Jan. 10th, 2017

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My stained glass class started up again today which was very welcome - everyone had Christmas break news which was fun. It took ages to get there in the car this morning with a horrendous amount of traffic on the road.

I have spent this afternoon reading a book about the Danish way to live well which can be summed up with the word "Hygge".  As our lovely Danish import Sandi Toksvig (currently hosting QI) describes it - it's sitting with friends with good food and almost always a warm fire, candles and alcohol of some description.

This paragraph in Meik Wiking's book ("The little book of HYGGE") has resonated with me though.  The author is talking about Denmark being rated as one of the happiest countries in the world (he is CEO for The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen):

"Interestingly, there is wide support for the welfare state. The support stems from an awareness of the fact that he welfare model turns our collective wealth into well-being.  We are not paying taxes, we are investing in our society. We are purchasing quality of life. The key to understanding the high levels of well-being in Denmark is the welfare model's ability to reduce risk, uncertainty and anxiety among its citizens and to prevent extreme unhappiness."

Yes, it's simplistic, but looking at taxes as a way to make everything better for everyone? Love it. It says a lot for the collective state of mind in Scandinavian countries (we had very similar discussions with friends in Norway when we lived there).

I am going to aim to live my life more hyggeligt. I have already lit several candles and it's lovely and cosy in my house.

Happy Tuesday :)


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