Jan. 1st, 2017

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2017 arrived fairly quietly around our new home which was nice.  There were fireworks at midnight, but they weren't close by and didn't go on for very long which was good. My previous neighbour sent me a text complaining about the people who bought our old house who had very loud fireworks at 5pm and the other people in the road who apparently were being very noisy. I can't say I miss that, and I tried very, very hard not to be smug about it...

Today the Christmas tree has been taken down and chopped into small pieces ready to be recycled. Our local council will pick it up next Saturday.  The decorations have all been packed away in new boxes which stack neatly in the loft and Mr Cee is just putting those up there now.

I've cleaned and re-oiled the oak flooring and it's looking fabulous which is very gratifying and Mr Cee is cooking lunch which smells gorgeous.  I just need to make some fresh bread to go with the goats cheese I made yesterday - three varieties flavoured with lemon pepper, smoked paprika and just plain slightly salted. We shall have that for dinner tonight.

One more day and Mr Cee and Youngest Cee will be back at work and I shall have the house to myself. We bought ourselves an oak dresser in the sales for the dining area of the main living room which arrives on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to reorganising some of the kitchen items that can live in that such as the place mats and spare cutlery. I have one more room to decorate this year (the front reception room) which is just painting so I can get on with that at some point next week too.

I'm also quite excited about the new Sherlock episode tonight...

Let me round up by saying I hope 2017 treats us all kindly and may your hopes and dreams for the year be within your grasp.


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