Mar. 26th, 2017 04:32 pm
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I got distracted by stuff and so I haven't been updating - ooops! So, firstly the question of the day: 12: what's your favorite planet?
Well duh - it's Earth! I have no experience living on a different planet! No [ profile] thefridayfive questions again which is why I forgot about posting on Friday!

Secondly - it's Mothering Sunday in the UK, so if you are being spoiled, spoiling your mother, celebrating with the pets you mother, or whatever, I hope it's been a good day. I have cards from the offspring, a phone call from Eldest Cee and far too much chocolate and fudge which I am resisting.  Mr Cee cooked a rather delicious Sunday roast which was very good.

It's been an incredibly lovely two days here, although it's been very windy (which is chilly!) the sun has been shining so I have been painting the little courtyard fencing at the front of the house over the last two days and pottering around the garden. Mr Cee and I decided to spend some of our accumulated Nectar points from grocery shopping on a new compact camera as our old one is playing up and is getting unreliable (it keeps reverting back to the menu as you try and take a photo!). The new one has all kinds of nifty features like being able to just select one colour from a scene and do artistic things! Under the cut for a couple of examples.

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Happy Sunday!
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Was exactly the same as usual! The only difference we noticed was that there was a helicopter that kept circling overhead, and we saw more police dinghys on the Thames. Other than that (despite some news outlets saying that we are all falling to pieces and there is fear on the streets....!), it was just as usual with loads of tourists getting in the way and everyone getting on with their usual business.

Mr Cee and I have been to an exhibition today all about DC Superheroes made of Lego. We really enjoyed it - it was put together by Nathan Sawaya, some of you may remember that we saw an exhibition of his before in 2014.

Photos of DC superheroes! )

It took us around an hour to look at everything and the exhibit finished in the shop (of course!), where we were rather annoyed at the mark up on the lego toys...

The exhibition was near the National Theatre on the South Bank, so we were blown across the river in the high winds (which were freezing today!) and decided to have lunch in Jamie's Italian near Covent Garden. Then we went to look in Forbidden Planet, but though the wonders of the internet (where we compared prices) we decided everything was far too expensive to buy in there too, so we came home and got in around 2pm. We have been chilling out the rest of the afternoon as we did a lot of walking.

I have belly dancing later - I think I'll be sleeping well tonight!

And on to the next question in the meme: 11: what's an inner joke you have with your friends? Does quoting movie dialogue count? Mr Cee and I were doing that all around the exhibition ;)
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Firstly, I'm very pleased Mr Cee worked at home today, although he would have got home as usual as the trains and underground were hardly affected today (only the nearest tube station to Westminster was closed), and Youngest Cee got home at the usual time too.

Yes, there's been an incident in London. Yes, it's suspected of being linked to terrorism. However, nothing is clear yet - and to be honest the whole thing seemed very poorly executed and ill-planned. Nothing like the other nasty terrorist incidents we've had in the past (and there have been many). I hate that a police officer died today. I hate that an innocent woman died today and that many others have been injured. But I'm not afraid to travel to London tomorrow and shall be in the centre of London visiting The Art of the Brick: DC Superheroes exhibition.

I love London.

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  • WriterconUK is going ahead again this year in September! 15th-17th to be precise. Keep any eye on the [ profile] writerconuk comm for more details! I'm co-Secretary and I can tell you there are some interesting things planned already! If you'd like to come, keep the dates free, if you want to present a talk/discussion/presentation let the committee know :D At the very least - spread the word amongst your f-list please?

  • Memeage question 10: do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach? Probably all three during the night although I usually lie on my right side when I'm reading a book (probably because the bedside light is that side) and then end up on my left side to drift off to sleep.

  • I the NHS - I've been to the dentist and had a check up and a clean and polish! My dentist says my teeth are very good and I don't need to come back for another 6 months. I love the NHS because that cost me less than £20. If I'd been at my old (private) dentist I would have had to shell out at least £55 for the check up and £25 for the clean and polish. Affordable health care FTW!

