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Yesterday was [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday so below the cut I've cross posted my entry for yesterday.

Mr Cee had to go to a meeting in North London and was going to go straight from home instead of going to the office. This always throws me as I'm used to him getting up and leaving the house at 5am. It's hayfever season, so actually I quite like that he goes as it means I get a couple of hours of deeper sleep (he snuffles in his sleep and wakes me up when his allergies kick in). However, I slept really well as I'd not slept well the previous two nights so I think I was really tired.

The alarm goes off at 7am, and Mr Cee got up to see to the cats, and I took advantage of that an snoozed for 10 minutes before actually getting out of bed. It was another very sunny start to the morning which is very unusual for April, but is lovely to see. Mr Cee took Youngest Cee to the station and came back then we pottered around having breakfast until he left at 8.20 to catch his train.

I sorted out transportation for the stained glass dragonfly I was going to deliver to my ex-work colleague who had commissioned it. I gave it a polish so that the solder lines are protected and printed out a care leaflet for him which needed a bit of tweaking before I printed it. I decided to add a little background about the history of stained glass as it's interesting and I found a really good article which I edited and added to the leaflet.

At 10.15am I drove down to our local high street, parked in the supermarket car park (as I can get 3 hours free parking there as long as I buy something) and met him just as he was ordering coffee in the coffee shop we'd agreed to meet in at 10.30. We spend the next 90 minutes chatting about mutual friends and the education sector (I used to be a teacher at the same college where we were on the same teaching team). It was nice to catch up. He really liked the dragonfly which is a birthday present for his wife (picture below - it's about 30cm/1 foot from wingtip to wingtip).
2017-04-04 18.34.35.jpg
His wife is a fan of the Tiffany style so he appreciated the work that had gone into it and was happy to pay me for my time and materials which I really appreciate. So many people think that you can knock these things out in a couple of hours!

At 12.15 I went back to the supermarket and got some essentials before getting home about 12.45. I had lunch while watching the end of Bargain Hunt and just as I started watching the repeat of The Great British Bake Off while I had a coffee, Mr Cee arrived home from his meeting. We had a catch up and then he went to make a few phone calls in the study. I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon getting on with my next commission which is a stained glass butterfly for my belly dance teacher. It's coming along quite well. I've put copper foil around most of it, so once that's complete for all the pieces I can start to solder it together.

I'd had enough by 4.15 so I went inside and watched the end of Money For Nothing (a programme about recyling old stuff and making it into new stuff and selling it for profit - it's really interesting!). Mr Cee had finished work by then so we chatted for a while about our days and I tidied up ready for dinner.

At 6pm Mr Cee went out and collected Youngest Cee from the station and we talked to him for a while as he has been head hunted by a recruiter for quite an interesting job and has to get his CV and a covering letter into the recruiter this evening. While he got a draft together we watched The Repair Shop a new programme about restoring items. This evening's items were a mechanical toy car, a really old sign for a museum and a little teddy bear. It's fascinating to see the techniques they use to get the items back to what they were like before in a sympathetic way.

After dinner we helped YC by proof reading what he'd written and offering a couple of suggestions (not that he needed them) and then we caught up with Elementary and a couple of comedy programmes we'd recorded.

By this time we decided to go and read our books in bed as we were both tired, and we put the lights out at 10.45.

Today it's sunny again, and even though it's forecast to be dull later I thought I'd take the risk and do some laundry. The first load is on the line and hopefully it's going to dry OK. I've had to water all the plants in pots on the deck as we have had several days now without any rain, so they were looking a bit dry. I've got some liquid plant food so they all had a treat which should be a good thing as they are all showing a lot of growth after all this sunshine.

Todays 100 question is: 30: Think of it: have you ever been truly scared? Oh yes - more than once. I don't like heights so I get scared if I'm near to the edge of anything high, although I can talk myself out of it if I'm given enough warning. I also don't like driving on busy motorways but again, I can do it if I have to.

Right - I need to get on with that butterfly if I'm going to finish it and as I've already vacuumed the whole house, dusted everything to within an inch of it's life and have put another load of laundry on to wash I had better get on!

Happy Thursday!


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