Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Yesterday we went to Mayfair with some friends to take advantage of a two for one Groupon offer for a champagne afternoon tea at The Athenaeum Hotel. It was a very sunny, but cold day (my favourite!) and so we strolled along Piccadilly to the Hotel rather than taking the tube.

I rather liked the lighting in the restaurant which was interesting. We did speculate whether they had managed to break a few of the lampshades and then try and make it look like it was on purpose by only putting them on every other bulb ;)

More with photos )

Afterwards we cut through Green Park to get back to Charing Cross station along The Mall. There  were lots of production trailers for a film company parked up outside Lancaster House and Clarence House. Presumably they were going to be filming something in the area later that night. Certainly we saw a young lady ironing many white shirts through one of the windows...?!

We walked through Trafalgar Square and stopped off at the old Charing Cross hotel (now called the Amba Hotel, Charing Cross) to have a cocktail in there (I had a very delicious Kir Royale) before heading home on the train.

It was a fun afternoon!

Tomorrow Mr Cee has to travel to Milan for a couple of days. I'm hoping the fog that has meant lots of delays and cancellations at the London airports will have gone when he travels tomorrow lunch time!


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