  • My belly dance teacher has posted the video of our routine on Facebook. We look good! No, I'm not sharing..... ;)

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9: Do you like singing/humming to yourself?
Ummm... yes. I find myself humming quietly to myself far too often! I was doing it today at my stained glass class... ooops!

I am enjoying my class at the moment - I'm making a butterfly to go outside on the garden studio. It's fiddly but rather pretty in different shades of purple. I've cut out all the glass and put the copper foil on some of it (this is the stage it's at so far - there's another section that belongs around each wing in purple and all the glass is cut for the left hand wing). After all the pieces are foiled on both wings I'll solder it.

We also heard this week that our teacher is running two summer workshops. One for glass painting and another on 3D shapes for the garden. When I got home I signed up for them as they sound interesting. Oddly the college called me after the payment went through and said I have a £55 credit on my account. There seems to be some confusion why the refund is there, so I'm going to have to talk to them next Tuesday and see what's going on!


Mar. 20th, 2017 09:34 am
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8: What artistic medium do you use to express your feelings?

It's a miserable day today - colder than it has been, really windy and drizzly (the tail end of the US storm apparently). So I shall be in my studio playing around with a couple of stained glass projects I have that need to be finished. I suppose that's my artistic outlet at the moment, although I also draw, paint, cross stitch and design (I'm working on plans for the garden and for stained glass projects), I also bake and cook. Oh! I nearly forgot I've got some polymer clay I haven't got around to opening yet, and I want to make some things from balsa wood for my dolls house as there are loads of projects online that I've bookmarked. Then there's the mirror I want to upcycle for the living room and the garden bench I need to paint and rennovate....

You could say that I have quite a few things that I can express my feelings with (including dancing) - I often wonder how I managed to fit in a job.....

Meme day 6

Mar. 19th, 2017 07:10 pm
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6: Do you keep plants?
7: Do you name your plants?

I'm going to do these two questions together because I can! Yes I keep plants both inside and outside the house. I'm a firm believer in the power of plants in the house helping to clean the air and make the atmosphere much nicer. There is lots of information about this but this article is the best I've found recently to guide you to why they are beneficial. Certainly I'm a huge fan of those plants who increase oxygen in the room overnight and I need to get a couple of snake plants for the bedroom as we are heading into hayfever season for Mr Cee and the plants help him sleep. However, they are plants and therefore do not require names IMO *g* After all, they are not going to come when you call them....

In other news the dance show was really good fun last night. We had an hour's travel to get there and Mr Cee acted as chauffeur so we kept the number of cars to three for the 12 of us travelling to the venue (some friends and family came to support us!). The show was a mix of traditional belly dancing (the four of us and our teacher) and bellyfunk which is a mix of lots of different styles along with belly dance moves. It was very interesting and showed that belly dance is not restricted to just dancing to Middle Eastern music or traditional costumes (there were costumes based on steampunk, flamenco, ballet and more). Unfortunately the lighting was terrible, so I'm hoping there will be some good photos I can share from others as ours are pretty awful.
Probably the best one.... )
The good news is that our dance was very well received and we had some lovely compliments from the other (far more experienced) dancers.

After the show there was some delicious hot Moroccan food - we had chickpea and lentil tagine with roasted vegetable cous cous followed by Moroccan fried dumplings and ice cream (there was a meaty alternative as well). Yum! After that we all joined in with the freestyle dancing at the end until it was time to come home. The journey back was uneventful and we finally got home around 11.45 - I slept well!


Mar. 18th, 2017 12:45 pm
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Yesterday we went and collected my new Smart ForTwo car. It's lovely (see icon) and has a lot of gadgets I have to get my brain around. It's slightly larger than our old one as they added a couple of inches to the width the last time they remodelled the car. It's very comfortable to drive and we're really pleased with it. As the car is made by Mercedes you get the Mercedes 'treatment' when you collect a car including having an 'unveiling' *snort*. I expect this is justified if you are buying one of their top end cars, but seems a bit silly for a teeny car.  We were given quite a few freebies this time because this is the third car we've bought from them. This included a lovely bouquet of flowers, a travel mug, a key ring with one of those tokens for the supermarket trolley and a Mercedes picnic basket which is rather nice. None of your plastic plates for us anymore LOL!

