounds like fun and I don't mind being an 'oldie' if it saves me £8 for a ticket and who turns down free snacks and a drink???

This is going to inject some much needed life into my local town and I'm really looking forward to the cinema opening.  We will be able to walk down to the town, see a film and have something to eat without having to worry about taking the car (both of us can have some wine if we want to!).

Yay! Happy thing number 8.

In other news

  • Youngest Cee has been out for a drive on his own today and is now washing his car.  He is SO happy. \0/

  • Mr Cee has washed our other cars as they were filthy after next door had a new driveway installed this week.  Lots of dust from trimming paving slabs has been removed and they are all shiny again.

  • We've given away some old toys to a local family via the Streetlife online community (they are going to a good home to be loved).

  • I've finished making a TARDIS stained glass panel for Eldest Cee as a birthday surprise (his birthday is in a couple of weeks).  I just have to attach some hanging hooks at my class on Tuesday.

Photo )

  • I've had a sociable week and caught up with a couple of friends which has been lovely.

Happy Sunday! :)
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I am very happy today because after many attempts Youngest Cee finally passed his driving test today!  It's been a long journey, initially hampered by his ill health at the end of his teens, and after that his nerves during the test and so he has had many attempts before today.  For this test he had a few lessons with a driving instructor to ensure he was driving 'for the test' (e.g. demonstrating that he was checking mirrors by exaggerated eye movements!) and she had total confidence that he has always been a good driver, and that it's getting through the test itself that has been the problem.  I am so happy that he has finally done it as he's driven me around and I've always felt really safe with him, so I know he's more than capable of being a good driver.

Phew!!  Definitely a happy thing.

This evening there will be pizza (Youngest Cee's request) to celebrate his success this week.

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Yes, I have good reason for posting again this evening because Youngest Cee has just been told that he has been accepted as a volunteer at one of the largest museums in London (The British Museum). He was one of over 50 people who applied, the list was then trimmed down to seven prospective candidates and he was then selected as one of the three volunteers they have chosen following a selection day today. Not a paid post, but I think that's pretty good going.

He now has voluntary work for every weekday for the next several months at three major museums in London - The British Museum, The Museum of London (their Archeological archives and the main museum) and The Imperial War Museum (at HMS Belfast and The Churchill War Rooms) . His roles will be very broad too (Storage Moves team volunteer, Schools support volunteer, and Office support volunteer working on digitisation and an Interaction volunteer).

I'm very proud of him as this means he will be getting some excellent experience which should lead to some paid work in the not too distant future. He's stuck to his guns and worked really hard to get to this point even though it's felt sometimes that he wasn't moving forward, I'm sure this will mean that he will be able to get the experience he needs to work in his chosen career.

Phew! Happy thing number 6 for this year I think :D
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Mr Cee has the day off to use up his last day of holiday leave from 2015 today and as it was quite sunny this morning we decided to take a walk down to the local High Street for a wander around.  It was cold with a bitter wind today (4C according to my outdoor thermometre, but -1C because of wind chill), but a brisk walk was good for both of us.  We passed many blossoming trees and daffodils in full bloom, so around here Mother Nature appears to feel it's Spring. I have cautiously changed my default icon ;)

Our kitties appear to feel that it's Sping as they are bouncing around the garden today.  It did my heart good to see Tiger (who will be 13 this month) gambolling like Pepe La Pew (the four paw jumping bounce).  He even took a swipe at Tippi and then ran away and looked back to see if she was going to chase him then streaked across the garden and up one of the trees.

My happy thing #5 is therefore my cats.  They give much pleasure to all of us and all of them have very different personalities.

More about our four moggies.... )
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I've decided not to get stressed about posting a happy thing each day, just when the whim takes me, so there's been a small pause in the happy posting because the house open day was Saturday and so there was much cleaning and tidying!  No, we don't have a buyer.... *sighs*

Anyway - happy thing number 4 is baking bread.  I love baking anyway and I'm not too bad with pastry, cakes or biscuits, but bread is the type of baking I really enjoy.  I like the process of it, and the taste of fresh home made bread is beyond compare as far as I'm concerned.  Youngest Cee bought me two books about baking bread for Christmas and I've enjoyed delving into the recipes.

Today I made a cheddar cheese loaf, which I have not made before.  The recipe is a pretty standard white loaf, but there is cheddar cheese throughout the loaf and on the top.  This evening we will be having it with a homemade acorn squash soup.

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The weather may be warmer, but it's definitely wetter to the point where we have a weather warning in place down here in the SE of London!

Anyway - that's a happy thing in a way because it has meant I have spent some time tidying up and sorting for the charity shop or throwing away things we don't need any more.

I've also been reading, and reading is ALWAYS a happy thing.  Since my last Wednesday update I have finished The Maze Runner Collection which was four books The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure and the prequel The Kill Order.  I did find them compelling to read, but I didn't really enjoy them overall as the story is just so depressing!  The writing was OK, but again not brilliant, as the characters tended a little to be 2 dimensional, but that maybe because this is a Young Adult series.  I think I would have hated this series if I'd had to wait between each book, and the prequel (which I read last) was really depressing.

I stayed up far too late reading last night as Mr Cee was away, and I wanted to finish the last book.  I need something light and fun to read next though.  Not sure what yet.


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