Jan. 27th, 2017


Jan. 27th, 2017 05:46 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive haven't posted any questions yet - this maybe a time difference thing so I might have to answer the questions tomorrow.

Anyway - it's FRIIIIIDAY and today has been busy, so bullets:

  • This morning I went to a Pilates class run by my belly dancing teacher. I am determined to tone up my tum if I'm going to be showing it off dancing so I thought I'd give it a try. It was good but I didn't find it very challenging. At my belly dancing class our teacher adds half an hour of Pilates stretches at the end of the class which is fab. Yesterday we did a few different exercises I hadn't done before. One of my classmates came up afterwards and said she was astounded I could do the moves as her Pilates class had struggled with this particular stretch and had take a few weeks to master it. She could not believe how flexible I am. This was confirmed at the Pilates class this morning, I hadn't realised how flexible I am - but I've always been quite athletic and had flexible joints. It's not until I saw others around my age struggling that I was made aware of it! Which is good! I shall keep at the Pilates as I may find it improves my tone and as it's not difficult - I don't even break a sweat :)

  • I rushed home and grabbed a quick lunch with Mr Cee who has had today off to do more electrical installation work on my glass studio (still not finished - boo!). He then dropped me off at my hairdresser as I had an appointment while he went grocery shopping.  My hair is now FAB-U-LOUS DAHLINK.

  • On the way home we stopped off at my ex-neighbour's home to pick up some cat litter a friend of hers no longer needs and we were invited in for a quick coffee and some homemade cake (yum).

  • When we got home Mr Cee volunteered to make dinner (tomato and pepper pasta bake - yum) and I have been playing with the Sims 4 which is fun. We shall be having this delicious meal with wine later... :)

All good stuff!  Happy Friday folks!


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