Photo )

Also the Friday Five turned up after I'd turned off the computer yesterday so under the cut for those questions.

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I also have the next one in the 100 questions to answer...

5: Are you self-conscious of your smile? Not really - I think it's a shame I have wrinkles as a result of my smile but it doesn't keep me up at night. I also don't like that I have a tooth that is filled near the front that looks discoloured as a result of the filling. I may talk to my dentist next week at my scheduled appointment and see if he can do something about that.

The dance show is tonight, not that I'm nervous as we know the routine, and as we are second in the running order we can enjoy the rest of the show once we've danced which is good.  I'll hopefully be able to post a few pictures in the next few days.

Happy Saturday!
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4. How do you take your coffee/tea?

I don't really drink tea except on the odd occasion and when we go out to have an Afternoon Tea somewhere. Then it's Oolong - fairly weak and no milk/sugar. Coffee is black and medium strong - I hate weak coffee and if it's too strong it's too bitter for me. I do like espresso after a meal out and I like having it served in the Italian tradition with a glass of water. I usually put sugar in it too.

My drink of choice is always water.

No [ profile] thefridayfive questions yet, so I might post later if they turn up.

Tiger had to go to the vet yesterday for his routine cat flu jab. He's now 14 years old and is starting to look like an old cat and sleeps a lot. The vet said that he's remarkably healthy though which is a good thing. He certainly gets very lively in the garden on a warm day and chases the other cats. The vet was examining him and Tiger just purred and rubbed all around the vet's hands - he's such a sweet cat. Unfortunately it looks like he will have to have his remaining teeth out as the auto-immune problem he has is causing the gums to be sore again. The vet says he will be fine without them, and it will make his life a lot more pleasant, so we're going to have to think about it. :(

In other news I bought myself one of these Leef iBridge camera sticks ages ago and finally got around to using it to take the photos off my phone. I have a 16Gb iphone and the photos are always taking up too much memory, especially if I video anything. It's such a simple way of backing up the photos and I'd highly recommend it. Now my photos and videos are on my laptop safely (as well as in the Amazon Prime photo cloud and Dropbox *g*).

My new Smart car is ready to be collected. I'm hoping we can go tonight, but it might have to be tomorrow *excited* ETA: We can pick it up tonight! \0/ 

Day 3

Mar. 16th, 2017 04:00 pm
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3: What random objects do you use to bookmark your books?

I use a Kindle for reading fiction on the whole, so it bookmarks it for me which is very handy. It also has the facility for you to turn town the top of a page to 'bookmark' something which I have used when reading detective novels as I like to try and solve the problem myself.  If I am using a 'real' book it will usually be a reference or instruction book of some kind and  I mark my place with all kinds of things. My favourite is those little post it strips, however I have been known to turn down the top of a page as I'm sure I'm not going to pass my reference books onto anyone else. My cookery books are all covered in ingredients if I have a favourite recipe so it's easy to find the page *g*.

Today has not been a very good day so far - I didn't sleep very well which makes me clumsy and I managed to spill a whole cup of black coffee on my sofa and all over my freshly laundered jeans I was wearing. Fortunately it wasn't very hot, so I'm OK and I've been able to put the sofa cushion cover straight into the wash. The morning I went to a DIY store and they didn't have anything I went there for - despite it saying it was there on their useless website. I'm also quite frustrated as it's been incredibly warm and sunny again today despite the forecast saying it would be overcast and cooler and so I've missed a day when I could have put more laundry on and got it dry on the line. *sigh*

Still, it's lovely to see the sunshine.

Belly dancing tonight - our last rehearsal before we perform on Saturday :)
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2: Do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintery day?

