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My house smells amazing. Freshly baked focaccia breads for tonight's dinner (antipasti Italiano) and dark ginger and carrot cake which I've not made before. This will need to be iced later with lemon and ginger icing, but it's too hot at the moment.
I am so hungry.......
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Yesterday I baked the no knead bread I had set proving on Monday.  The dough rose really well overnight (this taken just as I knocked it back as I forgot to take one of it fully risen but you can see the good gluten strands in the dough!)
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I set it to prove again and it was a little disappointing as although it did double in size, the dough was so wet and weighed down with olives (it was a Mediterranean receipe) that it didn't rise as much as I had hoped. However, it did cook well and tasted very good with a good structure.
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I'm not sure if I will make the recipe again as it was a little salty for my liking and I think it needs some rethinking regarding the olives I used plus I was converting from US to UK measurements and I may not have done that correctly! (recipe here) However, the no knead method is quite interesting and it seemed to work really well.

Having said that I made a wholemeal seedy bread today the 'old fashioned' way and it's turned out very well:
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Monday we had blinds fitted to the bifold doors.  They are very neat and sit right in the recess of the glass of the doors so they are very easy to use but don't get in the way if we want to open the doors fully:

Yesterday the concrete base for my outdoor hobby room was laid and of course it has a few cat prints in it now *sigh*. Fortunately they were all asleep long enough that they didn't get very much on their feet as it was almost dry by the afternoon (the builders started at 8am!).

Tonight I am meeting [livejournal.com profile] daiseechain and we're off to a "Victorian Mummy Unwrapping Party" - "With a wrapped 'mummy' on the operating table you will witness the recreation of the process before your very eyes and under your very noses, all over a glass of your favourite 19th century tipple - sherry, Madeira or gin - included in the ticket price."

We are reassured no Mummys will be harmed during the process ;)  The event is being held at the Pathology Museum at Barts Hospital in London which will be interesting as there are all kinds of gruesome things on show there.  Should be fun!  I shall report back.....
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Mr Cee is drilling again - this time he is trying to put up the towel rail in our ensuite bathroom which has the same pesky porcelain tiles as the main bathroom.  He may be some time!  I was hoping to avoid listening to him as I've been out this morning learning how to make Italian breads at a local teashop.  The workshop started at 9am (a bit eeek for a Sunday!), but was great fun and very hands-on.  There were seven of us and we made Foccacia, Ciabatta rolls and Pane Siciliano (Sicilian sesame seed bread) throughout the morning and had a very nice lunch with a glass of wine as well!  I have come home with lovely bread still warm from the oven and even though I've made the first two types of bread before it was very interesting to see how someone else does it and the last bread was a new one for me.  Under the cut for a photo of some of the breads cooling:

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The baker leading the workshop has a small artisan bread business and supplies several shops in the area.  She had some excellent tips and was very interesting to talk to.

In other news our house is slowly coming together and looking more like home.  A lot of the storage has been sorted out (we now have a shoe cupboard in hall way and hooks for coats and keys) and we have a few things up on the wall.  A new sofa has been bought for the second sitting room and new curtains are ready to go up once Mr Cee has put up the curtain track.  The new lawn has had it's first cut and I've put some decking oil on the new deck so that it's protected from the weather.  I am charging the camera and should be able to post some photos soon as promised.

Unfortunately the poor cats are still locked indoors as the chap who was supposed to be sorting out a cat flap in the bifold doors has let us down and not followed through with his promise to get this sorted out for us.  It's so frustrating - although only Tiger seems to want to go outside (he keeps pawing at the window).  I am loathe to let them out before they have a way of getting back in for themselves if we can't call them in, so they are going to have to wait until we can find someone else to sort it out (hopefully fairly quickly!).

Youngest Cee has had an interview for a temporary archive job in Uxbridge on Friday, but was just pipped at the post by someone with slightly more experience.  They were very positive in feedback and are going to call him on Monday to talk to him about how he did as they sent a long email explaining how they thought he interviewed very well and it was a shame they couldn't offer him the position.

Right - I'm off to sort through a few more boxes ..... Happy Sunday!


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