Feb. 7th, 2017


Feb. 7th, 2017 03:26 pm
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I had a lovely day yesterday with a friend from my glass making class who has moved further outside the London suburbs near to Battle (near Hastings). I went on the train because it was so easy with my train line taking me from my station to hers in around 45 minutes. She picked me up and we went for a brunch at a local garden centre (yummy!). Then back to hers to have a look around her lovely 16th century higgledy piggledy house which is really charming. I have to say some of the low ceilings would not suit me, but she and her husband are a lot shorter than we are! She has a lot of land with a paddock and stables and a generous sized garden.

We had lunch out in Battle which has a cute, quirky high street and some ancient pubs (we had lunch in one of them) and a wander around the shops. Then back to her house for a coffee before she took me back to the station for my journey home.

It was a lovely day.

Mr Cee picked me up from the station and then my day took a horrible turn for the worse as he had some awful news about one of our former neighbours who we know very well and is part of our social group.  He was at the gym on Sunday where unfortunately he suffered a heart attack and despite paramedics trying for 90 minutes to brings him back, he very sadly died.  He was 60. His wife used to come to belly dancing with me, and is now at the Pilates class I go to on Fridays and I can't even begin to think what she is going through. They had both taken early retirement for the past few years and I'm sure thought they had many more years together to look forward to.

Hug your loved ones - life is so precious.


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