Now you have to remember that I live in the South Eastern part of a fairly temperate country where winters do occasionally have snow, but usually only for a few days and at most only around a couple of inches in depth. There have been unusually cold winters, and late winters, but the temperature around here really doesn't often get below around -7C (19F). So cold air for me is rarely a problem. I rather like cold air, but I don't like cold wind. I particularly hate it when your ears start hurting because they have got so cold and are painful when you come inside. That's why hats and hoods were invented though ;)

I don't have to worry about that today though as the sun is shining and it's around 16C (60F) in my garden today. I've been doing a little bit of gardening and I've washed all the windows on the bungalow (love that I can reach them all!) so they are all sparkly. Under the cut are a few sunny garden pictures.

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I have sourdough bread dough which is ready to bake once I get off the computer. I've been experimenting with different ways of creating the 'starter' for it (not always successfully). It's such a different way of making bread that it's taking some getting used to! The first loaf I made was delicious but a really odd shape, I'm hoping this one will work better - wish me luck!

 I hope everyone that is having the horrible storm in the US is staying warm and safe.
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I have decided to do the 100 questions meme that [ profile] beanbeans got from [ profile] enigmaticblues. Under the cut for all the questions and my answer to 1 above :)

1. When you have cereal, do you have more milk than cereal or more cereal than milk?

I don't tend to have milk on cereal as I rarely have cereal. I do like a granola - something without nuts though, but with seeds and lots of dried fruit. I have it with a low fat, live Greek yogurt which I make using the Easiyo system (which is so easy!). The yogurt stops the granola turning to mush. I also like having porridge in the morning - especially when it's cold. Quaker do a nice 'instant' one now which is not sweet (a problem with a lot of instant porridge) Quaker Super Goodness with blueberry, cranberry and quava. I have skimmed milk with that and it's really good on a cold morning.

100 questions )

That was fun. I'm not sure if I'll remember to post every day but I'll do my best.

I had a nice visit with [ profile] lilachigh yesterday and it was a glorious day to be out driving and looking around her garden. We sat in her sun lounge which was lovely and she gave me cake :)

I'm off to my glass class in a moment. I hope the roads aren't too busy.

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My entry for [ profile] monthlydiaryday is under the cut as yesterday was the 12th.

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It was a good weekend as along with the above we managed to get a lot of stones out of the flower bed at the front of the house. Presumably it was a rockery of some kind at one point. Lots of crappy paving slabs and blocks, but also some rather nice large pink granite rocks which I shall save.

Later this morning I'm going over to see [ profile] lilachigh's garden and have coffee. I'm hoping the promised sunshine will continue today as I've risked putting some laundry on the washing line outside. I shall pick her brains about plants while I'm there. I need inspiration as I'm really keen to redesign our back garden over this summer. It will be a slow process as it's expensive so I don't want to make mistakes!

Happy Monday all!
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Time for [ profile] thefridayfive questions which are quite hard for me to answer.

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I can't believe it's Friday already! I didn't go to Pilates today as one of my very oldest friends was made redundant on Wednesday and she came over for a heart to heart and many cups of coffee this morning.  She lost her Dad at the end of last year and she was living with him for several years, but the house has to be sold as part of Estate and the proceeds divided between her and her two siblings. She was just starting to look for properties as she will have to apply for a mortgage once the paperwork for the Estate is all completed (it's taking ages!) and then the redundancy has happened which has ruined all her plans. It's such a difficult time for her, so I'm glad I was able to be a shoulder in time of need!

I'm hoping for good weather over the weekend as Mr Cee has bought some fence panels for the dividing wall between our front garden and next door's. We have a space which at the moment is rather wasted as it's not large enough for a car to stand on, but as it is the old base of the garage it's cement/paved and covered with gravel at the moment. I want to make a courtyard garden as it's in front of Youngest Cee's bedroom and will make a nice outlook for him and bring a bit of colour to the front of the house.

Sunday we are having a rehearsal for our belly dance performance in a week's time here as we all need the practice!

Also - my white camelia has come out - it's it pretty?

