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21: Talk about your favourite bag, the one that's been to hell and back with you and that you love to pieces.
I don't have one favourite bag, but I do have a favourite style from one particular manufacturer: Kipling's Alvar bag to be precise. I have many pretty variations in colours and designs but I really like the style of the bag and the size is large enough to carry all the things I need but still leave room for other things if necessary. I am resisting buying another one in this season's colour but they are so useful!!

In other news it's been an incredibly busy day. This morning I spent time at my stained glass class finishing the dragonfly commission for my ex-colleague. Unfortunately when transporting it to class one of the wings cracked, however it's hardly noticeable, and following some advice from my teacher I shall make a new one for him which will be stronger. I shall hang 'my' one up somewhere outside I think. It's about 30cm across and made of irridescent glass so it sparkles. The new one will be better. :)

The crack is the far left piece of glass making up the bottom left wing (you can just see it in the photo if you make it larger). Irritating!

I got home from the class and after grabbing some toast I shot up to Camden to buy some more glass supplies so I can make the butterfly my belly dance teacher has commissioned. She wants a red and black butterfly, and it's been challenging finding the glass as red is made by adding gold to the molten glass. I have some and it means the price of the butterfly will be quite high (she's OK with that!).

I got back at 3.30, and had a coffee and rested my hot feet from all the walking. This evening Mr Cee and I are going to see Logan at the cinema, but as it's nearly completed its run for here it's only on at 8.45pm which means a late evening home. Mr Cee is going to work at home tomorrow to avoid having to struggle across London to work though :)



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