Mar. 22nd, 2017

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  • WriterconUK is going ahead again this year in September! 15th-17th to be precise. Keep any eye on the [ profile] writerconuk comm for more details! I'm co-Secretary and I can tell you there are some interesting things planned already! If you'd like to come, keep the dates free, if you want to present a talk/discussion/presentation let the committee know :D At the very least - spread the word amongst your f-list please?

  • Memeage question 10: do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach? Probably all three during the night although I usually lie on my right side when I'm reading a book (probably because the bedside light is that side) and then end up on my left side to drift off to sleep.

  • I the NHS - I've been to the dentist and had a check up and a clean and polish! My dentist says my teeth are very good and I don't need to come back for another 6 months. I love the NHS because that cost me less than £20. If I'd been at my old (private) dentist I would have had to shell out at least £55 for the check up and £25 for the clean and polish. Affordable health care FTW!

  • My belly dance teacher has posted the video of our routine on Facebook. We look good! No, I'm not sharing..... ;)

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Firstly, I'm very pleased Mr Cee worked at home today, although he would have got home as usual as the trains and underground were hardly affected today (only the nearest tube station to Westminster was closed), and Youngest Cee got home at the usual time too.

Yes, there's been an incident in London. Yes, it's suspected of being linked to terrorism. However, nothing is clear yet - and to be honest the whole thing seemed very poorly executed and ill-planned. Nothing like the other nasty terrorist incidents we've had in the past (and there have been many). I hate that a police officer died today. I hate that an innocent woman died today and that many others have been injured. But I'm not afraid to travel to London tomorrow and shall be in the centre of London visiting The Art of the Brick: DC Superheroes exhibition.

I love London.



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