Later there will be home made lasagne and wine :)  Happy Friday all!
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I have intended to update all week but haven't had the chance to sit down and do it - so bullets...

  • Monday I walked to my hairdresser, and had my hair recoloured and cut. It's looking good and I'm pleased with the slightly new style I've been experimenting with.

  • Tuesday was glass class which was fun as usual, and the drive over there was the fastest I've ever done it - 25 minutes and virtually no traffic on the road for some reason. I left slightly later than I usually do as there was ice on the windscreen on the car which needed scraping and that may have meant I missed some jams. The afternoon I made a carrot cake for the next day.

  • Wednesday I spent the whole morning making bread and cleaning. After my cold the week before the house really needed a good clean as all four cats are shedding fur and there were tumbleweeds of kitty fluff everywhere!. A couple of friends came over in the afternoon and we had a good catch up with tea and cake (yum). Zero had a trip to the vet and has eyedrops AGAIN! Turns out he has a form of eczema which affects the clear covering of his eye (making it cloudy). The drops control and clear it, but it will probably return again.

  • Thursday Mr Cee took the day off and we went over to Croydon to check out the offers on Smart cars. We ended up having a very delicious breakfast in Ikea which is virtually next door and we got a few items there before looking at the latest model of the Smart ForTwo cars. Temptation in the form of 0% finance and not having to pay road tax ever on the car if we bought before the end of March means we have traded in our current Smart (blue - as in icon) for a new one (red!) *excited* It will be available for pick up in around two weeks. In the afternoon Mr Cee put up the over door heater in my glass studio. The evening was spent at belly dancing which is always fun.

  • Friday was spent tidying in the morning before going to Pilates. Afterwards I went to our local town and bought some cotton so that I can alter some curtains I got from Ikea for our bedroom. A superb bargain as they are incredibly long, but the measurements mean that I can turn them sideways and they will perfectly fit the bay window in our bedroom. I just need to sew on some heading tape. Total price for two 3 metre wide curtains of the perfect length £44 :)

  • Today started slow with a relaxing breakfast. Then I went to a belly dance rehearsal with the three other volunteers from my class who will be performing with me at a show in two weeks. We just about have the routine down pat, but it's still needs some polishing! This afternoon was spent buying some fence panels for the front garden and looking around a garden centre we don't usually go to.

All good stuff. I've also watched the first season of Lucifer following [ profile] shapinglight's recommendation. All silly fun but rather interesting characters. I shall continue on to season 2 I think. Shame there were no [ profile] thefridayfive questions again yesterday. I hope I haven't joined a dying comm..... :(

Oops - that's a bit rambly! Happy Saturday all.
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Not quite tulips like my icon, but my garden is showing signs of life after the winter which is a good thing (all photos get larger with a clicky).

At the end of the garden much to my surprise (because I hadn't noticed it!) is a camelia which is flowering. It's a real shame it's out of the eyeline of the house unless you squint and stand in one particular spot in the living room.  It's a nice large shrub too, it just needs a bit of shaping with some pruning after it's finished flowering as it's been neglected (as have most of the shubs).

Coincidentally last week I bought a white camelia from the garden centre as I love them and it's just about to burst into flower at the moment. It's in a pot as I'm not sure where I'm going to put it yet.

It's nice to know that it will be OK in the soil as we have acid soil here, so I can plant rhodedendrons and azaleas too (love that they are evergreen).  In other pots I have have dwarf narcissi growing. These are under the dwarf peach tree on the left (which is also starting to show signs of blossom) and the chocolate tree which is still dormant:
Anyone else getting signs of Spring yet?
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I didn't wait long enough for [ profile] thefridayfive questions - ooops!

So the correct ones are under this cut as I got rambly....

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In other news It's very blustery today, but is threatening rain, so we will have to take advantage of the free Saturday electricity and tumble dry the laundry I think. My cold feels like it's finally on it's way out, and despite waking myself up coughing, I am feeling a lot better which is good.

I'm going to go and do some stained glass work as I need to get on with the project I'm doing and it's been frustrating not being able to do that.

