Apr. 8th, 2017 02:21 pm
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25: What's the weirdest place you've ever broken into?
I have never broken into anywhere - what an extremely odd question.

In other news - it's a lovely sunny day AGAIN! It was sunny but chilly earlier, but now it's warm in the sunshine. All the kitties are basking and I have been able to get a coat of paint on the garden bench Youngest Cee bought me for Christmas. I have had similar benches in the past and they benefit from being painted before they are assembled as this prolongs their life by many years. The coat of very thin varnish they are shipped with is just not up to the job which we found out to our cost the first time we bought the style of bench in the past. It's so warm the paint is drying extremely quickly, so I should be able to get a couple of coats on before this evening and then it might need one more, but hopefully tomorrow I can finally put it together and enjoy sitting in the sunshine on it.

It's been so light and sunny the last few days that the solar panels have been generating electricity like crazy and we have an app where we can check what they are doing which is fun. We've also exported a fair bit of electricity back to the grid, so hopefully the next cheque we get from the Government will reflect that :) Under the cut for a copy of what we've been generating for those interested.

Clicky for bigger - the numbers on the left are kilowatts the top line is what has been generated and the orange line is what has been exported. It's interesting how a light day (it doesn't necessarily have to be sunny) is usually followed by a dull day in the UK! This is just from the end of January when I decided to start making a note of the readings. The app only gives you yesterday and today's readings and I was curious how they added up over time. I'll probably keep a note this year and see what happens in the summer.

I've nearly finished the dragonfly commission. I'll hopefully post pictures tomorrow.  Happy Saturday all!


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