Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Was exactly the same as usual! The only difference we noticed was that there was a helicopter that kept circling overhead, and we saw more police dinghys on the Thames. Other than that (despite some news outlets saying that we are all falling to pieces and there is fear on the streets....!), it was just as usual with loads of tourists getting in the way and everyone getting on with their usual business.

Mr Cee and I have been to an exhibition today all about DC Superheroes made of Lego. We really enjoyed it - it was put together by Nathan Sawaya, some of you may remember that we saw an exhibition of his before in 2014.

Photos of DC superheroes! )

It took us around an hour to look at everything and the exhibit finished in the shop (of course!), where we were rather annoyed at the mark up on the lego toys...

The exhibition was near the National Theatre on the South Bank, so we were blown across the river in the high winds (which were freezing today!) and decided to have lunch in Jamie's Italian near Covent Garden. Then we went to look in Forbidden Planet, but though the wonders of the internet (where we compared prices) we decided everything was far too expensive to buy in there too, so we came home and got in around 2pm. We have been chilling out the rest of the afternoon as we did a lot of walking.

I have belly dancing later - I think I'll be sleeping well tonight!

And on to the next question in the meme: 11: what's an inner joke you have with your friends? Does quoting movie dialogue count? Mr Cee and I were doing that all around the exhibition ;)


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