Apr. 5th, 2017

Question 22

Apr. 5th, 2017 05:29 pm
kazzy_cee: (ani Spangel what)
Are you a morning person?
Mostly. It depends on the time of year as in the winter I want to hibernate. However give me a sunny morning in Spring/Summer/Autumn and I'll be up with the lark, much to my own annoyance as I'd quite like to sleep in occasionally. I am not someone who can fall back to sleep once I am awake, so if that's 5am that's when I'll have to get up and do something.

In other news Mr Cee and I went to see Logan last night. The cinema was surprisingly full for a Tuesday evening, but I suppose there were people there like us who didn't want to miss seeing the film on the big screen before it stopped it's local run. We are so close to the end of the run for the film that there was only one performance a day at 8.45pm which meant we didn't get home until midnight. However, it was a very good end to the Wolverine trilogy, and very moving in parts. I was completely spoiler free which was fun too, as I didn't realise Stephen Merchant and Richard E Grant were in it! Both Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman were excellent and we both enjoyed it.

One small annoyance was that the cinema serves beer at the late performances, so the smell of beery breath was quite overwhelming, and WHY do people have to buy smelly food and eat in the cinema? It's so expensive too!! Fortunately most people had stopped rustling their wrappers and nachos (ewww) by the time the film actually started. *sigh*


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