Happy Saturday all!

Friday 5

Feb. 24th, 2017 05:23 pm
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There are no questions as yet on [ profile] thefridayfive, so I have looked back in the archives and gone back to the first time in the archives there were questions on the 24th February which are here February 24th 2011.

  1. What is your favorite section of the newspaper? I don't look at newspapers anymore. This is partially as I never really have time to sit down each day and look through one. However in the dim distant past one of my jobs when I worked in Public Relations was to read all the papers to find references to the group of companies I worked for (yes, this was before the internets because I am ancient). This highlighted that all the newspapers have completely different 'take' on the same news story and I became very jaded about what was true and what wasn't (alt-facts today I suppose). We do have a local newspaper delivered each week which we ignore (see #4) or read online as I get a daily digest email sent to me.

  2. Sunday comics or weekday strips? Which comic is your favorite? I don't notice the comic strips. I can't remember which newspaper he appeared in, but I did used to like Garfied the cat. I have a feeling it was the Daily Mail when it still used to vaguely be a newspaper....

  3. Do you read your daily horoscope? Do you believe in it? I refuse to believe that 1/12th of the population would have the same advice, so - no.

  4. Does the paper become bird cage lining, do you recycle, or does it get thrown in the trash? We recycle all cardboard, paper and any newspaper (Mr Cee reads a free paper on the train each morning, mainly for the crosswords and sudoko) which is collected every two weeks.

  5. Where do you read the paper? At home, at work, or elsewhere? Umm....see answers above. If a newspaper comes up on Twitter or is linked to I might read an article. I tend to rely on the more immediate news websites now and read on my phone or iPad wherever I might be.

I wonder if the questions were influenced by the year they were published?

In other news - to join my sneezes and sniffles I have developed a fever over the last two days which means I have been alternatively hot or cold and overall very sleepy. I am really hoping that I feel a bit better tomorrow as I'm not very good at sitting around and I'm getting fidgety and impatient. I'm also annoyed that I didn't go to belly dancing OR Pilates as I felt too crappy.  At least I'm sleeping OK.

Tonight Mr Cee has been out and bought things we can pick at this evening (crusty bread, pate and other yummy things) so I'm quite looking forward to that.

Happy Friday all :)


Feb. 22nd, 2017 04:35 pm
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Me today -

I've had a strange pain in my ear since the weekend (I'm assuming a mild infection which will go by itself in a few days), and I now have a snuffly cold. Boo! I am really hoping I haven't passed it on to [ profile] kathyh as we had a really nice meet up at Ikea on Monday. There was much chatting, and a delicious lunch and we even managed to buy a few things we both needed which was excellent!

I'm also hoping I've not passed it on to anyone at my stained glass class yesterday.

I am fortunate that I had nothing on today so I have declared today a snuggle-on-the-sofa-and-watch-TV day. Which rapidly turned into get-sat-on-by-each-cat-until-I-threw-them-off (not literally!). Mr Cee was working at home so he has kept me topped up with water and tissues. Anyway, I hope it's just a mild head cold as I absolutely HAVE to go to belly dancing tomorrow evening as we are refining the dance for the show at the end of March.

Happy hump day all!

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The questions are up for [ profile] thefridayfive so here are my answers under a cut:

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That was fun!

Belly dancing yesterday evening was quite challenging and last night I was really tired as I'd also been for a long walk with a friend during the day. I ended up sleeping in and having over 10 hours sleep - I must have needed it! I went to Pilates this morning, despite not really feeling like it, but I enjoyed it when I got there and I certainly think it's a good stretch for core and well used belly dancing muscles.

Tomorrow we are visiting Eldest Cee to celebrate his 26th birthday! We are taking him out to lunch and then he's requested a trip to the cinema to see John Wick 2. We haven't seen John Wick 1, so that's on the agenda for tonight as we found it was really cheap on Amazon Prime downloads. Youngest Cee is not coming with us as he's meeting a friend so he can enjoy having a day on his own.

Happy Friday all!


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