Jan. 19th, 2017

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Good things:

  1. It's been really sunny today.  My little solar app tells me that our solar panels have generated 5.7 Kwh of electricity and we have exported 1.4 kWh to the grid. Not bad for a fairly short winters day. It's not exactly going to make us millions (yesterday we exported 0.8 kWh to the grid and earned £1.30) but it's an improvement after dark days. I'm interested to see what we'll generate/export in the summer!

  2. I tried a new app called freeprints a few days ago which lets you select photos (from several sources as well as the phone) and will print them and send them back to you and you only pay for the postage. I only selected a few to test the quality and the photos arrived today. They are very good! You can select a matt finish (which I prefer) for free and they have come out very well so I'll probably use it again. The photos come as 6"x4" as standard, but you can also have large prints for a small fee. The developers have another app called photobooks which also looks interesting as you can have a photobook which I might investigate. It's nice to have hard copies.

  3. Today I tried a new recipe for a rum cake to finish up the last of the citrus infused rum I made for Christmas. It's Youngest Cee's favourite and he's finally getting his appetite back after his nasty cold even though he's still coughing, so it'll be a nice treat for him. Boy oh boy you do NOT want to drive after eating it! There is not only rum in the cake, there is also a buttery glaze/drizzle containing rum which you pour over the cake after it's cooked. It's delicious! *hic*

  4. Belly dance class tonight! Yay!


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