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[livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive have their questions up a little later than usual and they are about cooking from [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni :)  Under a cut as it got long.

1. How do you feel about cooking?
I enjoy it if I have time to do it. When I was working that was usually weekends and evenings were something quick (I do love a stir fry for speed). Now I have more time I'm enjoying cooking every day. There's no comparison really - especially with bread products such as pita which take hardly any time to make, but are so much nicer than shop bought.
2. How often do you cook a meal (from mostly fresh ingredients, not something ready-assembled that you just heat)?
I have a few quick meals that I still cook from fresh such as a stir fry or a pasta bake, but I do like to make more complex dishes too. I would say weekdays I will cook dinner from scratch almost every week. The weekend we might go for something pre-prepared such as a curry meal on a Saturday because it's easier and we are usually busier (and Waitrose curry dishes are really good).
3. How many people do you usually cook for, when you cook?
Weekdays it's usually just for me and Mr Cee as Youngest Cee cooks for himself. We try to have at least one meal together at the weekend.
4. Do you have a favourite recipe book or chef?
I have many. Delia Smith, Mary Berry (especially for cakes), Jamie Oliver, Paul Hollywood are my latest favourites, but I also tend to go online these days and look for recipes. It's so easy to type ingredients into a Google search and see what comes up. I like the BBC food website for recipes as they have good guidance regarding how to make something. I'm also working my way through Nick Knowles vegetarian recipe book as the recipes are really tasty.
5. Kitchen tools: use the fewest possible or gadgets are your friend?
Depends what I'm doing - I have three gadgets I use most of the time. I do like my stand mixer for kneading bread as it's so much easier if you are making a dough that is wetter than normal (like Focaccia). If I'm making cakes it's also great for whisking. My food processor gets used for making breadcrumbs and pates or hummus mostly, but that's because it's a nasty cheap noisy one and I need something better. The one I want is horribly expensive, so I'm saving up. My blender is really good for making soup which I do a lot in the winter as it's quick and delicious, but again it was a fairly cheap one, and it's a nightmare to clean. The food processor doesn't blend soup smoothly as it's not good enough, hence the desire for a new one.

My favourite 'gadgets' are my knives. Mr Cee has treated me over the years to three Global knives (cooks knife, vegetable chopper and utility knife) and I use them all the time as they stay so sharp.

Back to the 100 questions thing....
13: what's something that made you smile today? It's only 8.42am, but Zero the cat has made me smile. He is still having to have eyedrops for his eye issue and he's so used to it now that he just lies there and lets me put the drop in his eye. Then he sits waiting for the treats he knows are coming and purrs at me. Makes me smile every time! Of course the others know there are treats being dished out and usually turn up and wait when they see me putting the drops in his eye.

Right - time to get on! I want to finish making my stained glass butterfly today as I want to start on the next project which will be something to hang on the front of the house in the new courtyard area. :)


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