Mar. 4th, 2017

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I have intended to update all week but haven't had the chance to sit down and do it - so bullets...

  • Monday I walked to my hairdresser, and had my hair recoloured and cut. It's looking good and I'm pleased with the slightly new style I've been experimenting with.

  • Tuesday was glass class which was fun as usual, and the drive over there was the fastest I've ever done it - 25 minutes and virtually no traffic on the road for some reason. I left slightly later than I usually do as there was ice on the windscreen on the car which needed scraping and that may have meant I missed some jams. The afternoon I made a carrot cake for the next day.

  • Wednesday I spent the whole morning making bread and cleaning. After my cold the week before the house really needed a good clean as all four cats are shedding fur and there were tumbleweeds of kitty fluff everywhere!. A couple of friends came over in the afternoon and we had a good catch up with tea and cake (yum). Zero had a trip to the vet and has eyedrops AGAIN! Turns out he has a form of eczema which affects the clear covering of his eye (making it cloudy). The drops control and clear it, but it will probably return again.

  • Thursday Mr Cee took the day off and we went over to Croydon to check out the offers on Smart cars. We ended up having a very delicious breakfast in Ikea which is virtually next door and we got a few items there before looking at the latest model of the Smart ForTwo cars. Temptation in the form of 0% finance and not having to pay road tax ever on the car if we bought before the end of March means we have traded in our current Smart (blue - as in icon) for a new one (red!) *excited* It will be available for pick up in around two weeks. In the afternoon Mr Cee put up the over door heater in my glass studio. The evening was spent at belly dancing which is always fun.

  • Friday was spent tidying in the morning before going to Pilates. Afterwards I went to our local town and bought some cotton so that I can alter some curtains I got from Ikea for our bedroom. A superb bargain as they are incredibly long, but the measurements mean that I can turn them sideways and they will perfectly fit the bay window in our bedroom. I just need to sew on some heading tape. Total price for two 3 metre wide curtains of the perfect length £44 :)

  • Today started slow with a relaxing breakfast. Then I went to a belly dance rehearsal with the three other volunteers from my class who will be performing with me at a show in two weeks. We just about have the routine down pat, but it's still needs some polishing! This afternoon was spent buying some fence panels for the front garden and looking around a garden centre we don't usually go to.

All good stuff. I've also watched the first season of Lucifer following [ profile] shapinglight's recommendation. All silly fun but rather interesting characters. I shall continue on to season 2 I think. Shame there were no [ profile] thefridayfive questions again yesterday. I hope I haven't joined a dying comm..... :(

Oops - that's a bit rambly! Happy Saturday all.


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